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20 Jun 2013
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Visit *******www.greathottubstoday**** to find what you are looking for in cheap hot tub supplies and to receive quick and easy delivery to your door. Okay, so you’ve bought your hot tub, you’ve installed it and you’re ready to go and have a soak for the first time. But have you checked the water yet? Just as it is essential to treat the water in a swimming pool, so it is also vital to treat the water in a hot tub with specific hot tub chemicals. What Hot Tub Chemicals Do You Need To Buy? There are plenty of hot tub chemicals on the market – so many in fact that it can be confusing for the new spa or hot tub buyer to know what to buy. A lot of hot tub chemicals are designed to solve specific problems, and as such will not be required unless you find out your tub suffers from this problem. A typical example of this is having water that foams continually. One of the main types of hot tub chemicals you will probably need to invest in is a product to keep the pH constant at around 7.2. This helps to keep your hot tub in optimum condition, and you will find products available that will raise or lower your pH respectively. Keeping your hot tub water clean and healthy is of the utmost importance. Bromine tablets help achieve this quickly and easily, and do the same job that chlorine does in a swimming pool. You can use products containing chlorine in a hot tub as well, but bromine is better if you don’t like the strong smell that chlorine produces. You may also want to invest in hot tub chemicals that prevent the build up of scale on your hot tub, caused by the effects of the water over time – much like your kettle will form scale, and for the same reasons. Hot tubs are harder to clean than kettles however, so any preventative measures you can take here will be worth the effort. Some retailers have taken the hard work out of knowing which combination of hot tub chemicals to buy, and put together special packs which include a range of typical chemicals that will be needed for most hot tubs. Ask at your local supplier to see if they do a kit like this – if not they be able to put one together for you. This can also save you money, so ask if they will do a deal on the pack if one isn’t already offered.
31 Dec 2007
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*******www.globalchange**** Green IT for different reasons. Pollution in manufacturing or disposal. Save energy costs. IT directors pressure to save money, increase efficiency. Video by conference keynote speaker Patrick Dixon - *******www.globalchange****. Meet environmental standards â??do all at almost zero cost, if capital outlay on Green IT offset against savings in future.. Corporations changing their hardware, better software, improving operating environment, increasing recycling and encouraging work more efficiently. â??Greening of ITâ? improve corporate image, customer loyalty, staff retention and productivity. IT, real estate example, electricity bills for office block and financial incentive for the IT department. Save the planet by reducing energy on paper printing and travel. Electrical power used in gadgets, computers and other equipment: mobile phone power supplies, wireless router, computers, plasma screens, digital TV receivers and so on. 1 trillion kilowatt hours of electricity was used last year to power the web â?? 5.3% of all global power use and 9.4% of electricity consumption in the US. Web traffic will grow 40-100 times over next 15 years, mainly as a result of video on demand. Web servers consume more than 1% of global electricity, growing 14-20% a year. 50,000 square feet data centre uses 5 megawatts â?? enough to power more than 5,000 homes. Web servers in large data centres across America use the equivalent of a full yearâ??s output from seven 1,000 megawatt power plants. Green IT means more efficient power supplies; power management software (Windows Server 2008, but Linux does better); more efficient chips; better cooling systems; better use of fibre-optics, turning additional servers on and off, adjusting cooling systems to the numbers of servers actually active; separate sections of IT rooms at different ambient temperatures; placing air conditioning units closer; using heat exchangers to cool server farms and low energy lighting. Virtual Servers to save energy. Virtual setup allows multiple operating systems and applications to run on same computers â?? not x86 computer hardware. IT infrastructure sharing servers like Norton / Symantec for backup. Plasma screens use four times as much energy as old cathode ray tube displays / TVs. Equipment left on standby which wastes 5 million tons of CO2 every year in the US alone. Attention to disposal and recycling â?? reducing the amount of toxins used in manufacture, reducing lead, cadmium and other pollutants in circuit boards, connectors, batteries and components, and enabling 100% capture after disposal. Hazard reduction in manufacture. More than 1,000 chemicals used during electronics production, such as lead, mercury and cadmium, have been linked to cancer, reproductive problems and other illnesses. Apple has banned a long list of toxic substances from its products, including asbestos, cadmium, mercury and lead. In 2006, the company stopped using CRT monitors, which contain lead oxide and barium. Apple also removed lead from its batteries and has ended use of brominated flame retardants and polyvinyl chloride. Intel has already reduced use of substances which contribute to global warming and is working to replace isopropyl alcohol, a volatile solvent known to contribute to smog, used to clean the edge of silicon wafers during manufacturing. Hewlett-Packard has taken a lead, with 250 million pounds of hardware and print cartridges recovered in 2007, double the previous year. Their target is to reuse 2 billion pounds of products by the end of 2010.
31 Oct 2008
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*******www.globalchange**** How IT companies part of $40 trillion global race to reduce energy use over 20 years. IT major consumer of energy. “Greening of IT” is creating major new business opportunities, can improve corporate image, and may increase customer loyalty. Conference keynote speaker - futurist video by Patrick Dixon. 500 million obsolete computers in America, 130 million mobile phones thrown away each year. E-waste 2% of solid municipal waste in America, hazards polluting water supplies or endangering wildlife. lead pollution in land fill - printed circuit boards and components, mercury and cadmium, linked to cancer, reproductive problems, other illnesses. Apple banned asbestos, cadmium, mercury and lead and barium, brominated flame retardants and polyvinyl chloride. recycling. Hewlett-Packard has taken a lead. 1 trillion kilowatt hours of electricity was used last year to power the web – 5.3% of all global power use and 9.4% of electricity consumption in the US. Web servers alone already consume more than 1% of global electricity, growing 14-20% a year. A single 50,000 square feet data centre uses around 5 megawatts – enough to power more than 5,000 homes. more efficient power supplies for example. Other ways to reduce web server energy losses include: power management software (Windows Server 2008 boasts 10% energy savings, but Linux does better); more efficient chips; better cooling systems; better use of fibre-optics, turning additional servers on and off depending on load (200,000 servers can be powered up in less than 5 minutes). Other actions we can take include adjusting cooling systems to the numbers of servers actually active; using heat exchangers to cool server farms and heat nearby homes; more efficient data switching / networking and using solar power from local units; separating sections of IT rooms to run at different ambient temperatures according to equipment need; place air conditioning units closer to equipment to reduce distance air has to travel – and of course installing low energy lighting. Virtual servers save energy by allowing many different users or companies to share the same equipment. Virtual setup allows multiple operating systems and applications to run on the same computers and breaks the old restrictions imposed by x86 computer hardware. Plasma screens use four times as much energy as old cathode ray tube TV sets.
31 Oct 2008
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*******www.carefreeclearwater****/ Carefree Clearwater saves thousands on swimming pool chemicals. Mineral ions purify your pool and spa. Chlorine, bromine, salt water alternative. NASA technology. Lifetime Warranty. 1-800-364-5710
2 May 2009
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Park City Property Care offers Elite Property Care for the Vacation Home Owner. Specializing in the Deer Valley and Park City areas -our Hot Tub Service is the BEST in Park City. We use Bromine instead of Chlorine, which has less chemical smell and is safer for the skin. We are certified and have over 15 years experience in hot tub maintenance. Please contact us today for pricing and make sure YOUR Deer Valley property is properly maintained! Park City Property Care Dan & Marlene Borelli Call Dan 435-962-0940 or Marlene 435-513-1903 www.pcpropertycare**** *Testimonials* "The place was perfect!Lights on, fireplace on, heat turned up all ready for us! PC Property Care was very responsive to our very need." -Bruce (Texas) "PC Property Care, thank you for all your kind attention for our Family. Not only do you do an excellent job, you are very professional, personal and attentive to all details". Kind Regards, Alain and Angela (Florida) *music by shirleycason*****
24 May 2009
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Welcome to Modi Chemi Pharma Pvt Ltd. ( *******www.modychem**** ), manufacturer & exporter of bromine compounds. ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Established in 1996, at Mumbai. We have major markets in Australia, New Zealand & Europe and we cater to Pesticides, Paint, & Plastic Industry. Our International quality standards, Prompt execution of order & near by warehousing facility make us stand apart from also-rans. Our product range covers Catalyst, Bromide Salts, Aliphatic, Inorganic & Organic Bromo & Compounds. Inorganics & Organics Bromo Compounds are produced from quality material. We offer Hydantoin & Catalyst that are of finest quality. We are engaged in formulating a wide range of bromide & Lithium salts that are widely appreciated in the market. Borates & Dibromo Alkane offered by us are best in the industry amongst others. We are expert in manufacturing a wide range of Aliphatic & Acid Bromide. To know more about us please visit our website - *******www.modychem****
2 Jul 2011
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Question: Can bromine be decolorised both in the presence of light and in the absence of light? Students have come up with their own misconceptions regarding this topic. One of the misconceptions identified: - Alkenes can only decolourise bromine in the absence of light. In the presence of light, alkenes do not decolourise bromine. [Reference: Bryan, L. (2007). Identifying students' misconceptions in 'A- level'organic chemistry. Innova Junior College Singapore.] _________________________________________ Cyclohexene (an alkene) is a colorless solution - Flammable Bromine water is orange in color. - irritates the eyes and skin. Lengthy contact will lead to eyes damage - harmful if ingested or inhaled - prolonged skin contact may cause burn ** Due to the strong unpleasant smell, this experiment should be carried out in fume cupboard.
16 Oct 2008
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Bromine is element number 35. All the elements at *******www.periodicvideos****/
11 Nov 2008
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Red phosphorus reacts violently with bromine to produce phosphorus(III) bromide.
18 Oct 2009
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Here's an example of what happens when you mix BROMINE and alcohol...NOT CHLORINE --- produces Hydrobromine (In acid form it is one of the strongest Mineral Acid/stronger than Hydrchloric Acid) NO...that's not a burn on my hand, it's just the lighting/camera angle NO...don't put that in a bottle and use it for a bomb didn't melt the glass container's not safe.
2 Aug 2011
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Be prepared for the Brominator, The synthetic bromanoid created for a single purpose: to brominate all enemies with precision and efficiency. Features & Reviews - ***********/user/gamespot Gameplay & Guides - ***********/user/gamespotgameplay Trailers - ***********/user/gamespottrailers MLG, NASL & eSports - ***********/user/gamespotesports Mobile Gaming - ***********/user/gamespotmobile Like - *******www.facebook****/GameSpot Follow - *******www.twitter****/GameSpot Stream Live - ******* *******www.gamespot****/
8 May 2013
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The location of the elements in the periodic table. Lyrics: There's antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium, And hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and rhenium, And nickel, neodymium, neptunium, germanium, And iron, americium, ruthenium, uranium, Europium, zirconium, lutetium, vanadium, And lanthanum and osmium and astatine and radium, And gold and protactinium and indium and gallium, (gasp) And iodine and thorium and thulium and thallium. There's yttrium, ytterbium, actinium, rubidium, And boron, gadolinium, niobium, iridium, And strontium and silicon and silver and samarium, And bismuth, bromine, lithium, beryllium, and barium. There's holmium and helium and hafnium and erbium, And phosphorus and francium and fluorine and terbium, And manganese and mercury, molybdenum, magnesium, Dysprosium and scandium and cerium and cesium. And lead, praseodymium and platinum, plutonium, Palladium, promethium, potassium, polonium, And tantalum, technetium, titanium, tellurium, (gasp) And cadmium and calcium and chromium and curium. There's sulfur, californium and fermium, berkelium, And also mendelevium, einsteinium, nobelium, And argon, krypton, neon, radon, xenon, zinc and rhodium, And chlorine, carbon, cobalt, copper, tungsten, tin and sodium. These are the only ones of which the news has come to Hahvard, And there may be many others but they haven't been discahvered. Source:****/quentncree/lehrer/elements.htm
10 Sep 2009
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Website : *******www.trivenichemical****/ Triveni Chemicals is one of the leading industrial chemicals manufacturer and supplier, meeting the demand of various industries. We deal in both organic and inorganic chemicals such as active pharmaceuticals ingredients, phosphoric acid, borate compounds, bromine compounds, chromate compounds, fluorine compound, ferro alloys, inorganic compound, sulphur compounds, silica compounds, iodine compounds and plasticizers compounds.
2 Oct 2009
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With bromine.
1 May 2010
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Get the sounds here: *******xenossoundworks****/scannedsynthpro.html 137 sounds for Scanned Synth Pro. I was on the sound design team for the 2.0 release a few years ago and the Xenogenesis soundset attempts to remedy the fact that the factory set is currently woefully deficient in basses and leads, so I have included over 40 sounds in each of those categories as well as other sounds. Genres targeted: Ambient, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Glitch, Grime, IDM, and Industrial. This bank ships to you with 2 FXB files and a separate zip file containing all the individual preset files for the Mac users. Patch List ------------------------------------ BASS-AngryWobble BASS-BrokenSub BASS-ChaosSub BASS-Coldfire BASS-ColdWobble BASS-DeepSub BASS-DigDeep BASS-DigitalWobble BASS-DubstepWobble BASS-FunkySubBass BASS-HeavyMetal BASS-JunkPulsewave BASS-KingTubby BASS-LaserNinja BASS-LifebloodSub BASS-Liquid BASS-MechaWobble BASS-MidnightSub BASS-ModwheelSwell BASS-NotAReese BASS-PitchVlack BASS-Rebound BASS-RedWobble BASS-RezoBass BASS-RumbleSub BASS-ScannedFM BASS-ScannedReese BASS-Scantrance BASS-Screecher BASS-ShadesOfGray BASS-ShakyGround BASS-SilverSub BASS-SloppyDidital BASS-SlowMo BASS-Standard BASS-SwellSub BASS-SyncWobble BASS-Tungsten BASS-UberPlastic BASS-Unstable BASS-Venom BASS-WideSub BASS-WowBass BASS-XSDubstepSub DRN-DoomsdayGlitch DRN-MetallicDrone FX-AudioVomit FX-BlueScreenHits FX-DatabendMelody FX-GrungyChipSwell FX-Overload FX-SuddenFright KBD-DigiKeys KBD-PreachIt KBD-PsychoticTonewheels LEAD-AlienPolymers LEAD-Beige LEAD-BlueStep LEAD-Bromine LEAD-ChipChoon LEAD-CommodoreData LEAD-CorpseGrinder LEAD-CrabapplePie LEAD-DebugMode LEAD-DnBArpFood LEAD-DrunkenLegato LEAD-DubStinger LEAD-EmotionalLead LEAD-F.U.B.A.R. LEAD-FunkyFilters LEAD-Glitchtronic LEAD-HomeBoyz LEAD-InnerBeauty LEAD-LiquidPsytrance LEAD-LowBitrate LEAD-MechanicalBees LEAD-MeltingPlastic LEAD-ModMorphHorn LEAD-Morphine LEAD-MurkyWaters LEAD-Neptune'sClarinet LEAD-OldMan LEAD-RobotLikesDubstep LEAD-Scanscreamer LEAD-SeverelyDamaged LEAD-SoftDigital LEAD-SpacedOut LEAD-Squidward'sClarinet LEAD-Surrealism LEAD-Sweetwater LEAD-SyncPhaser LEAD-TearItUp LEAD-Tension LEAD-Tibet LEAD-TrashedBandpass LEAD-VoxElectronica LEAD-WarpedGlass LEAD-WideAspectRatio LEAD-YouBeTrippin PAD-Bittersweet PAD-DarkVoices PAD-DullPain PAD-EternalBliss PAD-FantasyHorns PAD-GrungySwell PAD-Hallucinations PAD-Monolith PAD-NanomachineSwarm PAD-Nyquist PAD-PaleGreen PAD-PlagueOfLocusts PAD-PurpleHues PAD-Starlight PAD-StillBeatingHeart PAD-Suspense PAD-TunnelToHell PAD-WobblePad PAD-WrathOfNeptune SYN-ArabianFolkSong SYN-FantasyBells SYN-FreshBreeze SYN-IDMBells SYN-MetallicTremolo SYN-ScanMyPolysynth SYN-ScannedDubHits SYN-ScannedSitar SYN-WarehouseGhost Bonus Sounds Included ------------------------------- BASS-DarkPsyBass BASS-ElektroHaus BASS-GrittyHardstyle BASS-PhatHardstyle Z-BASS-BigReese-A Z-BASS-BigReese-B Z-BASS-BigSub-A Z-BASS-BigSub-B Z-BASS-ChaosReese-A Z-BASS-ChaosReese-B Z-BASS-ThickSub-A Z-BASS-ThickSub-B Z-LEAD-LayerMe-A Z-LEAD-LayerMe-B Scanned Synth Pro was originally sold for $99, but is now available for "Pay What You Like", so anyone looking for a good deal on a plugin that uses scanned synthesis for its sounds might want to check out the link here: *******www.humanoidsounds******/products.html
6 Aug 2010
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