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Desert Song By Hillsong (This Is Our God) Album Features Brooke Fraser Ligertwood & Jill McCloghry with subtitles/Lyrics Worship and Praise Songs
21 Jul 2011
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Hosanna By Hillsong Featuring Brooke Fraser Ligertwood
13 May 2011
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C. S. Lewis, in his classic book, 'Mere Christianity', reveals that the term 'evolution' means a totally different thing for the Christian; 'Perhaps a modern man can understand Christian idea best if he takes it in connection with evolution. Everyone now knows about evolution (though, of course, some educated people disbelieve it): everyone has been told that man has evolved from lower types of life. Consequently, people often wonder, “What is the next step?” When is the thing beyond man going to appear?” Imaginative writers try sometimes to picture this next step - the “Superman” as they call him...But I cannot help thinking that the Next Step will be really new...I should expect the next stage in evolution not to be a stage in evolution at all: should expect evolution itself as a method of producing change, will be superseded. And finally, I should not be surprised if, when the thing happened, very few people noticed that it was happening. Now, if you care to talk in these terms, the Christian view is precisely that the Next Step has already appeared. And it is really new. It is not a change from brainy men to brainier men: it is a change that goes off in a totally different direction - a change from being creatures of God to being sons of God. The first instance appeared in Palestine two thousand years ago.',,,, C.S. Lewis - Mere Christianity - Pg. 184 *******atkinslightquest****/Documents/Religion/Special-Studies/MereChristianity.htm This following video gets, basically, the same idea of C.S. Lewis's across; Evolution Vs. The Christian Experience - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4104600/ C.S. Lewis - Quotes *******www.allaboutphilosophy****/cs-lewis-quotes.htm C.S Lewis's surviving BBC radio address ***********/watch?v=JHxs3gdtV8A C.S Lewis's surviving BBC radio address: Part 2 ***********/watch?v=xYoU5_MQOU0 Intelligent Design - The Anthropic Hypothesis Excerpt: "I find it extremely interesting, and strange, that quantum mechanics tells us that instantaneous quantum wave collapse to its 'uncertain' 3-D state is centered on each individual observer in the universe, whereas, 4-D space-time cosmology (General Relativity) tells us each 3-D point in the universe is central to the expansion of the universe. These findings of modern science are pretty much exactly what we would expect to see if this universe were indeed created, and sustained, from a higher dimension by a omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, eternal Being who knows everything that is happening everywhere in the universe at the same time. These findings certainly seem to go to the very heart of the age old question asked of many parents by their children, “How can God hear everybody’s prayers at the same time?”,,, i.e. Why should the expansion of the universe, or the quantum wave collapse of the entire universe, even care that you or I, or anyone else, should exist? Only Theism offers a rational explanation as to why you or I, or anyone else, should have such undeserved significance in such a vast universe:" Psalm 33:13-15 The LORD looks from heaven; He sees all the sons of men. From the place of His dwelling He looks on all the inhabitants of the earth; He fashions their hearts individually; He considers all their works. Intelligent Design - The Anthropic Hypothesis *******lettherebelight-77.blogspot****/2009/10/intelligent-design-anthropic-hypothesis_19.html Brooke Fraser - C.S. Lewis Music Video ***********/watch?v=wo-e2BjICCY
24 Aug 2011
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Lead Me To The Cross By Hillsong Featuring Brooke Fraser Ligertwood with subtitles/Lyrics
30 May 2011
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My Top 10 Songs By Hillsong Where we belong,I give you my heart,Soon,Lead me to the cross,Hosanna,You'll come,We will see him;Here in my life,Deep of your grace,Mighty to save,
10 Aug 2011
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Join Je t'aime at the Vodafone NZ Music Awards as she chats to The Mint Chicks, Brooke Fraser, Hollie Smith, Evermore, Spacifix and more... (part 1)
26 Oct 2007
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*******www.GuitarTutee**** Brook Fraser, Guitar, Tutorial, Song, Acoustic, Live, Lyrics, Chords, Tabs, Cover, Videoke, How To Play
6 Jan 2011
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Join Je t'aime at the Vodafone NZ Music Awards as she chats to The Mint Chicks, Brooke Fraser, Hollie Smith, Evermore, Spacifix and more... (part 2)
25 Oct 2007
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Age to age (His Glory Appears)" sung by Brooke Fraser and written by Marty Sampson & Darlene Zschech from the Hillsong album called Faith + Hope + Love.
22 Apr 2011
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rtist: Lucie Niemelä album: Doses release: forthcoming on ZeitART Records (LC-24984) artist website: www.lucieniemela**** Bio: Lucie Niemelä is a Czech singer-songwriter living in Finland. She is known for her emotional performances, straightforward lyrics and adventurous melodies. Lucie (born 1985) grew up in the Czech Republic in a rough industrial neighbourhood. She got her piano when she was eight and began composing at the age of 11. She moved to Finland in 2004 to study Finnish language and culture. Soon she met great musicians and was able to play her songs that had waited in a drawer for years. Her first music project was lounge newjazz band Tune Toaster in 2006-2009. After moving to Helsinki Lucie started collaborating with Jaakko Laitinen ja Väärä raha. Beginning of 2012 Lucie´s first album doses will be released on the german record label ZeitART Records www.reitart-music****
13 Aug 2011
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Brooke Fraser - Coachella- Performed by Amy for her graduating recital held on campus at the Australian Institute of Music (AIM) No Copyright infringement intended Check out our other tunes from our recent recitals on our channels below. Check out all our You Tube Channels AIMtvSydney - ***********/user/AimTVSydney AIMtvStage - ***********/user/AIMtvStage AIMtvTestimonials - ***********/user/AIMtvTestimonials AIMtvDramaticArt - ***********/user/AIMtvTestimonials Our Website - ******* AIMtv on our Website - ******* Facebook - ********www.facebook****/AustralianInstituteofMusic Twitter - *******twitter****/AIMsydney Instagram - *******instagram****/australianinstituteofmusic Linkedin - *******www.linkedin****/company/739302?trk=NUS_CMPY_TWIT Google Plus ************/u/0/b/113714099792222782917/113714099792222782917/posts AIM To study music at AIM is all about having a fun, professional, academic experience, that helps set you up for a diverse lifelong career in the music industry, from performing to studio work, teaching, publishing, entertainment management, music business and a whole lot more, all connected as part of the AIM learning experience. The best thing you can from here do is to come along to an OPEN Day or check out our website at *******
30 Oct 2013
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