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It's funny that 10 years after Microsoft was busy monopolizing the browser space, we've seen a flurry of competition that makes even the most anti-competitive practices seem easy to overcome. Take, for instance, the recent report claiming Microsoft's IE share dropped 11% in March. Whether the data proves to be accurate or not, the more important takeaway is that people are leaving Internet Explorer in droves, whatever the percentage. Today, we talk to Clayton Morris from Fox News and HarryMcCracken from Technologizer about the browser wars, and where they're headed.Clayton contends quickness is king. The faster the performance, the more he's going to use it, and recommend it to others. On the Mac side, Clayton typically rocks Safari, due in part to its speed and the fact that it's pre-installed. On the Windows side, where Safari is also available, Clayton tends to use Google Chrome. He thinks it's much faster, and has the potential to take over the world, if they ever get out a Mac version.Harry typically uses Firefox, thanks in part to its cross-platform compatibility, and its very (VERY) extensible architecture. He's seen a modicum of improvement in IE8, but Microsoft would really have to blow people away with IE 9 to get people to even THINK of switching back.What's your take? Which browser do you use, and which do you recommend to your friends? It's a good time to be a browser consumer, and with everybody vying for a piece of the browser pie, it'll be interesting to see where everyone ends up. Distributed by Tubemogul.
7 Jul 2009
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When Google launched its Chrome browser one thing everyone could agree on was that it was plain. No flair, not much color, just blah. But no more! A Internet breaking news series by butterscotch****.
6 Aug 2009
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To keep surfing faster be sure to clear your BlackBerry's browser cache. A Internet tutorial by butterscotch****.
31 Aug 2009
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Change your default browser from the system tray
4 Oct 2009
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*******www.ClubTuki**** David Deluise in one of the many people who believes in Greg Writer's parental control browser.
5 Sep 2009
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Change your default browser from the system tray
5 Sep 2009
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Do you know what a browser is? A Internet tutorial by butterscotch****.
10 Sep 2009
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opera browser
9 Oct 2009
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*******www.besttechie**** - What is a web browser? And more importantly, which web browser do you use? Visit *******www.whatbrowser****
8 Oct 2009
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moore chavez Browser
21 Oct 2009
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If you want to add images to your emails, there is a very easy way for that. See how Tino shows you how to use the Photo Browser and don't forget to take part in the *******www.podcastmadness****
31 Oct 2009
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This video accompanies the Bookmarlets - Add Magical Powers to Your Browser tutorial on www.VitaminCM****. *******www.vitamincm****/browser-bookmarklets-tutorials/ Distributed by Tubemogul.
24 Nov 2009
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*******www.makingyoufidnable**** presents using Google Browser Size Tool for your website. Distributed by Tubemogul.
17 Dec 2009
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You may have certain Web sites that you visit a lot like Facebook, Tucows, or Evony. On your Mac it's possible to create a site-specific browser to take you to a specific site. A Internet tutorial by butterscotch****.
29 Dec 2009
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How many web browsers do you have? 1 is not enough. Head over to ***********/pack to get Chrome and Firefox.
16 Jan 2010
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This tutorial will help you to enable "Keyword Search in firefox". Search your keyword in the address bar of the firefox browser easily and more faster. Check out more tips in *******techglimpse****
7 Feb 2010
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