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A Natural Oak brushed and oiled engineered wood floor will add a more authentic wood look to your home oiled brushed flooring can be very close in tone to an unfinished board.
29 Sep 2017
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Hollands ie Wood Flooring Unboxing Select 20% White Oak EU Varnished Brushed, This is the natural color of a white oak White oak has a brown or tan finished color.
22 Sep 2017
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Wooden flooring layers need to be absolutely firm, flat, and deflection-free for ceramic tile or natural stone. Heavy objects such as cast-iron tubs, refrigerators, and clothes washers need strong flooring. If you are planning on building an interior non load-bearing wall, you need the strongest subfloor possible.
6 Oct 2017
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Get from Amazon: My experiences with Briyte Black Charcoal and showing the product. Great little jar!
10 Oct 2017
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Iron Tattoo Inc 206 Dekalb St., Ste 206, Norristown, PA, 19401 (484) 424-2161 Iron Tattoo Inc is a tattoo shop in Norristown, PA, providing tattoo & body piercing services for local residents. For more info and photos please visit out website! Custom Tattoo, Art Work, Tattoo Studio ,Back Tattoo, Tattoo Art, Tattoo Drawings, Air Brushing, Cover Up, Tattoo Creator, Tattoo Ink Tattoo Shop, Tattooist, Tattoo Service, Tattoo Parlour, Tattoo Design
18 Sep 2017
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How to Prevent Mouth Cancer|tongue cancer treatment options Mouth (oral) cancer, a type of head and neck cancer, is any cancerous growth located in the oral cavity. As with any type of cancer, oral cancer is a serious medical condition that can lead to permanent injury or death. Although mouth cancer can occur in anyone, 75% or more of all mouth cancer can be linked to modifiable behaviors, such as tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption. In order to avoid mouth cancer, you can take preventative measures. 1 Maintain a good oral care regimen. Maintaining a good oral care routine helps to reduce the risk of mouth cancer by preventing infections and other oral diseases. Brushing your teeth, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash all contribute to an effective oral care routine
27 Sep 2017
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Entrevista concedida pela especialista em maquiagem e designer de sobrancelhas Geneci Braga, diretora da estética Cera Fyna, realizada pelo jornalista Dr. Cláudio Cezar Freitas. Ela fala sobre maquiagem utilizada pelas estrelas, celebridade do universo feminino, designe de sobrancelhas, estética e, do trabalho que coloca a disposição da comunidade. Explica detalhadamente o que é a maquiagem “Air Brush”. Maquiagem Air Brush - é uma técnica de maquiagem que utiliza uma pequena pistola ligada a um compressor de ar para produzir pequenos e finos jatos de tinta que são direcionados para o rosto. A tinta que sai da pistola é direcionada para o rosto da pessoa que está sendo maquiada e cria uma maquiagem tradicional. Ou seja, essa técnica é como uma pintura da casa com o uso de compressor, o que faz com que a pintura seja realizada de modo mais rápido e uniforme. E assim acontece na técnica dessa makeup, a maquiagem que demoraria em média 30 minutos para ser feita, gasta só 5 minutos, e a pele fica mais uniforme que em uma maquiagem tradicional. Design de sobrancelha Uma sobrancelha bem feita valoriza o rosto de qualquer pessoa. Um designer ou visagista é a melhor pessoa para indicar quais formatos ficariam bem para cada pessoa, pois levará em conta o seu tipo de rosto, o volume dos seus pelos e a largura da sua sobrancelha ao pensar no desenho. O design de sobrancelhas bem feito valoriza os traços e a personalidade do cliente, contribuindo para uma melhor expressão e autoestima. No design de sobrancelhas, o profissional mede as proporções do rosto do cliente com uma ferramenta chamada paquímetro, para verificar o formato mais adequado para cada tipo de rosto, concluí Geneci.
29 Sep 2017
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Shovel Mop Handle Making Machine,Wood Rod Rounding Machine
27 Sep 2017
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This simple tune features stereo acoustic guitars tuned in open G and a soft drum beat that uses brushes. Live lead Takamine acoustic guitar - Lee Fitzsimmons * Live stereo Takamine acoustic guitars with open G tuning- Lee Fitzsimmons * Live Ibanez 5-string bass - Lee Fitzsimmons * Drum kit with brushes- Lee Fitzsimmons This simple instrumental consists of acoustic open string guitars (panned in stereo) and a nimble melodic line that is accompanied by a rhythm section that features a bass, a light kick drum, and a soft snare played with brushes. The verse employs a folksy riff in open G that uses the D string to playfully manipulate a half-step tension that gives the track a certain harmonic intensity. The guitars stay on this constant four note pattern while the bass shifts the tonal center from the tonic to the relative minor to the subdominant and then finally to the dominant in order to construct a complete harmonic sequence. In the chorus, a shift to A minor allows the guitars to emphasize a decending and ascending half-step line that adds even more harmonic tension to the song. At the bridge, C minor chords are used so that slightly different colors can present themselves, so the tune is allowed to breathe a little before returning once again to the original form in order to end the piece. The flavor of this happy tune represents the natural beauty of the countryside. This beauty is untainted by the native culture of humanity. Nature does not need culture to express its effervescent colors and shimmering vibrations of musical sounds. Nature is culture.
29 Sep 2017
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I/O Brush is a new drawing tool to explore colors, textures, and movements found in everyday materials by "picking up" and drawing with them. I/O Brush looks like a regular physical paintbrush but has a small video camera with lights and touch sensors embedded inside. Outside of the drawing canvas, the brush can pick up color, texture, and movement of a brushed surface. On the canvas, artists can draw with the special "ink" they just picked up from their immediate environment.
3 Apr 2006
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Brushing their teeth synchronized.
28 Mar 2006
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Brushing your teeth is very important, but not always possible...
30 Apr 2006
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Brushing teeth can be real fun...
31 May 2006
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It's important to know the right way to brush your teeth. Watch my tutorial and I'll show you a few good ways to get the job done well.
29 Nov 2006
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Finding Loading and Saving Photoshop Brushes
5 Feb 2007
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Veterinarian Dr. David Steele provides tips on the best techniques for brushing a dog's or cat's teeth.
22 Apr 2007
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