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*******bruteforceseoevolution**** From the desk of Peter Drew here: Software Created by Maxim Porokhov, Olesia Petri on behalf of Peter Drew XRT Services Pty Ltd Australia now its a streamlined and very simple operation. 1. ability to create all accounts on the web 2 sites in the software. e.g for rss, article dirs, social bookmarking sites, video sites. Click on the accounts button, the software goes out and creates an account on each of these sites, auto answers the confirmation emails. then presents you with a list of account URL's and RSS URL's for all accounts created. These account names are all entered into the settings of the software. So the software is then ready to use very easily. There is also the option to import/export saved account groups. This is very useful for those customers who use the software to promote other companies websites. with the ability to now create new accounts instantly to suit new seo clients as they come on board for our customers. 2. New Wizard style operation. Once accounts are created, the software is ready to use. Click on the wizard button, enter the site you are promoting, the main keyword phrase you want it to rank for, its related semantic keyword phrases or tags, (explained in the PDF) this sites RSS feed. a youtube video , click next, add new articles to promote your site, or let the software find them for you, or add PLR articles and use the D.A.R.E Feature to make them unique in the eyes of google , Click Next button in the Wizard. now the fun part starts, check the boxe's beside the web 2 platforms you wish to create new sites on based on your article content. or by default it is Select ALL… (from approx 10) Then check the boxes beside the High Page Rank Sites where you want your links to appear. This defaults to All from currently 60, though this will be growing in size each month. click on next, and the software starts, its going out to create your new sites on the web 2 properties , strategically linking these sites together, creating a content related linking group, which in and of itself will rank well in the search engines while at the same time providing you very strong backlinks with semantically related links pointing back to your money site. Once these new sites are created, their RSS feed, plus your money sites RSS Feed, are distributed to the many RSS Aggregators in our software, these RSS aggregators display the contents of your money sites feed and the new content related group of web 2 properties feeds on their own websites, giving Your new web 2 content group of properties a lot of links from authority websites helping them and your money site to index and rank very well in google. If you have supplied new articles in the software, the software then goes out and publishes these articles to the article directories, giving your money site even more link juice. The software then goes out and places links to your money sites on the Social bookmarking sites in the software giving your money site even more link love. Once this is completed, the software then goes out and places links to your money sites and different variations of your main keyword phrase though semantically related to over 60 very High page Rank websites. During the above, to submit this content, most of these sites require that you enter a capture , a series of numbers and letters to prove that you are human, this is a very good system to prove that, though with EVO II the software can figure out these letters and numbers supplied by these sites, and will do this automatically for you. So you can leave the computer and let the software do its job entirely in the background. Additionally, these sites when creating new accounts require that you click on a confirmation email sent to you to once again proove your authenticity , the New EVO II also takes care of this for you. confirming these emails silently in the background. once again, so you do not have to and can focus on other important duties, while the software does your SEO work for you in the background. So its really as easy as 1, 2 ,3 using the new EVO II wizard, takes any thinking out of the equation, just enter your sites data and proceed through the wizard, and sit back in amazement as the software goes out and performs its magic, you can view this in the preview window, or shrink it down. watching the software figure out the captures presented by these sites is a thing of beauty. No longer having to confirm a LOT of emails sent from the massive amount of powerful sites in this software is just a dream , If you would like the Wizard to do in a few hours totally in the background, what it would take you over 1 week to organise by hand, then this software is for you. If you have SEO clients or looking to start your own SEO business, remember thats 1 week of work you can bill out at. and let the software do it for you seemlessly in the background. OR, start the Wizard, charge out a week of your time, then start another wizard and have up to 3 running simultaneously in the back ground. Does it work in the search engines? [insert images from LL sales page] These massive results are achieved with only 1 module in this pretty amazing software. It gets better, this is just the Grunt work of the software, one you become a full member with access to the SEO Fight Club Forum, you learn the strategies to utilise these sites in such a way, that makes your life in the search engines and thus your income from them get better and better over time. Enjoying the same benefits my existing long term loyal customers benefit from right now. With over 400 existing members from the original release over 12 months ago, we must be, as a group doing something very right. ( I might add the affiliates who helped me gain these initial members are loving the long term income generated by them also ) Brute Force SEO is a living breathing entity that continues to grow from customer feedback and changes in the market place. So you are assured of having the most cutting edge SEO Software on the market at all Times. This software is Smart, so you don't have to be, though Flexible enough for seo pros to use it with confidence. Simple enough so your Virtual Assistants can run it for you easily. (One licence per VA.) With all this automation supplied by the new EVO II its as close as we can get to Auto everything!!
15 Oct 2009
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*******bruteforceseoevolution****/ Very exciting times in the brute force evo II camp. Here are basics you should be aware of.1. ability to create all accounts on the web 2 sites in the software. rss, article dirs, social bookmarking sites, video sites.
17 Oct 2009
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*******www.docstoc****/docs/14379776/brute-force-evo-2-software-facts-and-auto-captcha-solve-and-email-confirming/ web search engine optimization WITH brute force seo evo 2 software
2 Nov 2009
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Our exclusive sneak preview and back-door entrance to Peter Drew's phenomenal new Brute Force SEO: EVO2 - This incredible membership has always been about results- results that will put your business and websites on the map SO quickly, your head will spin.
8 Nov 2009
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*******www.bruteforceseo****/brute-force-evo-ii-discount-coupon/ See more details about Brute Force Seo Evo 2 along with a discount coupon giving a massive price reduction on Evo II. BruteForce Evo II features fully automated seo account creation and content distribution for higher rankings without the manual seo work. Also see him on squidoo *******twitter****/bruteforceevo2
17 Nov 2009
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*******moneymakerinfo.blogspot****/2009/11/brute-force-seo-review-evo-ii-has.html If you want to read a real review from a guy who has used Brute Force SEO for over a year, here it is. Brute Force Evo II can so some amazing things for your websites, like...
20 Nov 2009
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Brute Force SEO EVO2 software WORKS! Here's more Video of my NEW domains at the TOP of the search engines. (As of 3rd Dec 09) Buy this software go to: *******seoevo**** or! *******seoevo**** NB. All of the domains in the video are less than three weeks old and active for less than TWO weeks.
14 Dec 2009
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Peter Drew's Brute Force Evo II software works! Near top of google in 4 Hours!! So get your copy now! *******www.seoevo2****/ FREE NICHE DISCOVERY & KEYWORD GUIDE Click Here: *******www.seoevo2****/pdf/niche-discovery.pdf To summarise the process Process, CHOOSE KEYWORDS (The vital step) build a Wordpress Site (Or Blogger) With keywords in title Run EVO II Software be on first page of Google within hours! A little bit more than that but that's basically it!!
11 Dec 2009
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*******bruteforceseoevolution****/ you must automate..How? *******bruteforceseoevolution****/ Brute Force Evo II Discount Coupon,coupon outlet,brute force evo 2 *******bruteforceseoevolution****/
21 Jan 2010
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*******bruteforceseoevolution****/ brute force evo 2, buy brute force evo 2 cheap *******bruteforceseoevolution**** *******html2rss****/rss.php?id=128935 *******bruteforceseoevolution****
22 Jan 2010
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The Motorola Brute i680 isn't pretty or flashy, but it delivers on call quality and its design should withstand the elements.
30 Jan 2010
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*******bruteforceseo****/?offer=F50568545BED Hurry and get your free fully functional 7 day trial of Brute Force SEO EVO 2 and prove for your self this is the game changer you have been looking for and enjoy Massive Free Traffic
8 Feb 2010
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In the Championship round of the 20th Annual WyoTech Brute Horsepower Shootout, reigning champ Todd Erickson decided to push it to the limit. After pumping out 580 HP in 2009, Erickson wanted to go for 700! In the qualifying rounds, he had already put up a 528 HP dyno run with his 94 Kawasaki ZX-11 Turbo. Armed with two-stage nitrous, Erickson set out to smash that mark during Friday's Championship run. Once the bike hit 517, this is what happened...
25 Mar 2010
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*******repairbooks******/bruteforce750kawasaki Brute Force 750 Kawasaki kawasaki bruteforce,brute force 750 kawasaki,kawasaki brut force 750 *******kawasakiservicemanuals.blogspot****/2010/07/kawasaki-brute-force-750.html
14 Feb 2011
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*******www.BruteForceSEOEvo2**** - Complete SEO automation software solution, by Peter Drew. Discover explosive automated SEO tools and search engine marketing system. Click the link for a FREE 7 day trial *******www.BruteForceSEOEvo2**** Brute Force SEO Evo 2 - Free Traffic Generation Automation Software Brute Force SEO Evo II Software - Breakthrough software technology dominates the top 30 rankings of Google, Yahoo & Bing for FREE without a website, product or list of your own! Submit to Video Sites, Social Bookmarking Sites, and Article Sites In Minutes! Brute Force SEO One Click Submission & SEO Automation Software Breakthrough Technology For ... Massive Free Traffic & Proven Results! Eliminate Your Advertising Costs Improve Search Engine Rankings Get Hundreds Of Quality Backlinks With just 'few clicks of the mouse' now you can ... Dominate search engines WITHOUT wasting time and money Get massive FREE traffic WITHOUT paid advertising Get hundreds Of Backlinks WITHOUT search engine optimization All that WITH zero risk and zero investment This means ... MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET!
3 Mar 2011
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*******evo2professionalbonus****/ Do not buy Brute Force SEO Evo 2 Professional Until you check us out with our reviews and killer bonuses! Is Brute Force SEO Evo 2 real deal or just a hot air... click here *******evo2professionalbonus****
5 Jul 2011
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