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BT Reports: BT uncovers more Bounty Gate, Are the Colts Right on Peyton Manning? Tiger Woods Comeback and the NFL Draft all of this and more on BT Reports
9 Mar 2012
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Today BT goes over the Stanley Cup Race, new developments in the UFC and Oh No Ozzie! all of this and more on BT Reports
12 Apr 2012
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BT Talks about how sports officials are getting worse and no one cares.
1 Jun 2012
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BT Reports on PMLB All Sports One Place 6-7-12
9 Jun 2012
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*********** For this interview with celebrity BT, nominee for Best Electronic Dance Album, go backstage at the 2011 Grammy Awards – presented by TurboTax, your official guide to the Grammys.
12 Jul 2012
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Behind The Scenes: EA Break-in BTS.
25 Jul 2012
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Download from ******* Battery Notifier Pro BT 2.1.6 apk free download - link in description
7 Nov 2012
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Download from ******* USB BT Joystick Center 6 6.44 apk free download
12 Nov 2012
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The bt-Accent™ LED is a light emitting diode device for the aesthetic skin care service environment. This LED device is small, sleek and maintains about 60% of the power of the Bio-Synthesis LED. It is the perfect addition to any spa or salon looking to introduce efficacious, hands-free technology.
12 Nov 2012
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Here are some of the extra footage that didn't make it to the cut and some commentary about what was going on for this video! SUPPORT AND PURCHASE THIS SONG: *******davidsomusic.bandcamp****/ CONTACTS: Booking: davidsocomedybookinggmail**** Facebook: *******www.facebook****/Dsocomedy Twitter: *******twitter****/#!/davidsocomedy Music page: ***********/user/DavidSoMusic INSTAGRAM: davidsocomedy Verse 1: Yah I see you girl looking like a lonely yuhja (girl) You never eating alone should have listented to your Uhmma (Mom) Oju, Oju, Oju, girl you want my gochu (penis) If you want my sausage then maybe I just might let you Forever Saranghae ( I Love you) You got that big ol' goondangee (booty) that just wong Gumanhae (quit) No sloppy Goondangees (booties) just make sure that its tun tun hae (firm) Super doong doong hae (fat) Pre Chorus: Girl your maewuh ( spicy ) You're so damn Duhwuh ( hot ) You're the ddong ( shit ) Yeah the ddong ( shit ) Girl your maewuh ( spicy ) You're so damn Duhwuh ( hot ) You're the ddong ( shit ) Yeah the ddong ( shit ) You can try to run but na nuhl chajul geh! (I'm going to find you!) Chorus: Oppa Byuntae style! (Pervert Style!) You can run and hide but you know that I will chajah ( find you) Put a roofie in your drink then suddenly you just might Jal jah ( sleep well) Back it up like a ja dong cha ( car ) so call me big appa ( daddy) Somethings in my pants and don't you know it' s really really ddag ddag ( hard ) Nomu ddag ddag hae ( it's really hard) You forgot your pepper spray why you so mung chung hae ( stupid ) Your sexy dahlee ( leg ) don't you worry negah manjul geh ( I'll be up on it ) Now your battery is low so your like Uhtug hae ? Uhmuh Uhtug hae? ( what do I do? My God what do I do?) Prechorus (repeat) Chorus (repeat) Bridge: Byuntae style, Korean pervert style One shot, two shot, three shot soju make me wild Byuntae style, Korean pervert style One shot, two shot, three shot soju make me wild BITCH! Chorus psy gangnam style byuntae style david so davidsocomedy song rap sing korean korean kpop parody funny comedy arden cho geovanna antoinette bart kwan justkiddingfilms cathy nguyen chris dinh travis garland dumbfoundead knocksteady spoof jason chen joseph vincent joe jo ally maki poreotics can nguyen formula arts dance music song humor 강남스타일 bts "behind the scenes"
24 Jan 2013
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Being one of the easiest ways to get around Bangkok, the BTS skytrain is that go-to mode of transportation to get almost anywhere. It's cheap, fast and convenient if you know just how to do it. iTips will make you an expert this week by telling you the ticket package best for travellers, safety precautions to observe and practice and even the fabulous tourist destinations you can get to by BTS. Make the BTS your friend in Bangkok- it's worth it! For more information about TAT Newsroom visit their website *******tatnews**** To see more iTips episodes be sure to visit ******* Follow us on twitter itravel_channel and "Like" our page on Facebook and get all our updates! ********www.facebook****/TheiTravelChannel
5 Apr 2013
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BTS-1, a mission to launch a bear from Bears on Patrol into near-space.
26 May 2013
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BT Service Company Address: 12305 Barin Field Rd, Foley, AL 36535 Phone Number: (251) 949-7663 We are offering roofing services for the area of Foley AL since 1973. Website: *******btservicecompany****/
11 Jun 2013
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Chastity Bites BTS Vignette: The Hiltons: Third in our series of behind the scenes vignettes with the cast of "Chastity Bites", featuring Amy Okuda, Sarah Stouffer, Lindsey Morgan and Chloë Crampton -- collectively called "The Hiltons" in the film. A longer BTS featurette can be found on the "Chastity Bites" DVD, available February 11, 2014 from Grand Entertainment.
29 Jan 2014
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12 Oct 2016
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Watch beautiful model Bebe Pham as she plays the lead actress in New Cebu Film's latest movie, Deep Gold. A production of...
29 Apr 2007
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