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It's hard to imagine that underwater rocks can be knocked down with a bubble ring. This man just did the most awesome ring of the entire year.
29 Oct 2018
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Three Cute bubbly babies
8 Nov 2018
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Pharmacy Automation | Watch four RxSafe 1800™ customers explain how automation has boosted their profit margin. “We've increased our business by over 60% over the past year and we haven't had to hire any additional staff," says Mark Mula, Owner, Mula Family Pharmacy & Gifts. "We've been able to free up space with the RxSafe 1800 in our pharmacy,” says Kevin Faust, owner of J&M Pharmacy in Alabama. “It's freed up areas that we use for bubble packing, compounding and convenience packaging that we do for our long-term care and assisted living facilities." "There's virtually no way you're going to make a mistake... the accuracy is beyond anything that you could ask for," says Sheila Webb, pharmacy manager at Schultz & Wroten Pharmacy in Texas. "Prior to buying the RxSafe we would have three technicians on at a time. Now, we can easily handle the same workload with one to two technicians," says Kevin Reddish, owner of Reddish Pharmacy in Idaho. "Another way that the RxSafe has impacted our business has been our workflow. We're able to turn prescriptions much quicker than we could in the past, with greater efficiency and accuracy."
23 Oct 2018
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Denials are a drain on revenue and the average cost of handling a medical claim denial has significantly gone up over the years. BillingParadise’s denial management system categorizes denials, assigns work queues, creates follow-up lists, lets users track the progress of denials followed up on and bubbles up denial patterns. This is a snappy video demo of our all-new denial management system that has found a firm place in the tech toolkit of healthcare organizations across the USA. For More Information, contact: BillingParadise 2009 N. Lynn Taylor, TX 76574, The United States. Phone: +1 214-783-6295 Denial Management system - Denial Management Software - Denial Management - Denials in healthcare - Denials Management In medical Billing
2 Nov 2018
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Daxal Cosmetics is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company manufactures and exports cosmetics and personal care products. We also offer our customers the facility of "Private Labeling"; wherein they can market our thoroughly tested and superior quality products, under the desired brand name. Our product showcase includes an array of cosmetics and toiletries like toothpastes, shaving creams, shaving gels, shampoos, conditioners, fairness cream, moisturizing cold cream, SPF Cream, body lotion, hair styling gels, face wash, bubble bath, peel off masks, complexion masks to name a few. Our well-planned production unit, situated in Gujarat (India) and expanding in 36000 sq. ft. land area & 10000 sq. ft. factory building, has state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities. The plant and machinery is fully automated. A model set-up of Research & Development center to formulate, test and commercialize a wide range of formulations of cosmetic and toiletries. Well equipped with testing laboratory, latest transportation and communication facilities.
4 Nov 2018
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This guy does amazing things with soap bubbles and smoke.
16 Apr 2006
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Dogs and babies love soap bubbles.
21 May 2006
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This guy blows a bubble and it explodes in his face.
25 Sep 2006
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Me blowing cool bubbles underwater.
8 Oct 2006
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Make your own static soap bubbles!
6 Dec 2006
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big bubble spot
26 Dec 2006
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the first of the bubble man animes
28 Dec 2006
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