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Use QuickBugs to document, assign, verify and track bugs, issues and enhancements within a development project. Watch testers, managers and programmers access and use bug reports. Setup users, privileges, projects, notifications and workflow.
5 Jun 2011
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OOS launcher add shortcut problem (Bug report)
31 Mar 2017
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Plus messenger lag issue (Bug report)
30 Mar 2017
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*******macmost****/ Gary Rosenzweig shows you how to report a bug to Apple. If you've ever been frustrated by an Apple application that isn't working right or crashes, this is the way to tell Apple about the problem and help them fix it.
29 Oct 2008
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*******powerofcomparison****/make-money-online-review-software.html Know anything about software, like programming want to try yourself as custom application tester and get paid to find software bugs and errors? You can utilize platform as Utest for independent testers or can simply review software at SoftwareJudge. You can work for Google testing their beta software.
15 Apr 2011
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Loic talks about his work today. Loic shows Erika Seesmic and asks the Seesmic users to respond by video. The comments, suggestions, and bug reporting seem to be working on seesmic. What else should Loic being telling you?
24 Oct 2007
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Jortal.TV is launching the ChannelMe.TV users group in response to the following circumstances: 1. Major misrepresentations of facts by ChannelMe.TV 2. Serious bugs being ignored by ChannelMe.TV and enom's development group. 3. Brian of ChannelMe.TV invites customers to email him, but he does not respond. He won't respond to phone calls or voice mail. Chris Sheritan, VP, will not respond. 4. ChannelMe.TV has not conducted conferences with customers recently, and customers who have submitted major bug reports have NEVER been invited to participate in conference calls.
2 Jul 2011
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16 Sep 2008
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*******macmost****/ Learn how to capture the entire screen or only a portion, then compress it to send it in an email. This is handy for sending bug reports or pointing out problems.
24 Nov 2008
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We were hoping you could help us out by testing Launch Manager 1.35! For those who don't know, Launch Manager is one of the fastest, most customizable and powerful Launchers for Windows Mobile. The first 100 people who test this new version of Launch Manager can purchase it for half it's regular price. Although we have tested it thoroughly, we appreciate any suggestions or bug reports. I have made a video of what's new in this version, and it also shows you some of Launch Manager's best features. Please watch the video and/or download by clicking the link below: *******www.fantasticbytes****/labs/launchmanager Fantastic Bytes has also just joined Twitter! You can follow us or learn more about Twitter here: *******twitter****/fantasticbytes Purchase Launch manager at the discounted price here: *******www.fantasticbytes****/promo/lm35b2 New in this version Replace your Start Menu with Launch Manager! New Wifi, Bluetooth, Phone and Sound Indicators! New Minimize and Call History Shortcuts! Improved and faster shortcut editing! Easier to use on different resolution devices! Start Launch Manager with Windows!
18 Oct 2009
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23 Jul 2010
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Download link: *******yesmyfile****/TheCelieHerrere303434/Zynga Please remember this is only a betta so if you find bugs report em to it's original makers Download link: *******yesmyfile****/TheCelieHerrere303434/Zynga
6 Aug 2010
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