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Four good samaritans walk over to help out a buddy who's stuck in the sand and end up getting left in the dust.
25 Apr 2009
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This buggy has some serious horsepower to climb that hill. At the end you could see it get stuck, but what you don't see is falling down. As a result the driver of the buggy was sent to hospital and was in serious condition for 3 weeks.
3 Aug 2006
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A dune-buggy with the weight of a freight train and the speed of a jet, tears arse through San Fierro in it's own unique style.
4 Dec 2006
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Dune Buggy Sand Rail Corvette Engine Ls1 Ls2 Ls6 Quick Sand Performance in UAE Please comment and rate the Video *******www.njmuae****
4 Feb 2009
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-Be careful son! This father has a lot of humor and a talented son.
11 Oct 2007
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Jumps Dune Buggys Quads Drag cars etc
7 Jul 2008
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Steven Seagal fights half of the Orange boardroom staff then chases the CEO in a golf buggy as seagal tries to convince him that his idea for a romantic film is a good idea. This one actually tops the Darth Vader one for me.
23 Jul 2006
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Amazing Rally Video in this video u got an:Audi,Pontiac,Nascar,Oldmosb il,Atv,Buggys,And Very More So Come On And Watch!!
9 May 2006
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This is video from 4th race for Croatian Championship Buggy Offroad 1:6 scale.
8 Nov 2007
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Clip from the show Monster Garage. Jesse lost against the real dune buggies and decides to put his vehicle out of it's misery. Minigun fun.
12 Oct 2006
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Jeep buggy crawling out of a creek in Virginia
26 Feb 2007
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For sale on eBay**** (item #150205260587)
14 Jan 2008
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This video will allow you to play all the levels of half life 2 in portal using the portal gun. HL2 maps were not designed for the portal gun, so it is a bit buggy. Yet it's worth it, and is great fun. The music is some random music from half life 2. Please rate.Got any questions, just ask.
20 Oct 2007
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That is absolutely dangerous sport ever....... A soapbox car (also variously known as a soapbox cart, and especially in Australia, billy cart) is a motorless vehicle capable of holding a driver (usually a child) built for the purpose of racing or recreation. Propelled by gravity, soapbox cars can reach upwards of 50 km/h (30 miles per hour). Originally, soapbox cars were built from orange crates and rollerskate wheels, but have grown more sophisticated over time, with materials like aluminum and fiberglass being utilized.In the United Kingdom a soapbox car is called a buggy, trolley, cart or cartie. It is also sometimes called a go-kart, although that more usually refers to a similar vehicle with a motor. In Scotland they are described as a bogie.
13 Aug 2007
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In this video you will learn how to replace the pull starter of an RC Nitro Vehicle with Electric Drill starter or power starter. This video is made for RedCat Racing Arizona USA and is one of the many tutorials on RC Nitro Vehicles that I am doing. I’m using VX.18 Engine of RedCat Racings Shockwave 1/10 Scale 4WD RC Nitro Buggy. Don't forget to check www.redcatracing****, www.metacafe****/channels/alishanmao, www.metacafe****/redcat+racing and****/alishanmao. Cheers
3 Feb 2010
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Arne is climbing this hill with some attitude. His buggy is powered by a 511 cid Chrysler with 750 hp and 700 lbs/ft of torque
28 Jan 2007
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