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MABABANGIS NA BULAKLAK,1986 starring: cristina crisol as SARA
23 Nov 2009
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BuLakLaK SuMMer Fun '08...
21 May 2009
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21 Nov 2009
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MAUI TAYLOR "Bulaklak" charity concert 2006 in Tokyo, Japan Yakult hall
8 Feb 2010
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Very daring girls perform
20 Oct 2008
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My 3rd guitar video tutorial.
15 Apr 2011
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6 Sep 2009
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Don't forget to thank me for this video. Check out my other videos, and more to come!
21 Aug 2008
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my cousin hired some of the hot sexy girls of VIVA HOT BABES to perform on his Birthday..
13 Aug 2010
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VISIT *******tvngmasa****/ for more tv recorded shows,we are updated daily
22 Nov 2011
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This was my first try at acting for a television soap. I was hella nervous at first but I really wanted to try something I'd never done before. Early in 2008, I got an invitation to try out for a role on the show. I had no idea what they wanted from me but everyone was just so nice and supportive I just said yes. I was supposed to play the classic soap good boy. The next day, I found out that Direk Andoy Ranay (who I immediately fell in love with) and Keiko Aquino Ilagan (one of the most respected script writers in the business) totally revised my role and the script to play to my strengths. At the end of it all, I actually did have a lot of fun playing "Francis". From being the lovable 'bad boy' he descends to the lowest pits of what a drug addict can be and supposedly DIES. Some lady even attacked me in Promenade while I was lining up to buy popcorn because she hated the character...she said, "Masama kang tao...lahat ng pinagagawa mo kay Lea at sa pamilya mo, mahiya ka sa sarili mo!" Even one of my most beloved titas refused to talk to me for a couple of months...I guess that's a good thing right? Eventually "Francis", in the classic soap opera tradition, is revealed NOT to be dead, changes his ways, makes up for all the wrongs his done and enters himself into rehab. Like I said, I DO NOT regret this project and am thankful that ABS CBN took a HUGE gamble on me to deliver based on a few short films I made and my band's music videos. I will also forever be grateful to the staff and cast for their guidance, patience, and generosity...I mean after all, who the hell was I? These are some scenes I was able to download from the net...sadly; they're all evil "Francis". I still can't believe I'm putting this up, but #$* it!!! All I can say is...have fun!
14 Oct 2012
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A slideshow of my favorite Viva Hotbabe: JENNIFER LEE whom I considered the best of them all. Song Bulaklak by Lito Camo copyright by the composer and Viva Records. No copyright infringement intended. For entertainment only. I do not own these pictures. They were taken from various sources on the web. To the respective owners and to Lito Camo and Viva Records: THANK YOU....
12 Jun 2010
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Viva Hot Babes Concert
23 Aug 2009
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Lea Salonga singing Bayan Ko at Cory Aquino's funeral at Manila Cathedral. Lyrics: Bayan Ko Ang bayan kong Pilipinas Lupain ng ginto't bulaklak Pag-ibig nasa kanyang palad, Nag-alay ng ganda't dilag... At sa kanyang yumi at ganda, Dayuhan ay nahalina. Bayan ko, binihag ka, nasadlak sa dusa. Ibon mang may layang lumipad, Kulungin mo ay umiiyak, Bayan pa kayang sakdal dilag Ang di magnasang makaalpas? Pilipinas kong minumutya, Pugad ng luha ko't dalita, Aking adhika, makita kang sakdal laya... For those who do not understand Tagalog, here is a rough translation from this blog post: *******child-of-earth.blogspot****/2009/06/even-birds.html My Country My country, the Philippines Is a land of gold and flowers Love is in her hands She freely gives beauty and splendor... And because of her sweetness and beauty Strangers were attracted My country, you were taken captive and plunged into the depths of despair. Even the bird that has freedom to fly Would cry if you caged it. Would not such a lovely country Aspire to escape? My treasured Philippines, Home of my tears and torment My own desire is to see you fully free...
17 Jul 2011
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please comment about what you think of the video.. thank you.. the pictures are just random girls... i dont really know them.. But enjoy the Pinay Beauties yiee ! tara , sumama ka sa akin alam mo na dadalhin kta kng san mo gusto ang pawis ko'y tumatagaktak sa bilis may pumapalakpak abutin natin ang langit ibuka ang pak-pak langhapin ang halimuyak ng mga bulaklak ako ay paru-paro nakadapo sa iyong damo sa liwanag ang ganda mo andaming nabibighaning gamo-gamo yakapin mo ako habang atin ang gabi kasi mundo natin ay laging salisi pag ika'y nasa baba ako ay nasa taas sa tuwing ikaw ay darating ako ay lalabas wag ka masyadong marahas sige lng isigaw mo pa ng malakas ilagay mo sa tono di kita tinatanong pero'y sagot mo oo oo oo oo hintayin mo ako malapit na ako sabay na tayo papunta na ko nasan ka na ba ? kung ako sayo sumama ka na , tara tara tara sumama ka sa akin at hawakan ang aking kamay tayo ay maglalakbay patungo sa lugar kung saan tayo lang ang may alam tara tara sumama ka sa akin at hawakan ang aking kamay tayo ay maglalakbay (oooohh) patungo sa lugar kung saan tayo lamang ang laman pinto ay sarado buksan ang kandado talian ang aso papasukin mo na ako meron akong regalo hindi mo malilimutan matagal ko tong pinagipunan pahiram ng upuan para aking patungan ng aking dala dala na aking ng makunan para may alaala ka sa pagalis mo panuorin kung sakali'y ako ay mamimiss mo tayo na magsabay , magkamay kahit na pagkain ay hindi sa plato nakalagay masarap ba ? dyan ako sanay kaya pala mga sagot mo sa akin ay panay oo oo hintayin mo ko malapit na ako sabay na tayo papunta na ako , nasan ka na ba? kung ako sayo sumama ka na tara tara sumama ka sa akin at hawakan ang aking kamay tayo ay maglalakbay patungo sa lugar kung saan tayo lang ang may alam tara tara sumama ka sa akin at hawakan ang aking kamay tayo ay maglalakbay patungo sa lugar kung saan tayo lamang ang laman oh , nilambing mo na maghapon at dinilaan ang muka mo nangangahulugan hindi lahat ng hinihimas ay umaamo aso't pusa nagkalmutan nagaway nakauntugan bagong taon ba ngaun ? bat ganun may nakakaputukan sumibak ng kahoy para panggatong para may apoy tayo maghapon sakto ah , may sweldo pa ako magwwithdraw muna ko sa banko oo oo hintayin mo ko malapit na ako sabay na tayo papunta na ako , nasan ka na ba? kung ako sayo sumama ka na tara tara sumama ka sa akin at hawakan ang aking kamay tayo ay maglalakbay patungo sa lugar kung saan tayo lang ang may alam tara tara sumama ka sa akin at hawakan ang aking kamay tayo ay maglalakbay patungo sa lugar kung saan tayo lamang ang laman diretso lng biglang liko
29 Jul 2011
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Facebook Fan Page: *******www.facebook****/pages/Mikey-Bustos-Fan-Page/196447953712311 Official Twitter: *******www.Twitter****/mikeybustos PINOY THIS WAY Lyrics: It doesn't matter if your Pinay or if you're P-I-N-O-Y. Just point with your lips, pare 'cause we're pinoy this way, baby. Use your eyes... If it was snake it bit you already! My Momma scolded me when I was young, when I said I hated school. She said "You know the land where we come from, every class is always full." Because in Philippines education is never taken for granted, no it's not, along with food, work, and medication, we know they all come from God. Back home, a land far away, Where we work hard every day, It makes us grateful, baby We're pinoy this way Where you will need pamaypay As temperature rises high You have not lived 'till you live like a pinoy this way. Nothing ever goes to waste, Appreciate, don't throw away Baby, we're pinoy this way! Say my prayers everyday, Bless to all the elderly, We always say "po" cuz We're pinoy this way. Don't mean to brag, it's Philippines, We're Ricivores, it's in our genes, Model for Bench, I want to be My mom said no, and palo'ed me Our culture's full of diversity, We're waving the red, white, yellow, and blue Tagalog, Ibanag, Kapamgpangan And Ilolano are my roots. Whether you are in the provinces or in the Capitol Manila, hey-hey You'll find we're all the same deep down inside, Pinoy tayo! and Mabuhey! It's mabuhay Think traffic here makes you curse? Well, in Manila it's worse, But we still show respect baby, we're pinoy this way I take jeepney cuz it's fast, Calesa uses no gas, I drive a tricycle, baby I'm pinoy this way Use a rope to tie the knot Touch the Tarsiers better not Baby, we're pinoy this way Play pusoy to win the pot, Sabong, kawawa naman, So pick the right cock, baby We're pinoy this way. Pretty pinays, and strong pinoys Have dancing feet, a pretty voice, We're everywhere, the world is ours, We have sarsi drink, NO not sars! With many capabilities, lots like Imelda's shoe galleries, Just stand up proud and say today, Mabuhay! Yun - pinoy this way! We have white rice on our plate, San miguel beer, balut egg, and chicharon bulaklak, cuz we're pinoy this way We eat vinigar with fruit, use spoon and fork to eat food, we're saving some for baon, we're pinoy this way. We take our sapatos off, And put our tsinellas on, But watch the host say, "Waaaggg, put your shoes back on!" Cuz we're pinoy this way Whether we're black, white, or beige, Yes we are orient-made, We come in different looks and colours We're pinoy this way I can ride a calabaw, Noone can beat Pacquiao, Baby, we're pinoy this way CR's at the megamall Don't have toilet seat at all Visit the skating rink, Inside the mall you can skate. When she turns 16 we do, Cotillion and a debut, Oh, and again two years later We're pinoy this way From tinikling with bamboo To videoke with you Today we're celebrating, Being a pinoy this way Same DNA We're Pinoy this way Long spanish name We're Pinoy this way Special thanks to Christa Marielle Yambao and Eizel Yu for the photos of Sarsi. All other photos are taken from Wikimedia Commons.
13 Mar 2012
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