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Team "Victims of Soi-cumstance" flew 82 feet at Red Bull Flugtag Baltimore, setting the record for longest flight at a Flugtag held in the United States.
14 Nov 2006
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A Red Bull F1 car performs the first-ever demonstration run on the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
14 Nov 2006
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Fire Sculptor Jeffry Loy uses 247 Red Bull cans to create an aluminum bowl, part of the Red Bull Art of the Can exhibit.
14 Nov 2006
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Amazing, The Red Bull Sticks To The Hand By Vacum
3 Dec 2006
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11 Dec 2006
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Alexis female pup pit bull jumping and holding onto a small tire. She loves jumping and playing in the yard.
26 Dec 2006
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Cute Pit Bull puppy takes a mouthful of a sock, and won't let go.
15 Jan 2007
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you want make a joke for your friends? propose that, moving single two small sticks, causes that the bull watches for the other side. When you say the solution to them. they want to kill you. jajajajajajaja
25 Jan 2007
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This is my dog "Pearl", he´s a pit bull amazing
31 Jan 2007
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7 Feb 2007
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Ever wonder what happens when you slap a bull? Doug Madsen (Tim Allen) is up to the challenge and learns that he may not be as quick as he used to be. WILD HOGS opens in theatres March 2nd!
22 Feb 2007
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A bull calf,will be a great toro:-)))
15 Mar 2007
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Hitting the bulls eye with the first show while playing darts, how lucky is that?!?
15 Mar 2007
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Pitures of my pit bulls
17 Mar 2007
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The Power of Style and Airtime: Young Gun Dany Torres (ESP) Wins the Red Bull X-Fighters 2007 in Mexico City! Unprecedented enthusiasm of 42.000 spectators, the crème de la crème of international freestyle motocross athletes and a one-of-a-kind show: The Red Bull X-Fighters 2007 in the Monumental Plaza de Toros bullfighting arena in Mexico City were way more than just a freestyle motocross contest. In a breathtaking head-to-head challenge the riders battled their way up into the super final. In the end, it was 19-year-old Spanish shooting star Dany Torres to excel and pull the most powerful tricks with the ultimate in style and creativity. All-time technical ruler Nate Adams (USA) came in second place followed by Robbie "Maddo" Maddison (AUS) who finished third. Ten of the world's most renowned and respected freestyle motocross riders of eight different nationalities had followed the call of the Red Bull X-Fighters and travelled all the way to Mexico to be part of this year's show. 42.000 spectators on-site and more than 10 million TV and internet viewers witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime freestyle motocross fiesta in the world's biggest bullfighting arena Monumental Plaza de Toros in Mexico City. Packed with elements of traditional bullfighting, flamenco performances and music acts the contest format had ten top riders compete in a testosterone-loaded head-to-head battle. Displaying incredible courage, technique, style and airtime the ten top athletes indulged in a passionate battle for the crown of the Red Bull X-Fighters in Mexico City. Shooting up in the night sky as high as 20 metres with their 250ccm bikes these bold motoreros radiated speed, style and power. Among the judging criteria were difficulty and execution of tricks, variety of tricks and usage of course, style and show aspects, and overall impression. At the Red Bull X-Fighters the crowd also has a big say in the judging of a rider's presentation so Mexico's most famous TV host Facundo acted as the judge of the spectators' voice. The arena was literally boiling when local hero Johan Nungaray entered. Unfortunately, he barely used the whole set-up and did not show great variation in his tricks. FMX showman and all-time favourite of the Mexican audience Ronnie Renner (USA) threw some massive super whips but no flips. Swiss Mat Rebeaud, winner of last year's Red Bull X-Fighters in Mexico City, had just recovered from a broken femur which kept him away from showing 100% of his skills. Three riders made their way into the super final: overwhelmingly smooth and progressive Australian Robbie Maddison impressed the crowd and judges performing one flip after the other riding faster than anyone else. A class of his own when it comes to a large trick repertoire and confidence, Nate Adams (USA) pulled some super clean Catwalks, Cordova Backflips and Lazy Boys. However, neither Maddison nor Adams could stop 19-year-old Latino young gun Dany "DT" Torres (ESP). When Torres pushed into the super final the crowd jumped off their seats waving their bandanas and screaming like crazy. Fiercely attacking his former heroes Torres threw some super high Cliffhangers, Turndowns, Superflips and Heelclicker Backflips with a breathtaking Turndown Whip as the winning jump. An impressive combination of sophisticated riding, variety of tricks and interaction with the crowd earned him victory. "I watched Maddo and Nate ride so well so I knew I had to push it to the very limit in my run. It worked out and I am so happy!" No doubt, the Red Bull X-Fighters in Mexico City will be something to remember for up-and-rising Torres. The Red Bull X-Fighters are going on tour for the first time in 2007, hosted by three more venues after Mexico City. At the next stop on 26 May at Slane Castle, Ireland, FMX legend Travis Pastrana (USA) will be attacking Torres's position and definitely interfere with the top three ranking. Next stop will be Moscow on 30 June followed by the final tour event on 27 July in Madrid. More Information: www.redbullxfighters****
11 Apr 2007
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A bull attack the crowd - Un taureau fonce dans la foule
12 Apr 2007
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