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A clumsy burgler (not up-to-date with current innovations in technology) breaks into a house .He can't even begin to imagine who and what is watching closely...
17 Oct 2006
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really works
4 Feb 2008
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The NZ Police via M&C Saatchi Wellington have launched a new series of recruitment ads which continue the 'Better Work Stories' campaign.
16 Apr 2012
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Burgler cleans up in time for the party! Viral add created by Viral-Edge****
12 Nov 2007
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America's Most Dumbass Criminals - Caught on tape! Watch Eugene Lutz, a.k.a. "The Fat Burgler" get his just desserts. Mike Mullen
22 Oct 2008
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This is the end-all, be-all of seasonal-based rap songs. Lyrics: Fall's over - and it's gettin' real cold Time for people to leave for Florida that are old Time for Grandma not to drive at night cause she dread Time to go down a skateboard ramp on a sled I got a big coat and I'm wearin 3 layers these gloves were real cheap so I don't care that they look gayer Than hell - I hear bells - is that santa and his sleigh? Or is it a volunteer who wants to take your pay? And give it to people less fortunate than you How dare he, the commie, that's red but not white & blue Winter ain't about that, so warm up your car Fill it up with cheap recession gas while you freeze your nards Off, cause the temperature is very, very low Then get in, start it up, and let the heater blow yeah the nipples are really pointy on your girl's boobs but she's really turned off by your booger ice cubes ------------chorus-------- Get winterized - plow through the ice Get winterized - low speeds suffice Get winterized - snow blowin device I advise, get supplies, you despise, the suprise when the weather man is right It's winter! ---------------------- scrape the ice off of your windshield Can't remember excactly how it is your fingers feel Can't use the hose cause you got a frozen spout And now you got to drive in a total white out Winterfresh gum seems redundant People outside complainin' like pundits Can't stay warm no matter how hard you try And my ding dong's shrunk to like half it's normal size Drive to work's darkness only beaten by drive home That kid froze his steps to stop burglers in home alone You have to drag your trash from the house to the curb And it sucks dealing with your dog's frozen turds and my spider sense is tellin' me you won't be thrilled when you open up the mail get your next heating bill Winter's time for all the faith specific holidays Like Christmas, Kwanza, and Chanuka-na na na na nah na, na na na na nah na - gettin' Jewish wit' it. --------chorus----------- Everybody on the road say SALT! Everybody on the road say SALT! Now wave your hands in the air Now stop before you get hypothermia --------chorus----------- Get winterized - plow through the ice Get winterized - low speeds suffice Get winterized - snow blowin device I advise, get supplies, you despise, the suprise when the weather man is right put on your coat, it's winter!
23 Jan 2010
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We think the title speaks for it self! The burgler annoyed us so much we just had to make this film! :) UPDATE - I made this video 2 years ago so the mod may not work anymore. The guns are downloaded from: *******www.simwardrobe****/ Quoted from the site - "Currently these objects require the Nightlife or OFB or Pets or Seasons expansion pack. The rayguns and phasers require OFB if you want to hear the sound effect of the beam." Please note: I did NOT make the mod so please dont message me asking how I made it. All credit goes to the owner of the simswardobe site. You should download their other objects too, they are the best custom objects ive found. To find the guns on the site goto sims 2 ---- objects ---- shooters --- assault rifle The things on their heads are just silly hats from the simswardrobe website which I forgot to take off before filming this :) Check out www.myspace****/cuzsimsmovies Copyright Cuzsims Movies 2007 The Music Used - Fight Song - Marilyn Manson It would also be much appreciated if you checked out our other videos too. Thanks :D
21 Nov 2011
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Finally got around to editing another urban climbing video. The song is Basique - Little People: ***********/watch?v=tkwPVkPbWzU
29 Jan 2014
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woman lady leather gloves burgler robbery thief
23 Jan 2013
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16 Apr 2013
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