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A Six buses crash going from Madeenah shareef
30 Sep 2017
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Motor coaches are becoming a growing business in Phoenix. Recent upgraded motor coaches have been running in Phoenix.
7 Oct 2017
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Cheap transportation services Arizona include taxis, public buses and vans. Sometimes certain sedans are also included.
9 Oct 2017
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if you are planning for party and are you want to make your party memorable so, Party Bus Rental Cost is best for you. Our buses are available for any parties like wedding, events, in any shape, color and size. There are a lot of party bus firms in DC .but we are the best in relationship to others because we have trained drivers and our prices are no more.
10 Oct 2017
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Clip du morceau Everyone's alone des London Buses, Top 100 en Angleterre dans les années 80.
4 Jan 2008
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Snow drifters! These guys are crazy! Snow drifiting! How to drift in snow! Cars, trucks, buses!
24 May 2008
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*******www.globalchange**** Innovation using old cooking oil to drive buses or cars or lorries. Future of public transport energy efficiency and Stagecoach innovation in energy saving, reducing carbon footprint. Why biofuel industry using food is dead – converting food into oil is stupid and immoral but converting used cooking oil is a good thing. Biodiesel, biomass, biowaste and sugar to fuel conversion. Ethanol and gasoline or petrol mix, European Union EU poliy changes on biofuel and biowaste. Policy reversal. Anti-biofuel capaigns. Food riots, hunger, food shortages, rising food prices, whet prices, food hoarding and stockpiles. Speculation in food futures. Link oil price to food price. Starvation, Africa Asia, India, China. Competition for food – poor people cannot eat, food prices rise, burning wheat in car engines, driving vehicles, adding ethanol to petrol / gasoline. Biodiesel, soybean price rises, rise price rises, food riots, destruction of forests for agriculture. Other reasons for rising food prices: drought, crop failure, hoarding, ban on food exports, stockpiling of food, speculation on food commodities markets. Ethics of biomass fuel generation and increased use of fertilisers. Net consumption or saving of CO2 / energy. Global trade in food, oil and energy. Ethical crisis in biofuels. Federal government policy and national energy policy. EU fuel regulations for ethanol, biodiesel and biomass fuel generation. Economy, global warming, energy conservation and real estate industry. Environment, environmental change, climate change. Risks in real estate development. Operational and management risks and role of a Futurist. What is a Futurist? Market research limitations and customer expectations, client demands. Business management video comment about successful Stagecoach innovation by Dr Patrick Dixon, conference keynote speaker lecture, author of Futurewise and Building a Better Business. Energy saving, biofuels, biowaste, public transport, bus, buses, road haulage, cars, corporate, cost, management, warming, carbon dioxide, gas emissions, biofuels, biodiesel, biomass, biowaste, fuel production, cars, vehicles, aviation, food, wheat, soya, sugar, ethanol, reduction, green roofs
29 May 2008
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Buses para los discapacitados. Alonso Salazar Jaramillo, Alcalde de Medellín.
4 Jun 2008
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The sight is akana-line's buses window's sight.
5 Oct 2008
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The sight look out of the buses window.
17 Nov 2008
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19 Jan 2009
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19 Jan 2009
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