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Over the weekend President Pervez Musharraf declared a State of Emergency in Pakistan, instituting martial law, suspending the constitution, and firing the chief justice of the supreme court. Police have also begun rounding up scores of lawyers, judges, and activists, and the state has taken control of many of the private television stations and raided newspaper offices. This puts the Bush administration in a nearly impossible bind: oppose a Musharraf dictatorship or continue to support a leader who has been one of America's lone allies in the region in waging the war on terror. All this under the specter of a nuclear power teetering on the brink of failed statehood.
5 Nov 2007
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Dziekanski Taser Eureka moment!! BSregistration is wet, naked and running down the street screaming: "The Fox 5 footage is fake. PollenB points out the vanishing bridge and the the crazy yellow TV. There's all sorts of crazy stuff going on in the footage, with cut-and-pasted audio segments, video deceptively sped up and slowed down, helicopters flying backwards... They didn't even show the 'collapses' of the Twin Towers. They showed snippets of shock-and-awe 'collapse' footage from bad angles." ***********/user/bsregistr... *******911logic.blogspot**** 9/11 was a major deception operation, and there is more wrong with the videos than just a couple of animated plane inserts. There needs to be a reckoning of the worst attack on the US Mainland since the Civil War. The Bush-Crony 9/11 Commission didn't do their job. There's no excuse for the fake videos shown on 9/11, other than that it was part of a massive deception operation. *******youtube****/pollenB *******youtube****/ozzybinoswald2 Thanks, Ozzy, 911News, Ewing2001, Nico, Webfairy, Joe Craine, and the rest of you who are making a real difference right now. The Bush administration is imploding with high-ranking officials being purged at an alarming rate. Now is the time to increase pressure on the other branches of Government to rein in the rogue 9/11 coup faction and smash the media empires that put them there. *******sep-11.blogspot**** terrorism in the united states conspiracy *******kv3ri.blogspot**** terrorism in the united states conspiracy *******september-clues.blogspot**** september_clues *******liberty-cap.blogspot**** liberty_cap *******genghis6199-spineymedia.blogsp... *******911-shills.blogspot**** terrorism in the united states conspiracy *******screw-screwloosechange.blogspo... in the united states conspiracy *******jfucks.blogspot**** terrorism in the united states conspiracy *******jfucks.blogspot**** Category: News & Politics Tags: Shock Awe Proof September 11 911 wtc fakery live ak1rd conspiracy tv kv3ri npt911 911tvfakery FOX fake Dziekanski ThoughtCrime7 expounds on this video and his po... wq2rx tvfakery ak1rd akørd kv4ri (less) Added: November 24, 2007 Category: News & Politics Tags: ThoughtCrime7 video fakery NBC animation wtc 911 discrepant spiney conspiracy wq2rx akørd kv4ri fake fcs plane anomaly Added: November 24, 2007 ThoughtCrime7 expounds on this video and his position: "Original NBC 911 footage of South Tower hit is analyzed. 3 videos on the SAME network from the SAME angle depicting the SAME moment in time tell 3 DIFFERENT stories. This is an updated and extended version of the original "South Tower Anomalies". Several new anomalies have been added, thanks to constructive criticism from YouTubers. On the no-planes issue, this video is about news fakery, not about the no-planes theory. "September Clues" is the best analysis of the no-planes theory. One does not have to be a "no-planer" to see the fakery. All I know for sure is that something hit the towers and someone doctored the footage." Created by ThoughCrime7, DJO Productions *******youtube****/user/ThoughtCrime7 *******www.dayjoborchestra****
25 Nov 2007
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bsregistration remix of dog4tree's Treason at The Pentagon on September 11, 2001. TREASON at the PENTAGON wq2rx dog4tree 9/11 TV FAKERY *******911BLOGLINES.COM *******fake-plane.bogspot**** *******terror101.blogspot**** *******youtube****/911news Very briefly it went something like this: The big takeaways are that the whole thing was engineered and supported by the National Security Council and the Bush regime. There wasn't any external terrorist threat. The most important weapon used on 9/11 was the mass media. The media were directly involved in the attacks and we can prove that they aired fake videos on 9/11. Some of the actors who pretended to be eyewitnesses have now been exposed. Watch SEPTEMBER CLUES for the best introduction and starting point on TV Fakery. 1. Bush administration foreign policy is to "re-do" the middle east and replace all the independent states in Central Asia and the Former Soviet Union with pro-US (or new world order) puppet governments. Bush domestic policy is to establish a police state and weaken the Bill of Rights with the Patriot Act. 2. Because Bush was unpopular there was no way for him to carry out this foreign policy (or domestic policy) unless there was some dramatic "Good Luck Event" like a New Pearl Harbor that would get public support behind his wars and other policies. Read National Security Council documents or Project for a New American Century to get more on this idea. 3. Bush's backers and the National Security Council worked out a deal with the Israeli government and private military contractors to carry out a large military deception operation to blow up the World Trade Center and blame the attack on Arabs, this linking US Foreign Policy and Israeli Foreign Policy. 4. In order to hide the means by which the towers were blown up, the TV stations showed fake video of the attacks as they unfolded. Many helicopters participated in the attacks, and no airplanes crashed. But the TV showed crashing airplanes in order to have some story that would look like the WTC getting blown up by the desired bad guys (Arab hijackers). 5. The media ran completely fake stories with ridiculous props as evidence, Hijacker Passports found on the sidewalk, Arabic How-to-Fly manuals and Korans left in rental cars, etc. 6. Close Bush cronies, hired actors, professional spooks and media plants called into TV shows and appeared as fake eyewitnesses on 9/11 to say they "witnessed a commercial jetliner proceed directly towards the towers and smash purposefully into the World Trade Center." 7. The vast majority of names of victims on the supposed plane crashes are completely fake. 8. The attacks were designed in part to cover up breaking financial scandals related to Enron, Global Crossing, and trillions missing from the Pentagon. The main goal of the attacks was to create a war which would transfer billions of dollars to the defense contractors who supported Bush (Haliburton, for example) and also the oil industry. The airlines got a multi-billion dollar bailout from the congress after 9/11 as well, and all sorts of new money was made available for "Homeland Security", a term straight from Hitler's New World Order. 9. 911Truth was set up as a scam from the start to manage the youth and left-wing reactions to the 9/11 attacks. The entire "remote controlled drone aircraft" idea is supposed to get the media off the hook for their involvement. The Flight 93 shootdown idea is supposed to make it look like the military did their jobs and give conspiracy theorists something to talk about. The WTC 7 is designed as a limited hangout: the government will eventually admit that it had to be demolished because structural engineers worried it would collapse and because it contained sensitive documents. Since no-one died in WTC 7 there's no crime there. There's also a controlled demolition hang-out, they may claim that Al Qaida used "suitcase nukes" to blow up the WTC but they didn't want to panic the world so they didn't report that story. Let me know what you think.
6 Dec 2007
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As the Bush administration huddles with major lenders to finalize a relief plan for subprime borrowers, new results today from a survey conducted by Harris Interactive® on behalf of the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) warn against the government going too far. Almost half (48%) of U.S. adults aged 18 and older think a federal bailout of the subprime market would help either lenders who issue subprime mortgages or Wall Street banks who profit from subprime mortgages; in contrast, roughly a quarter (26%) believe homeowners who hold subprime mortgages would benefit most. "When it comes to rescuing the subprime mortgage market, Americans are skeptical not only of who will benefit, but who will be left holding the bag," said NTU Vice President for Policy & Communications Pete Sepp. "While other surveys have shown serious public concerns over rising mortgage defaults, this poll demonstrates Americans have equally serious reservations over government involvement in the solution."
12 Dec 2007
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A blue collar view of Bush, The Bush administration, The Middle East and all the lies fed via photo-ops and sound bytes. This was specifically written in response to the "I'm the decider" speech.
1 Jan 2008
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Fed cuts interest rates, Bush Administration and Congress prepare economic stimulus package.
26 Jan 2008
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the most powerful man in the world...The war in Iraq was the excuse the Bush administration created so that they could pass legislation that greatly increased federal spending. These spending increases, along with huge tax cuts for the very rich, have sent the government's deficits and debt skyrocketing to record levels. The total federal debt increased by $141 billion in 2001, $429 billion in 2002, $562 billion in 2003, $595 billion in 2004, $551 billion in 2005, and $546 billion in 2006. Bush's initial plan for going to war in Iraq was called "Operation Iraqi Liberation", or "OIL". As soon as the U.S. attacked Iraq the output of oil from Iraq was cut in half, from 4 million barrels per day to 2 million barrels per day. This significant reduction in world oil supplies sent prices over the roof. This increase in oil prices correlated with huge increases in the profits of the big oil corporations. ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, ChevronTexaco, & ConocoPhillips have all recorded record profits of $342 billion from 2001 through the first quarter of 2006. Could these huge profits have anything to do with the fact Bush, Cheney, and Rice are all former oil company executives?...
27 Feb 2008
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See the Bush administration shake, stumble and bumble. Short film by the Tyrants in Therapy
28 Jan 2009
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Bunce Takes On FAA... Reiterates FAA Funding Shouldn't Be Tied To User Fees During its Annual Industry Review and Market Outlook Briefing a few days back, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) identified several dynamic challenges that must be managed in order for the robust growth in general aviation to continue. Pete Bunce, GAMA’s highly motivated president and CEO, stated the fundamental debate in the US over how the FAA should be funded was settled when the Administration’s proposal to introduce broad-based user fees for aviation was rejected by Congress last year... contrary to recent attempts by the Bush administration to bring the issue back around, and current deliberations underway in the Senate. "GAMA continues to oppose the introduction of user fees on any segment of aviation," said Bunce. "The priority now is to ensure that the nation embarks on a decisive path to modernize our air traffic control system to accommodate future growth and address airline congestion. "Achieving the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) objectives goes well beyond simply reducing congestion and air traffic delays," said Bunce. "It will bring tangible environmental benefits as well." Bunce demonstrated how NextGen and Europe’s Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research (SESAR) initiative incorporate technologies and capabilities that will lead to more efficient aircraft operation and reduced impact on the environment. "There is no more critical time for the aviation industry to come together to accelerate modernization and shape the aerospace priorities of the next US Administration and European Union," Bunce concluded. FMI: Copyright 2008, Aewro-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved
27 Feb 2008
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(part two) This video shows how the Bush Administration has continued the U.S. policy of interventionalism around the world. The only difference being the use of the "War on Terror" rhetoric, along with utter incompetence.
5 May 2009
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More at *******www.theuptake**** Minnesota's US Senate seat is very much in play this year with Republican US Senator Norm Coleman's approval ratings hovering well below the 50% level. You may remember Senator Coleman as the designated "attack dog" on TV for the Republican party during the 2004 Democratic National Convention. During his 5 years in office he has strongly supported the Bush administration on nearly every major issue, which has made him the target of many progressive groups. On Wednesday, protesters pretending to be representatives of the health industry, big oil and other "special interests" were lined up with thank you signs outside Republican Norm Coleman's US Senate Campaign Headquarters. Inside, Republican Senator Coleman announced his bid for a second term. Coleman emphasized his optimism and his record, both as mayor of St. Paul and as a senator, in an effort to differentiate himself from likely Democratic nominee Al Franken. Sports were mentioned frequently, particularly hockey. Coleman took several swipes at Franken without mentioning him by name. Coleman said he was going to "work to bring people together to get things done" and attempted to portray himself as a non-partisan.
27 Mar 2008
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With lofty and legitimate objectives, the Bush administration initiative called "No Child Left Behind" has become a major controversy among educators, parents and administrators. Is it working? Who is benefiting and who is being hurt? Nationally recognized and awarded principal, Robin Welch, will help us understand the intent and execution of the program. Robin will share his opinion on the merits and limitations of the initiative and what the future looks like with this program in a shifting political arena. Mom Matters is 10 easy to watch anytime minutes of practical advice for more productive parenting. For more information, visit us at****
6 Apr 2008
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Described by The Washington Post as "the most powerful man in Washington you've never heard of," Mark J. Penn is the worldwide CEO of Burson-Marsteller. He was pollster to President Clinton and is adviser to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, numerous corporations, and 25 foreign heads of state, including Colombia. Hillary Rodham Clinton's chief strategist, Mark Penn, apologized for meeting with Colombian officials pushing a free trade agreement that the presidential candidate opposes. The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the strategist, Mark Penn, met Monday with Colombia's ambassador to the United States. Clinton advisers said Penn's meetings were not connected to the campaign, but part of his job as chief executive of the lobbying and public relations firm Burson-Marsteller Worldwide. But a Clinton adviser said the candidate was not happy to learn about the meeting, and Penn issued a statement expressing regrets. "The meeting was an error in judgment that will not be repeated and I am sorry for it," Penn said in a written statement. "The senator's well-known opposition to this trade deal is clear and was not discussed." Clinton spokesman Phil Singer said the candidate has not discussed the Colombian deal with Penn. "Senator Clinton's opposition to the Colombian Trade Deal is clear and she will be voting against it," Singer said. The Colombian government is trying to secure congressional passage of the agreement signed in 2006 by Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and the Bush administration. According to Justice Department filings, Colombia agreed last year to pay Burson-Marsteller $300,000 to help "educate members of the U.S. Congress and other audiences" about the trade deal and secure continued U.S. funding for the $5 billion anti-narcotics program Plan Colombia. Clinton told the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO that the United States needs new trade policies before it has new trade deals. "That includes no trade deal with Colombia" she said. Penn's political consulting firm, Penn, Schoen & Berland, has been paid $10.8 million so far by Clinton's campaign.
12 Apr 2008
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For more, read Politico: *******www.politico**** Hillary Clinton claims a lead in the popular vote, Congressman James Clyburn criticizes the Clintons, and John McCain criticizes the Bush administration in New Orleans.
25 Apr 2008
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So Long, Lurita Your Daily Politics Video Blog: With the parade of stuttering, parsing and forgetting witnesses that the Bush administration has produced, it can be easy to take such performances for granted. But we'll never forget General Services Administration chief Lurita Doan. That's because when it came to testifying before Congress, Doan was something special.
1 May 2008
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The Kentucky Derby, the election and the Bush administration are all wrapping up and in no case is it pretty.
5 May 2008
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