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laura simona shows butt crack
10 Jan 2008
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Lyrics: Hairy ears and hemorroidal tissues Were not there on graduation day Just "Congratulations" and a lot of "I'll miss you" Then they sent me on my way My metabolism slowed down I gained a little weight My shirts rode up And my pants crept down Now I'm serving a big plate of Butt crack, butt-a-butt-a-butt-a-butt-a-butt-a Buttcrack There's such a thing as too much information And this is one such circumstance When a flock of parents bend down to get their children It's a migration of pants It makes me want to howl Enough to void the bowel It's taunting me Like a trail of TP That seems to have gone afoul of Butt crack, butt-a-butt-a-butt-a-butt-a-butt-a Buttcrack So if you see 'em scrubbin' floors or fixin' decks Or peaking under hoods, try not to freak Just try to picture it as the top of a heart Or two lovers dancing cheek-to-cheek Put yourself in their position Cut them a little slack Just count to two 'Cause it could be you Oh please don't turn your back on Butt crack, butt-a-butt-a-butt-a-butt-a-butt-a (4X) Buttcrack
8 May 2008
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As 2007 draws to a close, let's have a moment of thanks for this cornucopia of ass cracks. Subscribe to Goodie Bag at: *******
22 Dec 2007
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23 Apr 2009
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Me and gabby tend to get bored(:
21 Aug 2010
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Dont look at it ! Its nasty ! Lolz ! But sexy ! I look hot !
30 Dec 2010
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2 Jan 2013
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This guy was sick of his grandma waking him up at the butt crack of dawn when she went to take her medication. So one early afternoon he waited for her to go to sleep and left her a little surprise, a buttered linoleum floor. Too bad she doesnt have Life Alert.
20 Apr 2008
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Reid Faylor channels Jimmy Stewart, Brent Weinbach copes with chastity, Kevin Camia is a rule breaker, Dave Waite's on the prowl, and Maggie Faris has the best tattoo idea ever, and it involves the butt crack. WTF?
12 Oct 2010
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22 Feb 2012
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BBC Radio 1's Comedy Dave gets his Butt Crack waxed for charity.... Love the show guys.... This is my tribute!
21 Aug 2009
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After reading a story about butt crack piercing being the new 'in' thing jacqui challenged chappy to get one and well....he wouldn't back down from a challenge!!
7 Sep 2009
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*******readydvd**** Butt Crack Video Really funny. Watch the best movies in Billings,red lodge, great falls and Laurel MT. we are not redbox or netflix, we are an interactive dvd renting and entertainment company. Check us out
29 Oct 2009
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travis, lily, eddie, xye, raquel, raquels crack and myself recording. i thought it was funny because i was recording, and i'm the only one who saw the crack part and thought i should share!
21 Dec 2008
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Sisters Dancing Around And It Gets A Little Silly
10 May 2009
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6 Sep 2009
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