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Ed Byrne teams up with MSN to give you his take on booze.
20 Feb 2007
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www.ThePurposeOf**** - We have free online web seminars for anyone wanting to dramatically enhance their personal performance! Come and check out Andrew Byrne as he explains the secret to "The Purpose". --- Purpose is a matter of choice, a choice that defines who you are. It's all about opening your mind and heart to a life of possibility, a life without limits, a life full of purpose. ---
6 Jun 2007
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Rhonda Byrne talks about how she came to make the movie The Secret. To learn about The Secret and the Science of Getting Rich, and get FREE lessons from the Teachers of The Secret, go to *******www.uncoveringthesecret**** To learn about the 11 Forgotten Laws, go to *******www.the11forgottenlaws****/?p=633
3 Oct 2007
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ed byrne slating the song ironic, by alanis morissette, very funny, also appaears in mock the week
24 Nov 2008
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Patrick Byrne, CEO, talks with me about Deep Capture, short-selling, naked short-selling, failure to deliver, the US economy, and, what patriotic Americans can do today to save our financial system.
25 Aug 2008
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Patrick Byrne, Overstock**** CEO, talks with me about Deep Capture, short-selling, naked short-selling, failure to deliver, the US economy, and, what patriotic Americans can do today to save our financial system.
25 Aug 2008
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David Byrne singing Crystal Waters' song Gypsy Woman
14 Oct 2008
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Maria Lando Words by Cesar Calvo Performed by David Byrne (English translation) The dawn breaks like a statue Like a winged statue spreading across the city And the noon rings, a bell made of water A golden singing bell that keeps us from feeling alone And the night lifts its large chalice Its large chalice, an early moon rising over the ocean But for Maria, there is no dawn But for Maria, there is no noon But for Maria, there is no moon She lifts her red goblet over the seas Maria has no time, (Maria Lando) to even lift her eyes To lift her eyes, (Maria Lando) broken from lack of sleep Maria, broken from lack of sleep, (Maria Lando) and from suffering Maria, suffering, (Maria Lando) only works Maria works, and her work is for others Maria Lando, Maria Lando always working And her work is another’s ******* This is a simple study of iconic and archetypical images set to a beautiful song, It is not intended to stir debate or absurd comments ******* This can be found on Luakabop’s “Soul Of Black Peru” ****** Lando is an Afro-Peruvian form of music. Lando developed from a dance in Angola called londu that came with slaves when they arrived in Brazil. Hence, the Lando is a mix of both Spanish and African rhythms. It features a slower tempo and call and response vocalization. The signature instrument of the Lando is the cajon, a box-like drum. This instrument was improvised by West Africans, who had to give up their instruments when arriving in South America.
9 Oct 2010
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Eric Holland isn't crazy about the 2008 Byrne/Eno collaboration: Everything That Happens Will Happen Today.
9 Feb 2009
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Craig Hood's acoustic guitar and voice arrangement of David Byrne's excellent song "The great intoxication" from the "Look into the eyeball" album. You can download a higher resolution version of this video with better sound at : *******www.craighood**** Check out David Byrne at : *******www.davidbyrne****/
13 Apr 2009
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Gabriel Byrne
20 May 2009
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For anyone who has ever wondered about the mysteries that lie beyond everyday experience, or doubted the reality of the afterlife, Angels in My Hair is a moving and deeply inspirational journey into the unseen world. For as long as she can remember, Lorna Byrne has seen angels. As a young child, she assumed everyone could see the otherworldly beings who always accompanied her. Yet in the eyes of adults, her abnormal behavior was a symptom of mental deficiency. Today, sick and troubled people from around the world are drawn to her for comfort and healing, and even theologians of different faiths seek her guidance. Lorna is trusted for her ability to communicate with spirits and angels—and by sharing her intimate knowledge of the spiritual world she offers a message of hope and love to us all.
31 Oct 2009
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