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One of the performances of the series, Brittany's soulful voice makes all four coaches spin their chairs. To watch the clip in full visit *******thevoice****.au and download this performance from iTunes at *******tinyurl****/7qtdwd2 *******facebook****/TheVoiceAU | *******twitter****/TheVoiceAU |
11 Aug 2012
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Players from all the top teams in cricket showing their talents in batting, bowling, and fielding. 0:01 Bond (NZ) to Lara (WI) 0:13 Warne (Aus) to Chanderpaul (WI) 0:17 Warne (Aus) to Gooch (Eng) 0:22 Warne (Aus) to Basit Ali (Pak) 0:27 Warne (Aus) to ?Symcox?(SA) 0:34 S.Jones (Eng) to Hayden (Aus) 0:39 Donald (SA) to Nasir Hussein (Eng) 0:45 Lee (Aus) to Trescothik (Eng) 0:49 Flemming (EngXI) to Afridi (WorldXI) 0:56 A. Mullally(Eng) to Afridi (Pak) 1:01 Gareth Batty(Eng) to Lara (WI) 1:07 Caddick(Eng) to Tendulkar(Ind) 1:11 Defreitas(Eng) to Jayasuria(SL) 1:20 Ganguly(Ind) to Flintoff(Eng) 1:25 Muralitharan(SL) to Pietersen(Eng) 1:30 Simmons(WI) to Border(Aus) 1:40 ?Rackemann?(Aus) to L.Cairns(NZ) 1:47 Flintoff(Eng) to Muralitharan(SL) 1:50 McGrath(Aus) to Tendulkar(Ind) 1:57 Gough(Eng) to Boucher(SA) 1:59 Kasprowicz(Aus) to Astle(NZ) 2:01 Caddick(Eng) to ?Ambrose?(WI) 2:05 Naved-ul-Hassan(Pak) to Sehwag(Ind) 2:08 Flintoff(Eng) to ?Kallis?(SA) 2:10 Lee(Aus) to M. Vaughan(Eng) 2:16 Fidel Edwards(WI) to Trescothick(Eng) 2:20 Steyn(SA) to Vaughn(Eng) 2:25 Tait(Aus) to G.Jones(Eng) 2:29 Pollock(SA) to Dravid(Ind) 2:32 ?Langevelot?(SA) to ?Smith?(WI) 2:34 Harmisson(Eng) to ?Gayle?(WI) 2:38 Bond(NZ) to ?Ntini?(SA) 2:40 Shoaib Akhtar(Pak) to Donald(SA) 2:43 Ganguly(Ind) fielder:Mcmillan(SA) 2:53 Catcher: Adam Dale (Bulls/First Class) 3:03 Catcher: Kaif(Ind) hits Badani(Ind) 3:07 Catcher: Taufeeq Umer(Pak) hits Bazid Khan(Pak) 3:15 Catcher: Chandana(SL) 3:18 Catcher: Sinclair(NZ) 3:25 Catcher: Ponting(Aus) 3:30 Catcher: Ponting(Aus) 3:36 Catcher: Jonty Rhodes(SA) 3:40 Catcher: Paul Vautin(Exibition Match) 3:45 L. Vincent(NZ) For corrections please post or email.
21 Dec 2008
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DVD VA -- "APPETITE FOR DECONSTRUCTION" (Deconstruction-Tour 2004/2005) - Destiny Records 123 LIVE / CONCERT-DOCUMENTARY Release Date Sept. 25th 2006 tracklist (in order of appearance): 1208 - Next Big Thing Pennywise - Something To Change Capdown - MV4 Strike Anywhere - Amplified The Blaze Only Crime - To The Nines Beatsteaks - I Don´t Care As Long As You Sing From Autumn To Ashes -- Milligram Smile Boy Sets Fire -- Requiem The Slackers - Bin Waitin Anti-Flag -- Turncoat Strike Anywhere - To The World The Movement -- Waiting Beatsteaks - Panic Lag Wagon - Falling Apart MXPX - The Next Big Thing Pulley - Insects Destroy Mad Caddies - Drinking for 11 Lag Wagon - Violins Mad Sin -- Sell Your Soul Pennywise -- The World Yellowcard - Breathing Pennywise - Bro Hymn bonus: Tribute to Nothing - Breaking my Fall Banda Bassotti - Familia Christiana Smoke Or Fire - 50 Cent Hearts Captain Everything - The Bomb Song INFO: This DVD captures Europe´s best and biggest independent Punkrock Festival-Tour at its most exciting and memorable moments. Witness a strange and disturbing world of raw mayhem, bizarre incidents, truly insane artists & touring crews and travel with this circus of degenerated punkrock misfits on its trail of "DEAF & DECONSTRUCTION" through the countries of England, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium and Netherlands. (...and the audience is even worse). Filmed in perfect quality, best cameras & cut, hifi-soundrecordings & mix! Featuring live performances by: Pennywise, Mad Caddies, Anti-Flag, Lagwagon, Boysetsfire, Beatsteaks, Yellowcard, From Autumn To Ashes,Slackers, Strike Anywhere, Pulley, The Movement, Mad Sin, Tribute To Nothing , 1208, Banda Bassotti, Capdown, Captain Everything, MxPx, Only Crime, Smoke Or Fire ...and some of the world´s best skate, bmx and moto-cross artists: Simon Tabron, Zach Shaw, Jocke Olsson, Ali Cairns, Cristiano Mateus, Freddy Peters, Fredrik Berggren ... produced by Archi Alert, Phillip Virus & Dave Pollack filmed by Jay Schweitzer, Jordan Burns, Archi Alert & Phillip Virus on Deconstruction-Tour 2004 and 2005. 160 minutes plus bonus features OVERVIEW: - "Behind the Stage", Backstage-footage, Crew, On the Road, Interviews with workers, technicians and the tourmanager... - Interviews with Bands and Skate-Artists - Movie-quality camera & cut, perfect hifi-soundrecordings & mix - 48 clips/chapters / 160 minutes plus bonus - "E" for exempt (Germany: FSK 16) more infos at: www.destiny-tourbooking**** www.deconstruction-tour****
6 Aug 2008
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notice creepy colored contacts; video with long time boyfriend Matthew Deane (29 year old 90's tpop star, hails from Cairns, Australia). Dear is so short she had to stand on a box for the face-to-face scenes, haha!
6 Nov 2008
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Mauna Ulu, or growing mountain is a tall, sloping, shield-shaped hill formed by numerous eruptions along the rift between 1969 and 1974; Mauna Ulu is best seen by walking a few yards past the road beyond the parking lot to where the end of road is covered in fresh lava flows. At Mauna Ulu, visitors can get an intimate look at both pahoehoe and aa lava flow types. Pahoehoe, the less viscous and generally hotter liquid flow, moves fluidly like a river or glacier, the surface folding and molding, like poured taffy, into a ropy structure. Pahoehoe forms generally flat, fairly smooth, hard surfaces. Aa, on the other hand, is much cooler and has exolved much of its dissolved gas, so it is much more viscous, causing the upper surface to fracture into clinker-like boulders and fragments. Flowing aa sounds and looks like a moving pile of hot glass shards; when it cools, it leaves behind rubbly piles of sharp fragments. Fields of pahoehoe and aa make a landscape that look as if Madame Pele has bulldozed her land to flat surfaces, but left these acres of boulder piles here and there. Pu'u Huluhulu (shaggy hill) is a 150 foot tall cinder cone formed in pre-contact times between Mauna Ulu and Pauahi Crater. There is a fascinating 3 mile round trip hike from the Mauna Ulu parking lot to the top of Pu'u Huluhulu that is marked by cairns (or ahu). From the vantage point of Pu'u Huluhulu's summit, one can see Pu'u O'o (hill of the bird) about 5 miles away. From Pu'u Huluhulu are fine views of Mauna Loa, Kilauea, Mauna Kea, the coastline and Pu'u O'o. Pu'u O'o is a spatter cone built by the fire-fountains erupting along Kilauea's rift zone between 1983 and 1986. Since 1986, the center of eruption has moved about 2 miles further down the rift to a vent called Kupaianaha, or mysterious in Hawaiian. The round trip hike from Mauna Ulu Parking lot to Pu'u Huluhulu and return takes about an hour and a half to two hours. The hike to the summit of Mauna Ulu is a long, dry, serious hike with some dangers and should only be undertaken by those in good physical condition and experienced at hiking cross-country across broken and hazardous ground. Written and produced by Donnie MacGowan; videography by Frank Burgess and Donald MacGowan; narrated by Frank Burgess; original musical score written and performed by Donnie MacGowan. For more information on touring Hawaii in general and visiting the Big Island in particular, please go to tourguidehawaii****; lovingthebigisland.wordpress**** and tourguidehawaii.blogspot****.
19 Dec 2008
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Crane vs. Truck accident on the Bruce Highway near Fishery Falls, Cairns which occurred at approximately 4.15pm. The crane driver and truck driver were both airlifted to Cairns Base Hospital with multiple injuries and traffic was stopped as the road was closed.
24 May 2009
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Our Cairn Terrier Clover and Sheltie Mix Maggie are 'foster' moms for our new adoptee, Remy! Snowy Wants nothing to do with any of it!
14 Feb 2009
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Heres a rough edit of the 2009 Pat Penny Memorial Keg Off, featuring Cairns High, St Marys and Trinity Bay. Im working on the origin style intros at the moment, but this should tide over the boys for a while, enjoy.
6 Sep 2009
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lmao brady cairns
6 Sep 2009
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Sky Diving en Cairns desde 14.000 pies.
7 Sep 2009
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Cape York Peninsula in far north Queensland, north of Cairns, is one of the last great wild places on Earth. But its wild rivers are unprotected. These magnificent rivers are the lifeblood for the Cape's communities and a huge diversity of wildlife
14 Sep 2009
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This is an exploration into the origin of the bluestones which were brought to the circular enclosure of Stonehenge from a numinous shrine and quarry of Carn Meini ("The Cairn of Stones") in the Preseli Mountains in Dyfed (Pembrokeshire) in Cymru (Wales) long before the raising of the trilithons during the Third Millenium B.C.E. Evidence for prehistoric and later exploitation of the stone at Carn Meini has been found despite the site's remoteness. Two nearby chapels and many houses in the area were built from Carn Meini stone. The east end of the Preseli ridge in Pembrokeshire is believed to have provided the 80 or so stones taken 250 km south to Stonehenge in Wiltshire soon after 2600 BCE. The Carn Meini outcrops on Mynydd Preseli have become famous in archaeological literature as the geological source for the Stonehenge bluestones. In 1923 petrological examination confirmed the scattered outcrops of Carn Meini on the south-west of Mynydd Preseli as being the source of the distinctive blue-grey spotted dolerite with large white spots used in some of the earliest phases. In Pembrokeshire, a number of prehistoric monuments, including a ruinous cairn at Carn Meini and Gors Fawr stone circle to the south, are also composed of this unusual rock. The Banc Du Neolithic causewayed enclosure lies at the western end of the Preseli ridge and is the first confirmed Neolithic enclosure in Wales and the mid-west of Britain others no doubt await discovery. Locally the stones were believed to contain curative energies which may be released when they are sprinkled with water from a sacred spring or holy well.. For this reason, Professor Geoff Wainwright, the archaeologist who has conducted this research believes that to the pre-Celtic Neolithic population of ancient Britain and Western Europe, the pilgrimage site of Stonehenge may have also been regarded as a Stone Age Lourdes. - - -
11 Jan 2010
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dj olive on tour in australia. this encounter with the dj yeti was filmed by legendary electronic beat wizard Nick Mills in Cairns Queensland Australia in 2007
8 Feb 2010
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Tinkinswood is a chambered burial chamber near Cardiff. The monument is also known as Castell Carrigan (Witch's castle), Llech-y-Filiast, Maes-y-Filiast and Gwal-y-Filiast. The north-east facing entrance is made between the portal stones, through a well-placed stone - 'a stumble' - forming a type of ancient doorway. This is a sizeable chambered cairn - about 30 feet long and 18 feet long with an enormous 50 ton capstone - 24ft x 15ft (the largest in Britain). The ancient burial chamber was excavated in 1914. The remains of around 50 people were discovered along with other items that suggest that the chamber was used until 2000 B.C. There is a stone sided pit behind the chamber, which may have been used as part of the burial process.
22 Feb 2010
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cairns cabbie loses it over $32 fare. only got last minute when turns on us for filming. poor bud loses his kfc. wanders off with empty stomach
23 Mar 2010
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This Giant Black Marlin in excess of 1200 lbs was caught off Lizard Island Near Cairns by the Hardcore Gamefishing Team while on the Assegai Mauna Kea. This Grander was a tough customer.
18 Aug 2010
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