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You're So Cupid Emma and Liilly discover their father used to be Cupid, and they have inherited his passion and abilities to match make.
9 Feb 2013
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Trailer for the film, You're So Cupid, starring Lauren Holly, Brian Krause, Jeremy Sumpter, Caitlin EJ Meyer, & Daniell Chuchran. Order your copy today at *******tinyurl****/294pojz
19 Nov 2012
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The official movie trailer for Jeremy's film, "You're So Cupid!" On DVD September 7, 2010! Plot: Fraternal twin sisters Emma and Lilly are as different as night and day. Emma, the beautiful blonde tomboy, would rather be riding a horse than anything else in the world. While Lilly, her shy redheaded twin, loves to be left alone to curl up with a good book. Inseparable since the day they were born, Emma and Lilly have an insatiable desire to play matchmaker, even though they've never fallen in love themselves. Emma and Lilly find out their matchmaking skills are not just a gift from heaven, but rather because their father is actually Cupid (yes the guy who shoots bows and arrows). As they enter their senior year in high school, Emma and Lilly finally fall in love. Life gets complicated when they discover they're in love with the same guy and they become bitter rivals as they try to win his affection. Sisterhood and matchmaking are tossed out the window like last year's shoes, as Emma and Lilly plot to sabotage each other, so they can win the heart of their dream guy. The sisters who once were inseparable, now spend every waking moment, planning each others demise. Meanwhile, their parents are falling out of love. Can Emma and Lily overcome their problems and use their matchmaking skills to bring their parents back together? Starring: Lauren Holly, Brian Krause, Jeremy Sumpter, Caitlin E.J. Mayer, Danielle Chuchran, Amanda Gallo, Malese Jow, and Chad Hively Genre; Romance Director: John Lyde Screenplay By: Sally Meyer Studio: Poppy Productions Official website: *******www.poppypro****/cupid/
8 Feb 2012
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I am a big fan of the Hunger Games books and am excited for the film from Lionsgate. This was done in hopes that the actors would get a chance to audition for the film. Danielle Chuchran was able to audition for Gary Ross. Congratulations to Jennifer Lawrence and Amandla Stenberg on landing the roles. I know that Rue is described as being dark skinned in the book, but I wanted to show Savanna's acting. I think she would make a good Prim though. The song at the beginning is Wretches and Kings by Linkin Park. The song at the end is Iridescent by Linkin Park. I didn't put the sound of the cannon when Rue died because I cut out all background sounds and sound effects at that point and was just playing music only. You can check out some behind the scenes on the YouTube channel Mockingjaynet.
14 Jun 2011
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