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Call Of Duty 5: World At War - Gameplay video Call Of Duty 5: World At War - Gameplay www.downloadic****
30 Nov 2008
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Trying out Call of Duty 5 on my new Aluminum Macbook. If you have any general question about COD5, configuring it for better fps or questions about the macbook itself just email me at contactcybertechgmail****. By the way the reason I'm saying LS HACKS and not CyberTech2000 is because I am affiliated with LS Hacks. SPECS: nVidia 9400 integrated graphics 4gb ddr3 ram 250 gb harddrive LED Screen 13" back lit Keyboard 2.4 ghz Intel core 2 duo Please Subscribe!
6 Dec 2008
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Call of Duty 4 MW game from ACTIVISION and INFINITY WARDS ... THE BEST GAME OF 2007 in my opinion ... xD played it 1 year and few monts in Multiplayer ... beated SP ... 55lvl Commander all chalenges sompleted (and weapons)
2 Dec 2008
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This is a very simple hack to get to rank 65 full prestige. It also unlocks all weapons and classes. Here is the link I talked about in the video *******www.thoughtmechanics****/2008/11/19/call-of-duty-5-world-at-war-level-65-hack/ If you have any questions feel free to comment them or email us at contactcybertech2000gmail****
5 Dec 2008
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I love the call of duty series and the newest edition to the call of duty family is no different.
16 Dec 2008
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This hack boasts over 60 GPU powered features such as No Spread, No Recoil, Aim Assistance, Tactical Aim, Bullet Dodging, Lag Hacks, Grenade ESP, Chams, QYZ Wallhack, and Much more. This incredible hack is coded by renowned coder Ry from Catalyst-Hax.*******Catalyst-Hax****Full credits to Mchaggis for the great video!cod4 cod5 css hack hacks name tags cheat glitch zombie shoot call of duty ps3 xbox 360 noob hax free public multihack modern warfare ownage cod
17 Dec 2008
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28 Dec 2008
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Call of Duty 5 *Black Cats Briefing* Want free Xbox live to play CoD: WAW? SIGN UP and confirm your email at ******* points and redeem them for XBL! Easy as that. if you signup i will giveaway a free month of xbox live so remember to sign up and subscribe! Thanks
29 Dec 2008
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A Call of Duty 5 Team Death Match game on Castle involving some of the guys from Gamer InK.
2 Apr 2009
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A Call of Duty 5 team death match game played on the map Upheaval by A.J., Tommy, Drew and Austin of Gamer InK
5 Jan 2009
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A Call of Duty 5 team death match game played on the map Upheaval by A.J., Tommy, Drew and Alex of Gamer InK
5 Jan 2009
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Sorry bout the bad quality, its the first time Ive uploaded and made a video on the internet. This is just a round of Call of Duty I played this morning. Decided to get a bit of use outa my new camcorder.
28 Apr 2009
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