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Call Off The Search by Katie Melua
18 Mar 2010
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This glorious device propels animals at ludicrous speed. Powered by 73 TNT that are dropped inside a single water trench. A whole mess of redstone connects every racks. Also the very first step of my space program, still have to hear from pig tho. Watch his launch full-screen and at max resolution, the night is too dark. UPDATE : Pig and the minecarts were never seen again. I have walked for a few minecraft days in the direction of the launch, with no success. It's time to call off the search. RIP Pig. Since you all asked for it, see the self-launch here : ***********/watch?v=wSaGG0CmEfQ Want to launch animals and/or yourself? Get the save here : *******www.mediafire****/?pju0tql0x17dqzj
21 Feb 2011
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The clip do what the old woman ask u to do from 13 Beloved (2006) Call off the search. Yes, sir. "Angel on Earth" Tum, let me borrow your car. Where are you going? To look for a friend. I'll be right back Ok, but be quick And watch out, because your stupid dog got out. Why didn't you go after him? No. Mom says he's an animal. He's just looking for a mate. He'll be back when he's done. What are you looking at? The car keys are over there. It's not difficult. Just do what the old woman wants. That's it. No one else is going to get hurt, right? Not at all. The old woman is not the violent type. ...then it's dark... then it's blurry... then it's bright...
28 Oct 2011
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This is Katie Melua's Music Video for Crawling Up A Hill from the album 'Call Off The Search'. Amazon: ******* iTunes: ***********/gb/album/call-off-the-search/id311008289 *******www.katiemelua****/ ********www.facebook****/#!/katiemeluamusic *******www.dramatico****/artists_katiemelua.html
27 Jan 2012
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The Coast Guard has called off the search for 2 NFL players and a 3rd man who went missing after a boating accident, but many questions remain unanswered. Kelly Cobiella reports.
10 Sep 2012
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