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A cheeky camel sticks its head into the car surprising two women and then proceeds to scoff their entire food bag.
10 Apr 2017
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This is the excitement when residents do Muslim religious wedding china with a camel ride
29 Mar 2017
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Oh god, where the apparition of a camel head bro & sis
24 Mar 2017
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The Wonder Pets fly to Egypt to help a thirsty Baby Camel get home to his oasis. / The Wonder Pets race to a picnic site to prevent a fight between two armies of Ants who are preparing to battle over some fruit.
10 Mar 2017
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7 Mar 2017
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“Travel west with great aspiration to chase ancient trace in the solitary smoke, desert and the setting sun; camel bell, ancient path and the Silk Road, we can still hear the Tang and Han style from Hu Horses.” Today after a thousand years, people can still sense the prosperity of the Silk Road in those days.
2 Mar 2017
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Tandoori Camel
28 Feb 2017
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28 Jan 2017
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Zebrasrus is one of the largest Zebras for Sale platform with different varieties of healthy zebra. We also offer camels, horses & other animals for sale.
7 Oct 2016
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Buy camel colour mens cotton round neck tee shirts which have printed a funny design. T Shirts available sizes are M, L, S and XL.
20 Sep 2016
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Purchase camel colour cotton tee shirts which have design of a funny mummy cartoon along with written "MUMMY TO BE".
6 Sep 2016
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شاهد عملية تزواج الجمال
19 Jan 2015
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Turn a wardrobe malfunction into a fashion statement!
27 May 2013
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Two of our fashion fail offenders this week come straight from the Star Trek Into The Darkness premiere, Zoe Saldana and Jennifer Morrison. Zoe's nude and sheer dress looks like it would be better suited for an ice rink, and Jennifer's beaded pantsuit equals camel toe! We were so excited to see Jaime King's baby bump, but disguising the figure in a clown suit is a major no! Last but not least, Kelly Osbourne. She may play a style expert but everyone knows a robe will never pass as a dress...ever!
17 May 2013
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Very hot commercial for Camel
9 May 2013
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Minar-e-Sarban Minar-e-Sarban, literally meaning the minaret of the Camel Driver, stands a few hundred meters away from the minaret of Chihil Dukhtaran, in the Jubareh quarter (mohllah) of Isfahan. Both minarets are excellent examples of twelfth century, free-standing, Central Iranian Seljuq brick minarets. The Manar Sarban was built 48 meters high between 1130-55 and thus measures more than twice as tall than the minaret of Chihil Dukhtaran. Architectural historians consider it to be possibly part of a mosque complex that does not exist now. The local tradition about the love affair between Princess Zubaida and a camel driver (Sarban) who is reported to have been thrown from the top of the Minar is not generally accepted by historians. The debate between me and my Iranian daughter, Sharareh about the height of Minaret was ultimately won by her and I lost the bet where after I served Ice-cream (Bastani) to her and her cousins. The minaret today displays an obvious tilt to the west and damage to its delicate cornices, raising concern for its state of preservation. UNESCO my like to take notice of this great historical monument.
8 May 2013
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