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Dare the journey to the unknown... It's your destiny to take part in an endless war against the forces of evil. Are you ready for the challenge? • Polygonal graphics and 3D view • 7 space-ships and 4 endless maps • Easy to learn and simple controls • Game Center Leaderboard • Keyboard and controller* support • No in-app purchases or ads • No internet requirement This is an arcade style 3D Space Shooter for hardcore gamers as well as for casual players. Because of the 3D camera angle, you can spot and destroy the enemy on the horizon and plan your strategy ahead. Every time, each level design and enemies are randomly generated to give the player a very different gameplay experience. How to play? Move your vehicle to left or right to shoot and avoid enemies. Collect various items, power up and use your game currency to buy even more powerful space-ships. Each space-ship is named after a mythical flying creature of different cultures: Phoenix, Gamayun, Chequa, Simurgh, Wyvern, Minokawa and Feng-Huang.
18 May 2017
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How to shoot deceptive camera angles, including the zolly shooting technique and why you should include multiple different angles. To download a high definition copy of this video go to: *******videomaker****/store/home
14 Jul 2009
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CNN tried to profit off the 911 Attacks by airing totally fake "exclusive" video segments. They got caught
3 Feb 2007
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This was a shadow elite false flag operation done with the intent to convince Americans there was an immediate threat at our heels. Primary goal was to restore the Afghan drug trade upon which the U.S. shadow government depends to fund its covert operations under the guise of National Security.
5 Mar 2007
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things are not as they seem
25 Jul 2007
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This was the first attempt with the modified video camera on our demo Super Cub at the airfield. We had some issues with grainy video so we used a couple of effects. We used a CVS OTU camera. Any advice or tips would be appreciated.
14 Sep 2007
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Visit for more highlights. Watch the Top 10 angles of LeBron James' emphatic slam in the fourth quarter against the Celtics on Monday.
16 May 2008
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Fast real fast motorcycle nice camera angle.
20 Aug 2007
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The car is a Clio 1.8 wearing slicks. This is an amateur race. The other car is not seen because the two cars start from the opposite sides of the track. Sorry for the camera angle, but that was done in just a few minutes before the race. Angel, the guy driving was 1-st in his class and 3-rd overall. Enjoy!!
2 Aug 2006
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Gardening. ah, gardening. any gardener will tell you about gardening like it's eden. here's a video for all those that love plants and sun and water and growing, as much as they love metacafe. This video is my garden on timelapse for a couple months, please enjoy. there are two more months of this camera angle (before and after this clip,) and 4 more months of other camera (totalling 8 months.) It's a lot of work and I won't bother unless this video gets popular. PLEASE RANK HIGH AND COMMENT! if you want to see the goods.
14 Nov 2006
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Drifting with RC car indoors. nice camera angles and unbeliveble dumpvalve sound!
27 Feb 2007
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Nice Rev, bad camera angle
10 Apr 2007
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Moving through the water at speed, multiple camera angles.
12 Apr 2007
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Jeff Miller Band - experiments with a new camera angle! Still deep in the woods.
3 May 2007
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Developer footage with extra camera angles; Sure it takes a little while to get going, but it's well worth the wait. We're talking slamming stuff, seeing a Citroen Xsara smash whack into the barrier, leaving the car as total write off - and you get to see this mad devastation from a whole bunch of camera angles.
18 Jun 2007
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They look like something out of Mad Max, these McRae: DiRT super buggies -- kind of like metal spiders with wheels, welded cages and growling engines. To footage too, is wicked; there's a few special developer replay camera angles thrown in for good measure, making things all the more hardcore. And just check out those bumps, jumps, yumps and car crashes for size!
18 Jun 2007
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