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7:50 Im packenden Politthriller State of Play - Stand der Dinge geht es um Macht, Mord und die Medien in heutiger Zeit Auf der Beliebtheitsskala rangieren sie bei Umfragen nicht nur in Deutschland regelmäßig ganz weit unten: Journalisten und Politiker. Und genau diese beiden Berufsstände stellt der spannende und clevere State of Play - Stand der Dinge Politthriller "State of Play - Stand der Dinge" in den Mittelpunkt des Geschehens. Die Ausgangssituation könnte perfider nicht sein, denn ausgerechnet die allzu große emotionale Reaktion auf den vermeintlichen Selbstmord seiner Assistentin macht den Washingtoner Kongressabgeordneten Stephen Collins (Ben Affleck) höchst verdächtig, in den Augen der Öffentlichkeit und vor allem der Presse. Nicht nur die Chefredakteurin des "Washington Globe", State of Play - Stand der Dinge Cameron Lynne (Helen Mirren), vermutet, dass der Politiker etwas mit seiner Mitarbeiterin hatte. Ein nicht erst seit Bill Clintons Lewinsky-Affäre gern verwendetes Szenario. Auch seine politischen Verbündeten setzen dem smarten Politaufsteiger aus Pennsylvania zu; besonders State of Play - Stand der Dinge Senator George Fergus (Jeff Daniels), einer seiner Förderer, möchte wissen, was dahintersteckt - ebenso wie Collins' Ehefrau Anne (Robin Wright Penn). Doch Collins ist erst einmal abgetaucht. Sein vielleicht einziger Verbündeter ist jetzt sein einstiger WG-Genosse, der "Globe"-Reporter Cal McAffrey (Russell Crowe). Der müsste eigentlich noch eine mechanische Schreibmaschine vor sich State of Play - Stand der Dinge haben, auf der er seine Artikel hackt: McAffrey ist ein Journalist der alten Schule, ein Haudegen, der alles erlebt hat und jeden kennt, immer nach dem Motto "Gute Reporter haben keine Freunde, sie haben Quellen". Eigentlich soll er einer anderen Story nachgehen. Ein junger Schwarzer wurde getötet, ein zufällig vorbeiradelnder Fahrradbote ebenfalls angeschossen State of Play - Stand der Dinge und schwer verletzt. Doch während McAffrey
30 Jun 2009
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hey guys heres the first ep. of Lesson In Love! Hope you like it! Brittanys Pov. I was waken by my alarm colck going off at 7:00 a.m. Ah the first day of my junior year! Im so excited! I get to see all my friends and cheerleading and soccer are now starting! I got up and went into my bathroom and took a shower and ten minutes later got out and put a towel around myself and went into my room and changed into, , when I was done changing I turned on my straightner and set my make-up on my bathroom counter and turned on my iHome and started listening to "Gift Of A Friend" by Demi Lovato. When I was done straighting my hair I looked at the clock and saw that it was 7:47 and that my boyfriend, Cameron, would be her in about five minutes. So I went downstairs into my kitchen and saw a note on the fridge and read it, Dear Brittany, Had a business trip, be back in two weeks. Love Dad I sighed. My dad was always leaving. Ever since mom died 3 years ago he would always pay more attention to his work and not his daughter. Thats when I really wish that I had someone in my family that I actually cared. I was an only child, my mother is dead, my father is always leaving and the rest of my family wants nothing to do with me because my parents had me when they where only 16. Well i guess thats their lose not mine. I snapped out of my thoughts and got a granola bar and a water out. I had just finshed eating when I heard Cameron honk his horn signaling me to come out. I walked and got into his car. Noones Pov. Brittany:*kisses his cheek*Hey babe. Cameron:Hey Baby. You look beautiful like usual.*smiles* Brittany:*kisses him and pulls away*Thank you.*smiles* Cameron:*smiles at her one more time and starts driving to school* *5 minutes later* Both:*arrive at the school* Cameron:*gets out and before Brittany can even get unbuckled he has her door open* Brittany:*gets out smiling*Aw thanks babe.*kisses him* Both:*start walking towards the front of the school* Random Girl:Hey Brittany! Brittany:*smiles, still walking*Hi! Random Girl #2:Hey Brittany. How was your summer. Brittany:It was awesome thanks for asking! How about yours? R.G. #2:Good. Thanks! Random Boy:Hey Brit.*winks* Cameron:*stops walking and get mad*Did you just wink at my girlfriend?! R.B.:*scared*Sorry dude. Cameron:Oh your going to be.*start walking towards him* Brittany:*pulls him back*Babe its not a big deal he was just being nice. Cameron:Brit. Please. Brittany:Lets go. Bye Jacob(r.b.) Cameron:*walking with Brittany, looks back at Jacob glaring* ???:Brittany! Brittany:*runs and hugs ???*Hey Lynne! Lynne:How are you? Brittany:*pulls away*Amazing. What about you? Lynne:Awesome! And by the way you look gorgeous. I love your outfit! Brittany:Thank you. So do you. Lynne:Oh my gosh. You'll never guess what I heard. Brittany:What? Lynne:We have a new histroy teacher and hes 22 and so hot! Brittany:Really? Lynne:Yeah! Brittany:Isnt he a little young to be a teacher. Lynne:I dont know. All I know is he graduated from college last year, he teachs history and hes hot! Brittany:Should you care more about learning than his looks? Lynne:Brittany! I love you but I swear sometimes you act like my mother. Brittany:*head goes down a bit and mumbles*Well since there is no mom in my house I have to act like one. Lynne:*heard her and hugs her*Im sorry Brit. Brittany:*pulls away and smiles* Its fine! Lynne:Well anyway we are a teenage girls we have to think that hes hot if he is. Not our faults. Cameron:Well Brittany only thinks im hot. Right baby*wraps his arm around her waist* Brittany:Of course.*kisses his cheek* Lynne:Oh please. You both know thats not true. You cant help who you think is hot. Cameron:Anyway. Yeah we did get a new teacher. His name is Mr.Jonas. Lynne:How did you know? Cameron:Hes also our new football coach. Hes awesome. I have a feeling that we are going to go far with him coaching us this year. Brittany:Why didnt you tell me you had a new coach. Cameron:Well when im with I can only think about how beautiful you are not anything else. Lynne:*mumbles*Suck up. Cameron:I heard that. Lynne:I dont care. Cameron:Lynne you are so annoying. Lynne:And your a big headed jerk! Brittany:Guys what is up with you two. I cant handle my best friend and my boyfriend not liking each other. Cameron:The first day I moved here she tripped me in the hall! Lynne:That was only because he spilled chocolate milk all over my favorite white baby doll tee! Cameron:It was an accident! Lynne:Yeah right! Brittany:Guys! Stop! Both:*mumble*Sorry. ???:*walks up*Oh look its little miss perfect.
7 Nov 2009
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