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*******cubapinta****/profile.php?autor=44 Conoce la Obra de Alicia de la Campa en CubaPinta**** Arte Cubano Surrealismo Arte Moderno Pintores Cubanos *******cubapinta****/profile.php?autor=44 La galería virtual del arte cubano contemporaneo.
22 Jan 2010
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29 Dec 2010
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A1C is an important tool to reduce the risk of deadly complications like heart attack and stroke The Ad Council, the nation's leading producer of public service advertisements (PSAs), the American Diabetes Association (ADA), and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF), with the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) and the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), are launching the first ever national public education campaign geared to raise awareness of A1C, a key indicator of diabetes management. The new campaign was unveiled today by the Ad Council, ADA and JDRF. The unprecedented collaboration will educate Americans with diabetes on the critical importance of knowing their A1C. A1C is a test that measures a patient's blood glucose level over the previous three months that might also help predict serious health complications like heart attack and stroke. People with diabetes must know their A1C level to manage diabetes, and the goal for most people with diabetes is to maintain a consistent A1C score of less than 7 percent. Unfortunately, many people do not know their A1C level. For example, a New York City Department of Health report found that in 2003 eighty-nine percent of patients with diabetes in New York City did not know their A1C level. National figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that 63 percent of all diabetes patients have A1C levels above 7 percent.
13 Sep 2007
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Clarkson Calls for Volunteers and Donations as Honorary Chairperson of Nation's Oldest Annual Fundraiser Irving, TX (November 21, 2007) / PRNewswire / – Tomorrow, two-time Grammy Award winner Kelly Clarkson will be the featured performer during the nationally televised halftime of the annual Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game to officially kick off the 2007 Salvation Army Red Kettle Christmas campaign. Clarkson is also serving as honorary chairperson of the campaign, which will run nationally from Friday, November 23rd through Christmas Eve, December 24th. The Red Kettle campaign, the oldest annual charitable fundraiser of its kind in the United States helps raise money for those who need it most in communities nationwide – providing toys for kids, coats for the homeless, food for the hungry and countless social service programs year-round.
27 Nov 2007
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In a bold move, Lord & Taylor launched this week a novel "reality" marketing campaign, giving contemporary meaning to the old adage, truth in advertising. After hearing customers repeatedly refer to Lord and Taylor as "my favorite store", Jane Elfers, President and CEO, invited TV personality and celebrity stylist Robert Verdi, to find out exactly what that means. On recent days, surprised customers shopping in the store's flagship on Fifth Avenue, as well as in its branches in Scarsdale, NY, and Ridgewood, NJ, were delighted to offer to a roving Verdi their opinion about the iconic retailer, America's oldest. When asked why she shops at Lord and Taylor, Terry gave Verdi a long list of reasons, ending with "…and because it's a no brainer." Margaux, another customer, talked about the great jeans the store has and "...because they have every kind of make-up," while Joanna, who Verdi found shopping for shoes, said she had come for her prom dress, adding, "....they have a great selection. I come here all the time." To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/lordandtaylor/33094/
9 May 2008
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A global call for action to address the growing public health and social care emergency posed by Alzheimer's disease and related dementias to current and future generations has been launched today (World Alzheimer's Day) by Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI).2 The worldwide effort focuses on a new Global Alzheimer's Disease Charter urgently calling upon all governments and stakeholders to act now to make Alzheimer's disease and other dementias a priority. The Charter will be released alongside an online petition2 along with a compelling short film distributed via an email campaign The Global Alzheimer's Disease Charter, short film and online petition can be viewed at www.globalcharter****. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/alz/35047/
23 Sep 2008
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12 Dec 2008
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Campus Crossings at College Station Off Campus Student Apartments Serving the University of Central Florida, Full Sail University, and Valencia Community College 12100 Renaissance Court Orlando FL 32826 (407) 273-5151 *******www.campusapartments****
19 Feb 2009
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Neil has been on the hunt for Britain’s best dad jokes and all in the name of a good cause. Barnardo’s, like Colgate, believes that every child deserves the best start in life and the chance to fulfil their full potential. With the right help, committed support and a little belief, even the most vulnerable children can turn their lives around. Keeping Britain Smiling is Britain’s chance to get behind Colgate and Barnardo’s and use the power of laughter to make a real difference. Colgate is aiming to raise £100k for the charity by collecting smiles on their Facebook page. *******www.facebook****/ColgateKeepingBritainSmiling.
28 Jun 2011
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This is the first video i have edited. Its just some footage of halo 2' s multiplayer and campaing.
30 Jul 2006
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We bet you enjoy while watching a real DF. Thanks alot to our proud pilots who always teach everyone who the ruler is in the Aegean. Those two very experianced air forces making dogfight with so modern jets to proove who is the "dominant one" in the Aegean for so many years. Today Greece keeps 132 F-16 Block 30-50 and 52+'s & 46 Mirage 2000 and - 5s, 57 F-4s with modern A2A and A2G weapons in its inventory while Turkey flying with 216 F-16 block 30-40-50s(Under CCIP upgrade) and 52 F-4 2020 Terminators, 32 RF-4E Phantom II, 45 F-5 2000 with the most modern weapons. Turkey answered with 100 F-35s, 216 F-16 CCIP modernisation , 30 new F16 Block 50+ and 54+48 F-4 Terminator modernisation projects to Greek's new F16 Block 52+ order. The dogfights over the Aegean made those two forces the most experianced air forces in the world. Also Turkey participated the Kosovo war with its 11 F16 Block50s in CAP role. Finally we got something for you. The HUD video from Aegean skies. Dedicated for whom claims their flir is 10 nm. As everybody knows there is a low heated campaing at the Aegean skies between two Nato member countries - Turkey & Greece
16 Jan 2007
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just see what good minds can do with the advertising campaing
6 Jun 2007
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Este video lo hice para el campa de mi iglesia "HEROES 2007" tomé imágenes de la película Rocky V y la canción se llama Hasta el ultimo golpe y es de proyecto hechos
14 Nov 2007
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25 Jan 2008
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WATCH & DOWNLOAD THE FULL SHOW HERE: SUBPOWER.TV - Zinc nacen en el otoño de 1995 en una caseta de obras de una gravera de Vicálvaro, Madrid. Entre la humedad de sus paredes comienzan a componer temas de punk y hard-core melódico en la estela de Samiam, Bad Religion, No FX o Snuff. Sus componentes son Dulze (voz), Dani (batería), Goyo (guitarra) y Miguel Angel (bajo). Su onomástica alude tanto a los tejados de las favelas brasileñas como al componente químico tan presente y fundamental en el cuerpo humano. Una denominación que casa bien con su espíritu underground. Su bagaje previo se puede rastrear en bandas como Mal Gusto, Tocadiscos Humano, SDO 100 % V o Los del Yopo, combos en los que habían participado Goyo y Miguel Angel (Adicto). Participan junto a UFO Volador (guitarrista de Humbert Humbert) en el disco recopilatorio del festival de cine fantástico de Gijón Freaks from Outer Space (Subterfuge) bajo el nombre de Randolph Carter. Tras algunas maquetas caseras de local, su primer disco de homónimo título se graba en 1998 en los estudios Reactor de Madrid. Producido por Moncho Campa (Aerobitch, Redshift, Like Peter At Home), el álbum contiene temas como El Hombre Elefante, Yo Mismo o El Sueño del Mono Cuerdo, exhalaciones eléctricas repletas de melodías, guitarras rocosas y adrenalina. Incluye además una contundente revisión de I´ll never forget you de Hüsker Dü. El trabajo no ve su aparición hasta 1999 en el sello capitalino Rumble Records. También graban un video-clip de la canción Yo Mismo. Sus enérgicos conciertos les llevan a compartir escenario junto a Wipe Out Skaters, Ketchoop, Marshcrannies, Spandau Bullet, Mob, Rabia Positiva, Twenty Years Old, Ratos de Porao... No será hasta dos años más tarde cuando entren de nuevo al estudio para grabar Old Mundo Punk, un disco mucho más crudo y visceral que su antecesor. Bajo la estela de Black Flag, Poison Idea o los primeros RKL y con la producción de Nekro (Fun People, Boom Boom Kid) y Carlos Lillo (Nuevenoventaicinco, Same Old) el disco presenta hits como Plástika, (de la que realizan un video-clip), La Habitación 101, Amistad o Cálculos, cifras y letras. El álbum, que además contiene sendas versiones de Chicos de la Calle de Toreros After Olé y Pay To Cum de Bad Brains, aparece editado en el sello Soulforce Records (Redshift, Vision Of Disorder, Raw Power). Poco después de la grabación Miguel Angel, su bajista original, abandona la banda por motivos anímicos y entra en su lugar Víctor (Mob-Likidillo Antifascista). La lista de fichajes concluye con el guitarrista Ken, compañero de andanzas de Víctor. Realizan un par de giras europeas en 2002 y 2004 junto a Boom Boom Kid, en las que hacen doblete como músicos de acompañamiento del solista argentino. Visitan países como Francia, Alemania, Italia, Austria, Eslovenia y Suiza, donde comparten cartel con The Queers en un festival de Skate. Además abren para leyendas del punk como The Adicts, Rollins Band y Poison Idea. Poco a poco se produce un cambio de registro estilístico que se percibe en la maqueta Simply Five Songs (2004), donde toman unos derroteros menos briosos pero no por ellos exentos de energía. En el 2004 editan un split de seis temas junto a las californianas Fabulous Disaster en el sello que les vió nacer, Rumble Records. Por fin en noviembre de 2005, tras un largo lapso de tiempo, vuelven al estudio para grabar Divagando, su más sólida colección de canciones hasta la fecha. Para ello cuentan con la producción de Kosta Vázquez (Boikot) y Jesús Arispoint (Def Con Dos), que remata la jugada con la masterización de la criatura. Canciones como Fuego, Sálvate, Algo Más o El Sueño de la Razón evidencian la madurez de un quinteto que no ha cejado en su búsqueda y crecimiento. Habría que reseñar las bandas paralelas en las que militan algunos de sus componentes. Dulze canta en Las Vecchias, formación de pop-punk femenina en la línea de The Muffs o The Donnas, que cuenta con ex miembros de Hiperkorë y Ketchoop. Dani aporrea la batería en Motociclón, combo de heavy-punk del pastruzal, que cuenta entre sus filas con ex de Rip KC y The Holdens. En el 2007 Victor y Ken abandonan la banda, con lo que Zinc vuelve a su esquema original de cuarteto con una sola guitarra. Al bajo se incorpora una vecchia amiga del rock, Carola (Hiperkorë, Vecchias), con quien continúan su camino...... *******www.myspace****/zincmyspace
9 Feb 2009
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25 Feb 2008
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