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3D Custom Jewel is one of the leading providers of CAD CAM jewelry design services to businesses worldwide. We can create the most accurate 3D Jewelry designs based on your ideas, photo or drawings. We use the latest CAD and CAM tools and technology to produce the most stunning designs. Our team of highly talented designers can accommodate all kinds of needs. We offer these designs at the most affordable prices.
19 Jun 2018
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This online school management software helps in online admission, easy follow-up and classroom management.
13 Jun 2018
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Những chi tiết tinh tế trong thiết kế cũng như vị trí địa lý đắc địa mang đến tiềm năng sinh lời lớn cho kênh đầu tư này.
14 Jun 2018
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Yes We are Back With The New and Fresh Compilation... In This Video We Will Give You Epic 10 Minutes Compilation That Will Make You Fun and Fun Fun... Thanks for Watching & Don't Forget To Like, Share & Subscribe
18 Jun 2018
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The guy just simply took the things through the window without anyone noticing it. Though it was smart ass but he was caught on cam.
6 Jun 2018
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Like humans dogs too need a midnight snack sometimes. This doggo was caught on cam preparing a midnight snack for itself.
5 Jun 2018
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CAD/CAM services make it easy to import large mesh files in SolidWorks, allowing you to skip over cumbersome converting tasks. Additionally, you get advanced selection abilities for graphics entities and can extract SOLIDWORKS surfaces from graphics models. Moreover, you have the option to quickly generate different surfaces. The master model techniques used by CAD/CAM services will either push features from the parent to the child or cause the child to pull features from the parent.
20 Jun 2018
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Are you planning for a long vacation? so this is the right time to go outside and enjoy your full life. but without a camera, it's not possible because you can capture you all the fun moments in a single click. You can see after your vacation and remember the moments which give a big smile on your face. Or an Action Camera makes this perfect for you. Action cams are almost the opposite of regular video cameras – they're small, they're inexpensive, they're simple to operate and tough. So here I am going to share 7 benefits of an action camera.
22 Jun 2018
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A helmet cam catches the motorcycle in front of it crashing.
15 Aug 2006
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Mountain bike Wheelies and Trails taped with a helmet cam and edited in Adobe Premier Pro
8 Nov 2006
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Are you ready for this TRIP? Try you's very easy! Position your web-cam in front of your monitor.... LET'S TRIP!!! ;-)
29 Nov 2006
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I bought this wireless helmet cam for motocross but i got a broken ankle and i wanted to test it out so i strapped it to my RC car and and played around a little. Car could rip fast but i wouldnt wanna be the one to go after it if it stalls with my broken leg haha!
5 Dec 2006
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