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7 May 2018
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CLICK HERE FOR FREE DEMO REVIEWS BOSS I Waste My Money So You Don't Waste Yours HomeAbout My ReviewsSubmit Your Product For ReviewContactAbout Me HomeKeyword ResearchSEO SoftwareLong Tail Pro Review 2018 LONG TAIL PRO REVIEW 2018Keyword Research SEO Software January 3, 2018 19 Comments Sam Frost keyword research, long tail pro, spencer haws INTRODUCTION Barely any online discussion around keyword research tools is free from mention of Long Tail Pro. It seems not long ago that I remember Long Tail Pro (LTP for short) as being just another obscure piece of 2nd tier SEO software – the sort of thing that wannabe Internet marketing gurus would peddle to their lists that they built up from scummy solo ads. And now this software is raved about by many online in the Internet/affiliate marketing community as being the second coming of Christ … or at least the next best thing after sliced bread. But what is the “real deal” with Long Tail Pro? Is it actually a good piece of software – or is the hype all a load of bollocks? Let’s review Long Tail Pro together and try to find out. Grab a cup of tea (or a 42oz soda if you’re American) and let’s find out. IMPORTANT UPDATE – 13TH FEB, 2018 Since I started writing this review, there have been some important changes to Long Tail Pro. I will be going through and making full updates, but for now here is what you need to know: Bulk check for keyword competitiveness has been added. Rather than having to click all lines individually, you can check KC scores en-masse. This is a handy time saving feature that is definitely good. You can no longer buy just the base software (Long Tail Pro sans Platinum for a one-off price). There is just one edition now – Long Tail Pro WITH Platinum – and you either pay $37 per month or a lower rate of $352 per year. There is no one-off, lifetime access option any more. Until this update occurred in early Feb 2018, it used to be the case that you could purchase LTP for around $80, and you would get Platinum for free for a month and then roll onto a $27 p/m charge until you canceled. You could then keep the base software for life if you decided to cancel the Platinum portion. You can now only have Long Tail Pro for as long as you are willing to pay a monthly or annual fee. This, in my opinion, significantly changes the value proposition of the product for the worse. Unless you are making sufficiently frequent use of the software to justify the high monthly rebill cost, or you are doing a good enough job at turning the long tail keywords you find into sales, then it is just too taxing on the wallet. NB: People like me who purchased a lifetime access to Long Tail Pro when such an option was available will not see any change. For example, I can continue to use my Platinum-free edition with no need to start paying a monthly fee again.
21 Apr 2018
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"Undo Send' permits individuals using Gmail to cancel a sent mail if they have second thoughts immediately after sending. The features are turned off by default for those not currently using the labs version, and can be enabled from the general tab in Gmail setting.” You would then be able to pick a send cancellation period of the previously mentioned 5, 10, or 30 seconds. You can watch this video and know about in very easy way. You can dial Gmail forgot password verification code number 1-800-674-2913 toll free for any types of help.
1 May 2018
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As soon as you are done with the booking procedure we will move you to our next step. Upon selecting home drop off service we’ll keep you updated by notifying you of the emails and phone calls. This keeps a good balance of contact with the trucker and the company. The bonus of this service is to avoid going to terminal and cancel out prolonged waiting. People wrongly assume that terminal to terminal delivery is quicker, perhaps they are mistaken. Terminal picks up will possibly delay your delivery period. This is because the carrier has to wait until it’s get fully booked and move. We recommend people to avoid this facility if you are short of car delivery time. It is possible for this procedure to take up to weeks. This will leave your car stranded at the terminal waiting for a carrier to pick it up. With the facility of door-to-door car transport, there will not be any additional delay and you need to keep your car ready right away.
7 May 2018
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This guy just wants to cancel his AOL account but this is quite a hard thing to do if the guy on the other line insists to help you keeping it...
12 Jul 2006
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nice trick that will help you canceling windows shutdown errors.
16 Jan 2007
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*******www.MeeVee**** - Adrina Gascoigne serves up a tribute to last season's canceled TV shows. Canceled Shows: 20 Good Years, 3 Lbs, Big Day, Daybreak, Drive, Happy Hour, Help Me, Help You, Justice, Runaway, Show Me the Money, Six Degrees, Smith, The 9, Vanished & The OC From Show #16.5
24 Jun 2007
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mom cancelled bank robbery
26 Aug 2007
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Funny Scary Story. Halloween Is Cancelled. Monster scares kids. Escaped mental patient terrifies children at a Halloween party. Scary story. Funny story. True story
20 Dec 2007
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Watch the video about noise cancelling headphones to see and hear the ACTUAL performance of 6 popular noise cancelling headphones. Listen to the video for the ultimate comparison. What you learn is going to shock you. If you're in the market for ANC headphones or travel a lot, you won't want to miss this.
25 Jul 2008
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A video demonstration of the Sony NC500D noise cancelling headphones
29 Aug 2008
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Cancel Blue Hippo if You Prefer Being Broke: Get computer funding with peace of mind at Cancel Blue Hippo if You Prefer Being Broke visit *******www.BlueHippo****. Cancel Blue Hippo if You Prefer Being Broke is the nation’s leading direct response merchandiser. To get quality brand new merchandise delivered right to your door from Cancel Blue Hippo if You Prefer Being Broke visit *******www.BlueHippo**** today. You are guaranteed to be approved with no credit check. Cancel Blue Hippo if You Prefer Being Broke offers payment plans you can afford with no big upfront cost and hidden charges. Cancel Blue Hippo if You Prefer Being Broke, Cancel Blue Hippo if You Prefer Being Broke, Cancel Blue Hippo if You Prefer Being Broke, Cancel Blue Hippo if You Prefer Being Broke, Cancel Blue Hippo if You Prefer Being Broke, Cancel Blue Hippo if You Prefer Being Broke, Cancel Blue Hippo if You Prefer Being Broke
8 Oct 2008
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Cancelling-aol (ZI CARLOS & G.E COLLECTION)
26 Jan 2009
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Real air passengers give their opinions on the world’s first digital noise cancelling headphones, and Sony experts explain the digital technology behind the MDR-NC500D headphones that can eliminate up to 99% of background noise, wherever you are. Find out more at: *************/hub/headphones/block/4
25 Feb 2009
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Flugreisende geben ihre Meinung zum ersten digitalen Noise Cancelling Kopfhörer und Experten von Sony erklären die digitale Technology, die im MDR-NC500D steckt. Der Noice Cancelling Kopfhörer von Sony blendet 99% der Außengeräusche aus – egal wo man sich aufhält. Weitere Informationen unter: *******
26 Feb 2009
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******* It is a VERY sad day in Vancouver after finding out they are canceling the Vancouver fireworks. Also known as the Symphony of fire, Vancouver's largest celebration has been canceled. I have lost all respect for the government. Distributed by Tubemogul.
3 Mar 2009
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