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The next time you want to enjoy a warm and gooey chocolate chip cookie, don’t rush to the oven. Instead, make just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth with a few basic ingredients and your microwave. You won’t believe how delicious a cookie from the microwave can taste and the best part is that you can go from cookie-less to mouth-full-of-cookie in just a few minutes! Last minute sleepover for the kids? Microwave cookies. Did date night get canceled? Microwave cookies. Is it Tuesday? Microwave cookies! It’s always a great idea and will put a smile on anyone’s face.
26 Feb 2017
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If you're seriously trying forward to start out a Travel booking web site, then our Online Bus Booking software is that the good key for that since it's enriched with all the essential options required for the bus booking trade. We have a tendency to developed on-line Bus Booking package to assist entrepreneurs such as you, in order that you are doing not ought to begin from ground level to make your web site be it in any country or continent. Online Bus Booking software is helpful for each the users in addition because the bus agents. The user account page allows the read of all group action details like registration, cancellation, refund standing, etc. For the bus booking agent: Advanced Bus Booking Script will use this web site as a method to induce commission by sale of price tag. They’ll set their own value for the tickets. Separate login panel allows them to understand range of seats sold-out, they'll add bus photos, videos, and destination. Refund policy will be set by every merchandiser and that they will add their own rules and rules. To contact our Team Make a Call: India – +91-9790033533 Make a Call: (USA) – (+1) 325 200 4515 Make a Call: (UK) – (+44) 203 290 5530
17 Mar 2017
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Get Direct Bookings From Your Hotel Website With our unique Solutions. Acquire your all virtual bookings from your prevailing website. Bookingjini provides smart booking engine which generates reliance in clients without altering URL form your website to other 3rd party booking panel. Bookingjini offers effective channel manager that saves your time and money while boosting revenue and controls diverse facets like room reservation modifications, cancellations and rebooking. Try BookingJini Today For Free Call us +91 9439491151/+65-96535153
20 Mar 2017
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This guy just wants to cancel his AOL account but this is quite a hard thing to do if the guy on the other line insists to help you keeping it...
12 Jul 2006
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nice trick that will help you canceling windows shutdown errors.
16 Jan 2007
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an actress on the show Rumours (awesome comedy from canada!!) finds out about the show getting cancelled, and isnt very happy about it... when the producer (Moses Znaimer) shows up she just storms out!! i enjoy this show, and want it back! help!! -
19 Jun 2007
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2:55 - Adrina Gascoigne serves up a tribute to last season's canceled TV shows. Canceled Shows: 20 Good Years, 3 Lbs, Big Day, Daybreak, Drive, Happy Hour, Help Me, Help You, Justice, Runaway, Show Me the Money, Six Degrees, Smith, The 9, Vanished & The OC From Show #16.5
24 Jun 2007
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mom cancelled bank robbery
26 Aug 2007
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Funny Scary Story. Halloween Is Cancelled. Monster scares kids. Escaped mental patient terrifies children at a Halloween party. Scary story. Funny story. True story
20 Dec 2007
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Music news: On the music scene: Velvet Revolver cancelled a tour, why Paul McCartney wasn't at the Beatles tribute last night, and details on the fate of Death Row Records. Hi everyone Andrea Rene here for get the and you're watching the music news. Rock group Velvet Revolver have cancelled their upcoming Australian tour because their frontman, Scott Weiland, is entering a Rehab facility! Weiland voluntarily entered a rehab facility last week after a Los Angeles performance. Weiland has had multiple drug arrests in the past and has also already successfuly, or maybe not so successfully, completed a drug rehab program back in 2003. Fans are hoping his rehab issues won't interfere with a promised Stone Temple Pilots reunion planned for later this year. Meanwhile, Velvet Revolver will be back on tour in March. Iconic Beatles singer Paul McCartney is in court today, and thus couldn't be at the Grammy's ceremony last night with Ringo. It kicks off the five day divorce battle between him and his ex-wife Heather Mills. After dumping her lawyers, Mills will represent herself as she attempts to collect 50 million pounds from McCartney after just four years of marriage. The singer is worth an estimated 825 million pounds, or 1.6 billion dollars, so the money isn't going to be a huge loss for him, but it could set a precednet in measuring how much money spouses can ask for in settlements. An outcome is expected later in the week. Rap star and super producer Dr. Dre wants an investigation into the failing record label Death Row Records. He said he needs to determine how much the label owes him for unpaid royalties from his albums. He's had similar claims denied by the court system in the past but was recently granted an appeal for the dismissal of one of those suits. The dispute over royalties focuses on his 1992 album "The Chronic," which was granted distribution to other companies without his permission. Problem is Death Row Records is trying to sell to Warner Music Group which could further complicate Dr. Dre's attempt to get back millions of dollars allegedly owed to him. You just heard the music news. I'm Andrea Rene and thanks for watching get the
22 Jan 2010
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an old beta that i worked on ages ago with windows movie maker but remade on sony vegas 7.0. CANCELLED because i've lost the original file and i've kinda lost interest in it. It's not my style anymore, too messy Anime: Naruto Band: Black Hole Song: Ugly Hero The band is a korean rock band but the this song is sung in english so it might be hard to understand lol. I havn't completely put all the effects or finished parts yet. Just as a warning (in the title) watch out cause its really flashy :P. HAVE FUN!!! if it hurts just say so XD THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSICAL ARTIST OR ANIME COMPANY IN ANY WAY.
9 Jun 2009
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On today's episode of Lunchbox, Aimee Carlson takes a look at canceled TV series like The Tom Green Show and MST3000 that have taken their concepts online to find new success with new content. Watch more videos at
20 May 2008
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cancels a fake virus people try to send that shuts ur whole computer off
29 May 2008
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EDIT: Looking back at this I noticed it really sux so Im cancelling it because its bad and i can find the .veg file sry people This is only a beta!!! Ill finish it soon. It has looots of masking effects etc. I also have a narusaku amv on its way with the song everything. Im excited to make it with all the new narusaku clips that are out!!! Anyways Enjoy!!! Im actually already done with this amv but I still need to convert and upload. If I think enough people want it up on youtube I shall post it if not I wont take the time. ~Lyrics~ I'm over your lies And I'm over your games I'm over you asking me When you know I'm not okay You call me at night And I pick up the phone And though you be tellin' me I know you're not alone Oh and that's why your eyes I'm over it Your smile I'm over it Realized I'm over it, I'm over it I'm over (Chorus) Wanting you to be wanting me No that ain't no way to be How I feel, read my lips Because I'm so over ( I'm so) Movin' on, it's my time You never were a friend of mine Hurt at first, a little bit But now I'm so over I'm so over it I'm over your hands And I'm over your mouth Trying to drag me down and fill me with self doubt Oh and that's why your world I'm over it So sure I'm over it I'm not your girl I'm over it, I'm over it I'm over (Chorus) Wanting you to be wanting me No that ain't no way to be How I feel, read my lips Because I'm so over (I'm so) Movin' on, it's my time You never were a friend of mine Hurt at first, a little bit But now I'm so over So over it I'm so over it (Bridge) (Oh) Don't call, Don't come by Ain't no use don't ask me why You'll never change There'll be no more crying in the rain No, oh oh I'm over it (Chorus) Wanting you to be wanting me No that ain't no way to be How I feel, Read my lips 'Because I'm so over (I'm so) Movin' on, it's my time You never were a friend of mine Hurt at first, a little bit But now I'm so over So over it I'm so over it I'm over it (Wanting you to be wanting me) (No that ain't no way to be) How I feel, read my lips Because I'm so over (I'm so) Movin' on, it's my time you never were a friend of mine Hurt at first, a little bit But now I'm so over So over it So over it DISCLAIMER I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC OR ANIME IN THIS ANIME MUSIC VIDEO. THIS IS MERLEY MADE FOR ENTERTAINMENT
28 Apr 2009
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Watch the video about noise cancelling headphones to see and hear the ACTUAL performance of 6 popular noise cancelling headphones. Listen to the video for the ultimate comparison. What you learn is going to shock you. If you're in the market for ANC headphones or travel a lot, you won't want to miss this.
25 Jul 2008
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Exclusive coverage from BURNcast.TV on the cancellation of this year's Burning Man. Stay tuned for updates as they are made available. Got important breaking BM news? Send it in to
9 Aug 2008
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