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We are a team of cancer research scientists who are committed to ensuring that you are aware of, and have access to, the most effective treatment available for your cancer.
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the most common type of primary liver cancer in adults, and is the most common cause of death in people with cirrhosis. The introduction of the multikinase inhibitor Sorafenib as the standard of care has opened a window of hope for patients with advanced HCC. Sorafenib is a prescription medication which is also used to treat Kidney cancer (renal cell carcinoma) and Thyroid cancer. If you are looking for various brands of Sorafenib 200 mg, such as - 1. Sorafenat 200 mg by Natco 2. Soranib 200 mg by Cipla 3. Nexavar 200 mg by Bayer Our online pharmacy offer Sorafenib 200mg tablets and other cancer medicines at discounted rates, with free shipping facility.
24 Jul 2017
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Radiation therapy treats many types of cancer effectively. But like other treatments, it often causes side effects. These are different for each person. They depend on the type of cancer, location, doses, and your general health. Why does radiation therapy cause side effects? High doses of radiation are used to destroy cancer cells. Side effects occur because radiation can also damage healthy cells and tissues near the treatment area. Today, major advances in radiation technology have made it more precise, leading to fewer side effects. For some people, radiation therapy causes few or no side effects. For others, the side effects are more severe. Reactions often start during the second or third week of treatment. Also, they may last for several weeks after the final treatment. Can side effects be prevented or treated? Yes. Your health care team can help you prevent or treat many side effects. Preventing and treating side effects is now an important part of cancer treatment. It is part of a type of care called palliative care.
7 Jul 2017
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The term "to stage" a cancer means to describe the evident extent of the cancer in the body at the time that the cancer is first diagnosed. The stage of a cancer helps doctors understand the extent of the cancer and plan cancer treatment. Results of the treatment of similar Gleason score prostate cancer found at the same or similar stage can help the doctor and patient to make important decisions about choices of treatment to recommend or to accept. Cancer staging is first described using what is called a TNM system. The "T" refers to a description of the size or extent of the primary, or original, tumor. "N" describes the presence or absence of, and extent of spread of the cancer to lymph nodes that may be nearby or further from the original tumor. "M" describes the presence or absence of metastases -- usually distant areas elsewhere in the body other than regional (nearby) lymph nodes to which the cancer has spread. Cancers with specific TNM characteristics are then grouped into stages, and the stages are then assigned Roman numerals with the numerals used in increasing order as the extent of the cancer being staged increases or the cancer prognosis worsens. Prognosis is finally reflected by considering the patient's PSA score at presentation as well as their Gleason score in assigning a final stage designation. The American Joint Commission on Cancer AJCC system for prostate cancer staging is as follows: T designations refer to the characteristics of the prostate cancer primary tumor. T1 prostate cancers cannot be seen on imaging tests or felt on examination. They may be found incidentally when surgery is done on the prostate for a problem presumed to be benign, or on needle biopsy for an elevated PSA.
13 Jul 2017
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*******the-prostate-cancer-treatments.blogspot**** For most men, the initial thought after receiving their diagnosis centers on prostate cancer treatments. Fortunately, the options are many, though some therapies respond to various cancer stages better than others.
14 Feb 2008
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Now cheap price bone cancer treatment is available in India at Hyderabad and Bangalore cancer surgery hospitals. Bone cancer treatment in India is helping all patients from India and abroad to get free from primary as well as secondary bone cancer. The medical treatment and healthcare facilities in India have been appreciated by the International association cancer surgeons. Bone cancer is likely to originate in the bones and it may then even spread to the other parts of the body if not treated within time. Bone cancers are primary as well as secondary. Primary bone cancers are cured with chemotherapy (treatment with drugs that kill cancer cells), or radiation therapy, alone or in combination. The type of treatment used depends on the type, location, and size of the tumor, as well as the patient's age and general health. Bone cancer treatment is the chief remedy for bone cancer. When operating to remove bone tumors, surgeons will remove some of the surrounding bone and muscle to be sure that they are removing as much cancerous tissue as possible. If the operation is on an arm or leg, the surgeon will try to preserve the limb and maintain its functionality. Sometimes the bone that is removed will be replaced with bone from another part of the body, or with an artificial replacement. Bone cancer treatment is available in India at the most technically advanced and medically progressive cancer treatment hospitals of Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. The cancer treatment surgeons in India are doing risk free bone cancer operations with great care and hospitality and medical tourism in India is also helping all to get health recovery with bone cancer treatment in India. To know more about available options of bone cancer treatment in India visit *******www.forerunnershealthcare**** or mail at enquiryforerunnershealthcare****
11 Nov 2008
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24 Sep 2009
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The second video in breakthrough cancer treatment series. Find out what treatments are available to you and what the options are. Listen to the amazing stories of how leading doctors help their patients get rid of cancer.
2 Oct 2008
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Discover the latest advancement in breast cancer treatments from surgery, chemotherapy to the latest breast cancer drugs. Consult *******www.singaporemedicine****/ - the world's choice healthcare destination and medical hub for proper treatment and advices.
20 Apr 2009
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*******www.therenegadehealthshow**** - This is a very important episode... In this interview Charlotte Gerson discusses how her father, Dr. Max Gerson, found a way to treat his patients using an alternative cancer treatment. I think this is a very important episode to send to friends and family members who may be dealing with cancer to give them hope! :-) Take a watch...
4 Apr 2009
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18 Apr 2009
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*******askdrnerenberg**** There are many prostate cancer treatment options today. There are treatments that required high tech materials while there is a natural healing. Know more about this at *******askdrnerenberg****
9 Jul 2009
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*******www.cureyourdogscancer**** Holistic cancer treatment for dogs. Dog cancer cure for tumors on dogs and other canine cancer. Visit us today for reliable free information about dog cancer cures.
5 Sep 2009
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*******www.cureyourdogscancer**** Holistic cancer treatment for dogs. Dog cancer cure for tumors on dogs and other canine cancer. Visit us today for reliable free information about dog cancer cures.
12 Sep 2009
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17 Sep 2009
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Click here *******www.darryljoneshealth****.au At the forefront of alternative cancer treatments is Darryl Jones from the Darryl Jones Health Resolution Centre in Australia, where he's been successfully treating stage 3 & 4 cancer patients for nearly 20 years.
15 Jan 2010
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