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Apparently, it is very easy to ruin someone’s birthday with a fiery blast. Use some gas balloons, put them close to the firework candles and it’s done.
3 Sep 2018
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Craft fortune is the best Wooden Gifts Suppliers in Bangalore, India. We offer Paper Napkin Holder, Wooden Wall Hanging, Office Wall Art, Home Wall Art, Metal Wall Hangings, Peacock Wall Art, Personal Diary Online, Candle Holders Online at affordable prices.
6 Sep 2018
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Many don't even realize how many interesting and useful things can be made from plastic pipes, without much difficulty! Chair, table, baby seat, baby bed, wall bars, greenhouse, gazebo, child's sled, holder for fishing rods, table lamp, candle holder, coffee table, sunshade for car, truck, stand for flowers,a bird cage, a football goal, a wash, a trash can from plastic pipes with your hands is easy!
8 Sep 2018
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This video describes itself that how marble inlay products making by artisans. We are showing the process of inlay work with semiprecious stones inlaid in the handicrafts. This art is fully handmade. We are the manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier and exporter of various marble inlay products. Artefactindia is a marble handicrafts online store from where you can buy different types of marble inlay products like marble inlay table tops, marble inlay wall plates, antique chess board, marble home decor, marble candle holder, marble flower vase, marble fruit bowl, marble jewelry box and white marble coasters etc.
17 Sep 2018
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A funny idea - japanese people dressing up as a candle...
17 Jul 2006
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LayZee Bee candles don't just give off an amazing and unique scent, our choice of 100% Natural Beeswax actually produces negative ions. These negative ions are proven to help clean the air you breathe by removing dust, mold, pollen and other potential allergens. Similar to a high-quality electrostatic home air filtration system it can also improve the functions of the respiratory system and help those with asthma and other similar respiratory illnesses. That's not all, they also increase the ratio of negative ions to positive ions, which is ideal for an increased sense of awareness and mental clarity.
Larger LED Candle Light that flickers like a real candle but without the smoke or carcinogenic to worry about. LED candles also eliminate the hot wax and fire hazard so there is no burning or open flame to deal with.
13 Nov 2006
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Did you know that you can relight a candle, without touching it with the flame? Watch this video and find out.
11 Dec 2006
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Watch the flame jump from a lighter to the candle. An old trick but one anyone can do it! Under 18? Get your parents help for this first.
18 Dec 2006
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Showing how to make a container candle like a glass bowl full of bubble gums, it's easy.
16 Dec 2006
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You have got to check out this candle. I was recording it when all of the sudden it just ignited
26 Dec 2006
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Watch the candle relight from thin air...This isn't a camera trick. Fire from the match travels invisibly through the air to the candle and sets it alight. Try it yourself at home!
27 Dec 2006
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with the conduct of the smoke you can light a candle without touching it
1 Apr 2007
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