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Dermastir massage candle oils by Alta Care Laboratoires distinguish themselves from other candle oils on the market because of the quality of the massage oil and their perfume. A very pleasant smell is left in the room by the essential oils which have excellent aromatherapy properties. The special property of candle oil is that it melts and keep a temperature of 40°C and therefore the skin is not burnt when it is massaged into the skin. Unlike normal candles the candle wick is made of hemp which is lead free and also it burns by leaving no toxic end products. The hydrating properties of Dermastir candle oil are remarkable and it is recommended to use not only during a massage but also after having a bath or even as an after sun. Dermastir massage candle oils are made in France and the perfumes that are blended in the Dermastir candle oils are all made in Grasse.
27 Feb 2017
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Dermastir massage candle oil is a complementary therapy that, when applied with love and care on affected area, can evoke many beneficial changes within the body, mind, and spirit of the whole person. Massage is a powerful treatment precisely because it works on both the physical and psychological levels. While the hand strokes of massage can ease pain or tension from stiff and aching muscles, boost a sluggish circulation, or eliminate toxins, the nurturing touch of the hands on the body soothes away mental stress and restores emotional equilibrium at the same time. Especially beneficial is thus a massage with the pure massage oils of Dermastir Candle Massage Oils.
27 Feb 2017
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Esta canción ha sido subtitulada por nuestra comunidad, disfruten ! Disponible también en Amazon, NuclearBlast, Itunes y Avalon (Marquee Inc.) ¡Si te gustó, compra el disco original!
7 Mar 2017
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Miss Xiaoye is a walking recipe from Mars.
17 Mar 2017
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A funny idea - japanese people dressing up as a candle...
17 Jul 2006
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Larger LED Candle Light that flickers like a real candle but without the smoke or carcinogenic to worry about. LED candles also eliminate the hot wax and fire hazard so there is no burning or open flame to deal with.
13 Nov 2006
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Did you know that you can relight a candle, without touching it with the flame? Watch this video and find out.
11 Dec 2006
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Watch the flame jump from a lighter to the candle. An old trick but one anyone can do it! Under 18? Get your parents help for this first.
18 Dec 2006
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Showing how to make a container candle like a glass bowl full of bubble gums, it's easy.
16 Dec 2006
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Buster looking at the Menorah candles
25 Dec 2006
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You have got to check out this candle. I was recording it when all of the sudden it just ignited
26 Dec 2006
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Watch the candle relight from thin air...This isn't a camera trick. Fire from the match travels invisibly through the air to the candle and sets it alight. Try it yourself at home!
27 Dec 2006
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with the conduct of the smoke you can light a candle without touching it
1 Apr 2007
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What Happens When You Drop Water On A Lit Candle?
28 Dec 2006
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Make a safe self-burnout candle. It floats in water. Very attractive, creates romantic mood. It's easy to make a candle floating in water.aka. Fire On Water - Science of The Impossible series #1
7 Jan 2007
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Da Dao Child Candle Technique
17 Jan 2007
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