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3 Jul 2011
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – Shining World Compassion Award: International Fund for Animal Welfare’s Noble Canine Rescue. Episode: 1731, Air Date: 11 June 2011. Everywhere in the world, we can observe and be touched by acts of kindness. People from all walks of life, faiths, and cultures extend themselves beyond the call of duty to help others unconditionally. Through their noble deeds, humanity as a whole is elevated. To commend virtuous actions and encourage more people to be inspired by their examples, Supreme Master Ching Hai has lovingly created a series of awards, including the Shining World Leadership Award, Shining World Compassion Award, Shining World Hero and Heroine Awards, Shining World Honesty Award, Shining World Protection Award, Shining World Intelligence Award, and Shining World Inventor Award, to recognize some of the most exemplary, generous, caring, and courageous people who walk amongst us. We save animals in crisis, wherever they are, individuals, populations being threatened by humans, by habitat loss, by natural disaster, IFAW’s there to save animals around the world. Starting out from just a small group of concerned local community members who reached out to stop the cruelty of the commercial hunt for whitecoat baby harp seals on the eastern coast of Canada in 1969, the International Fund for Animal Welfare or IFAW has now become one of the world’s leading international animal welfare organizations. Hi, my name is Kate Atema. I am the director of our worldwide companion animal dogs and cats protection projects here at the International Fund for Animal Welfare. We have offices in 15 countries around the world, but we work in more than 40 countries. We have 1.2 million supporters who support our work worldwide. Are any of your staff members or volunteers vegetarian or vegan? Many are. IFAW’s a supportive environment and we support our staff in the ethical decisions that they make. With a large network of people dedicated to its cause, IFAW has been able to work with communities, government leaders, and other animal-loving organizations in countries around the world to address urgent issues relating to animal well-being and conservation. IFAW believes that animal welfare works best when communities take responsibility. We provide expertise to help communities develop their resources and motivate them to protect animals and protect animals from cruelty around the world. We always make sure that when there’s an animal or a group of animals that need to be rescued, that we’re integrating with the processes that a community already has available on the ground. What we provide is support, expertise and teams to come in and fill in the gaps that a community may have. Sometimes that means that they just need a little bit of assistance. Sometimes they just need funds. And sometimes they need a full-scale team to come in help them respond to an event, and so IFAW really tailors our response to where and when that animal requires assistance. Since its founding, the International Fund for Animal Welfare has initiated programs to aid whales, elephants, dogs and cats, tigers and many other animals. The group goes to countries hit by disasters such as Haiti which experienced a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake in January 2010. In the year following the quake approximately 68,000 dogs, cats, horses, cows, pigs, goats, and sheep have been treated for injuries or vaccinated to safeguard them from anthrax and other diseases by IFAW staff and volunteers. We work hands-on to protect animals in emergency situations, in crisis, manmade and natural disasters. We also protect populations of animals and their habitats from cruelty and devastation. How do you prioritize the rescue missions? We divide our work into six programs. Dog and cat protection programs in primarily developing communities around the world, where they don’t have a lot of access to veterinary care. We protect elephants from the ivory trade and from habitat depletion. We protect whales and seals from commercial hunting, and also from habitat depletion, like ocean pollution and ocean noise. We also have a unit that works hands-on to rescue animals in manmade and natural disasters. We rescue marine mammals stranded on the beaches, and we advocate to protect wild populations from the wildlife trade. We asked Ms. Atema if she could share a touching story from a past IFAW rescue mission. One story I’d like to share is the story of Joyce. We had dogs that were being rescued from the municipal dump in Cozumel, Mexico. One particularly touching story was Joyce, a dog who had been hit by a car. She had to have one leg amputated and the other leg was no longer usable. They did their best in Mexico, given what they had available, but they weren’t able to save it. We found a caregiver in New York City (USA) who was as touched by her story as we were, and she took her in, and she’s covering her medical costs and she’s now gotten her some wheels. And she also has fitted special doggy hot pants that she puts on her. She runs with her now, miles in Central Park every single day. And that dog touches everybody’s lives. Everyone is so inspired by her story and the story of hope, and people reaching out to save one animal at a time. At the same time they were saving the vulnerable dogs in Mexico, IFAW was rescuing stray dogs from a summer “dog shoot” in northern Quebec, Canada and finding them new homes. Also known as “dog kill days,” a dog shoot is an absolutely horrific event that regularly takes place in some of Canada’s remote northern communities where homeless canines are thrown into trucks, taken to a dump and then viciously shot. Could you tell us a little bit about the story about the rescue of three dozen dogs in northern Quebec? This is a project that we’ve been working in for many, many years. We help communities learn to help themselves and their animals. In this case these animals don’t have access to veterinary care, which means that they can’t have their animals spayed or neutered. They can’t have their animals vaccinated without help, that’s where IFAW comes in. We’ve been working with these communities to provide veterinary clinics for many, many years. This particular community had made a lot of progress, and had ceased shooting animals for many years. This year they came to us, some community leaders said that unfortunately the council had decided there were again too many dogs, and unless someone was able to help those animals would be shot. So IFAW stepped in to help. Currently where are the animals now? So the animals are in Canada as well as here in the United States. A number of groups heard about what we were doing and offered to help us, rescue groups across Canada, as well as a shelter in the outskirts of New York City, agreed to take a number of those animals, and a volunteer who has an airplane, actually helped fly a number of those animals down for us. For taking quick action to preserve canine lives in northern Quebec, Supreme Master Ching Hai honored the International Fund for Animal Welfare with the Shining World Compassion Award. Kate Atema received the splendid crystal Award plaque on behalf of Fred O’Regan, President of IFAW, and also accepted a beautifully framed letter of thanks sent by Supreme Master Ching Hai. The following is an excerpt from the letter. Dear Mr. O’Regan, It is with great pleasure and gratitude that we present to the International Fund for Animal Welfare the “Shining World Compassion Award.” This Award is presented in recognition of your humane efforts to care for and protect animals, and for your selfless devotion and boundless love which brings hope and brightens the lives of so many precious beings. On becoming aware of the imminent cull, your organization supported the members of this isolated community with great sensitivity and expertise in helping them find a unique and workable solution that would address their safety concerns. Encouraged by your compassionate guidance and assistance, they even found the money to employ a veterinarian to prevent the problem from reoccurring. Bravo IFAW! Your diplomatic and loving efforts are sure to reap a multitude of benefits and blessings – for the dogs, their new caregivers and the Inuit people. Thank you and may Heaven bless you abundantly! For empowering communities with kindness and respect, for protecting the animals, for being their voice, and for your inspirational and dedicated example of love in action, we hereby applaud and celebrate the outstanding deeds of President Fred O'Regan, staff, volunteers and the warm-hearted supporters of the International Fund for Animal Welfare. With Great Honor, Love and Blessings, Supreme Master Ching Hai Along with the Award, Supreme Master Ching Hai gifted her #1 international bestsellers “The Dogs in My Life,” “The Birds in My Life” and “The Noble Wilds” as well as her poetry book entitled “Pebbles and Gold.” In appreciation of their loving endeavors, Supreme Master Ching Hai donated US$10,000 to the group for veg food and medical care for the dogs. We are so grateful for the donation of US$10,000. And simply put, it will help us save a lot more animals. Right now there is a rabies outbreak in one of the communities we work in outside Johannesburg, South Africa. Without our help going with teams of volunteers going door to door, six days a week, vaccinating dogs and cats against rabies, they run the risk of either being killed or contracting rabies which is a horrible, horrible disease. So immediately those funds can assist us in that emergency effort. Once again our deep gratitude, Kate Atema, Fred O’Regan, and all other International Fund for Animal Welfare staff and volunteers for saving and protecting animals across the globe. IFAW’s benevolent programs are truly creating a better place for our animal friends and may your fine work continue in the years ahead with all of Heaven’s blessings. For more details on the International Fund for Animal Welfare, please visit www.IFAW**** Kindhearted viewers, thank you for joining us on today’s program. Coming up next is Enlightening Entertainment, after Noteworthy News, here on Supreme Master Television. May each and every one of us contribute to peace on our magnificent planet by practicing compassion daily.
15 Aug 2011
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31 Aug 2011
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – Courage and Dedication Combined: The Search Dog Foundation and the Bay Area Recovery Canines. Episode: 1758, Air Date: 8 July 2011. Search-and-rescue dogs serve on the frontlines locating people missing after natural disasters, lost children, injured hikers and others, being ready at a moment’s notice to bravely endure the elements and save lives. Supreme Master Ching Hai, world renowned humanitarian, artist and spiritual teacher, speaks of her admiration and concern for these devoted canines. And I saw many dogs, you know, they used for rescue mission. Oh, they just walk in like nothing, but I feel so bad about them. The dogs walk in the sharp, broken glasses or anything like that, even chemical leaking or anything, or germs or danger. And these are precious dogs. They have been trained for years. And they even lay down their life for anyone at command. You have to protect that dog. To show Her loving support for search dogs and their human partners, Supreme Master Ching Hai has generously contributed over US$80,000 to search-and-rescue teams in 18 countries, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, the Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, South Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Panama, the Philippines, Slovenia, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA. Today’s program features two of these courageous groups: the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (Search Dog Foundation) in Ojai, California, USA and the Bay Area Recovery Canines (BARC) in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. Founded in 1996, the Search Dog Foundation (SDF) is a non-profit organization which professionally trains search and rescue canines, and then places them at fire departments across the United States at no cost. One of the most unique aspects of this organization is where the dogs come from. Executive director Debra Tosch now gives us insight. The mission of the Search Dog Foundation is to strengthen the emergency response in America. And we do that by rescuing dogs from shelters and breed rescue groups, getting them trained by a professional trainer and then pairing them up with firefighter partners. And then we actually train the firefighters to be able to do disaster search. The solid training provided by the Search Dog Foundation make the firefighter and canine teams ready for deployment anywhere in the US and even abroad. We have had teams respond to 9/11, the World Trade Center, we’ve had teams respond to Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, and more recent hurricanes. And I would say the biggest challenge was when we had teams respond to Haiti, to the earthquake over there. While in Haiti, the valiant search and rescue dogs and their human partners located and saved the lives of nine people who were trapped beneath massive mounds of debris. The first find was locating three girls buried in a four story building. They were literally four stories down. And the dog indicated that there was somebody in there. And they do that by barking. They get the scent of people that they can’t see, and then they bark until the partner gets there. And so, sure enough as soon as the dog alerted (everyone), they started, working around the building and calling out and they heard somebody answer. And it took them six hours, but they pulled the three girls out. In Haiti there was another woman. And she happened to be taking a nap when the earthquake happened. And she was in the bed face down. And when it collapsed, the ceiling was gently (lying) on top of her. And so she was pinned for three days, when they got to that area to search. And they were able to locate her. And they had to crawl in spaces that were only 18 inches. She had no injures other than being dehydrated, but she couldn’t get out. And had they not been able to locate her, she would have perished there. When the Search Dog Foundation looks for a new dog candidate to prepare for search and rescue work, there are several key qualities he or she must possess. The canine must be emotionally stable, sociable, unaffected by other dogs and noises, but also playful. We’re looking for dogs that have very high energy. Dogs that are obsessed with toys, any type of toys. And then they have to be in good physical shape too. But they’re running up and down these rubble piles, so we have to make sure that they’re very healthy. We x-ray their hips and their elbows to make sure, because we don’t want to cause pain in the dog later on. So we have to make sure that they’re able to do this. Supreme Master Ching Hai contributed US $1,000 to the Search Dog Foundation to help them buy additional safety equipment for the noble and gallant canine rescuers. Our local Association members presented the check to Debra Tosch on Supreme Master Ching Hai’s behalf. Oh, well thank you so much because, I’ve been out there and I can tell you first-hand it truly does make a difference. So thank you so much for helping us meet our mission. The Foundation was also given a copy of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s #1 international bestseller “The Dogs In My Life.” The group later sent a warm letter to Supreme Master Ching Hai. The following is a brief excerpt: We are humbled by your confidence in our work of rescuing dogs, and saving lives … We would like to extend a wholehearted WELCOME to you as a new member of the SDF family. Thank you for being Part of the Search! Debra Tosch, Executive Director Abby, Executive Search Dog The Bay Area Recovery Canines (BARC) is a volunteer non-profit organization which provides free of charge canine search and rescue teams to assist law enforcement officials in finding missing and lost persons. We met BARC’s president, Heather Roche, a 20-year veteran of search and rescue work, and her partner, Red in Williamsburg, Virginia. We specialize in some (of) the harder cases. We get called in by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. So we actually travel throughout the US on missing person cases. This is Red. She’s actually 10 and half. And if you can hear her, she’s ready to go. She thought we were going to come out here and start training already. So she was all excited. She’s cross-trained. She’ll find live people as well as deceased because we do a lot of evidence searches. And, missing people, even cold cases, 20 years out. But she’s also a (Federal Emergency Management Agency) FEMA disaster dog. So she’ll search the rubble. She was my youngest (dog) at 9/11 (World Trade Center) and worked the (9/11) Pentagon. And then she was my primary (dog) at (Hurricane) Katrina, at Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. And she’s done things like tornados, and other small collapses as well. So dedicated is Red to her work, that she will sacrifice her own safety to protect or save the lives of others. She recently sustained a serious injury in a rescue mission. A little over a month ago, she was working a three-story house that had caught on fire and unfortunately the homeowner was sleeping and was still inside the rubble. And she was trying to get her way to where he was located. And there wasn’t much left of the building. And where she was, started to collapse. And so she had to ride out the slide. In that, she cut herself on either a nail or sharp metal, unfortunately, all the way to her bone and cut an artery. But we were lucky. We were there with the fire department and paramedics. And the paramedics took care of her, wrapped her up and actually the fire marshals rushed her off to a vet right away. And she’s healed. She’s totally fine. They did a great job sewing her up. And even after she got hurt, she still kept on searching because she just loves to do it. We also met another delightful team from BARC: Cathy Dodgen and her canine partner, Rusty. This is Rusty. Rusty is a Border Collie I got as a rescue out of an abuse and neglect case from North Carolina (USA). So I got him at about six months old, he’s seven now. For six years he’s worked finding live people, and now I’m training him to look for human remains as well. Throughout the years, Ms. Dodgen has trained several dogs. All of my search dogs actually came out of rescue. So I take the dogs; I rehabilitate them physically, mentally, emotionally; and then, a lot of dogs I pass on to good homes. And then, some dogs they're really energetic, and so they turn out to be a really good candidate to do search with. On Supreme Master Ching Hai’s behalf, our local Association members presented BARC with her donation of US$1,000 for the purchase of safety equipment for the group’s canine members. Thank you so much for this. It helps us be able to continue and not only help the missing persons (alright, Red’s ready to go), but it helps the family. Ms. Roche was also given a copy of “The Dogs in My Life.” Thank you, I can’t wait to read it. And (I) imagine she (is) like us. Our dogs are our partners, and they're our lives. The Bay Area Recovery Canines later sent a thoughtful letter to Supreme Master Ching Hai. The following is a brief excerpt: Your generous gift will allow us to insure that each BARC dog will be outfitted with an ice bed for hot weather searches, and a warming bed for the cold ones. In addition, each dog will be fitted with a cooling vest that will keep them more comfortable while working in heat and humidity, and insure that they will not be in danger of heatstroke. Once again, we send our heartfelt thanks for your generosity. With Best Regards, Cathy Dodgen, Secretary Bay Area Recovery Canines Many thanks to all the canine and human members of the Search Dog Foundation and Bay Area Recovery Canines for your devotion to saving and protecting the lives of others. You are truly an inspiration and a light to us all. For more information on the organizations featured today, please visit the following websites: Search Dog Foundation www.SearchDogFoundation**** Bay Area Recovery Canines www.BayAreaRecoveryCanines**** Kind-hearted viewers, thank you for joining us today on Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants. Up next is Enlightening Entertainment, after Noteworthy News, here on Supreme Master Television. May all be blessed with long lives filled with peace, joy, and dignity.
29 Sep 2011
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – Pit Bull Love: Saving the Lives of Loyal Canines. Episode: 1785, Air Date: 4 August 2011.
12 Nov 2011
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*******gooddogtrainingadvice****<br /><br />Dogs come into our lives and occasionally we are confronted with behavior problems. We want our dogs to comprehend that digging up the backyard, peeing on the carpet and leaping on everyone is unacceptable.<br /><br />It is critical to comprehend that dogs do not recognize proper from improper. What they recognize is appropriate and unacceptable. We have to find out how to feel like our canines and we cannot expect our canines to believe like us. The huge error built by most folks is getting mad for performing particular behaviors. Your puppy is just undertaking typical, natural canine conduct.
17 Dec 2011
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*******gooddogtrainingadvice****<br /><br />Dogs occur into our lives and at times we are confronted with behavior difficulties. We want our puppies to recognize that digging up the backyard, peeing on the carpet and leaping on absolutely everyone is unacceptable.<br /><br />It is essential to recognize that dogs do not understand appropriate from incorrect. What they recognize is acceptable and unacceptable. We have to discover how to think like our canines and we can not count on our dogs to consider like us. The large error created by most people is getting mad for performing specific behaviors. Your puppy is just performing normal, all-natural canine habits.
20 Dec 2011
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*******gooddogtrainingadvice****<br /><br />Dogs arrive into our lives and often we are confronted with habits problems. We want our dogs to realize that digging up the yard, peeing on the carpet and jumping on every person is unacceptable.<br /><br />It really is critical to recognize that canines do not realize proper from mistaken. What they realize is acceptable and unacceptable. We have to learn how to believe like our puppies and we can't expect our canines to feel like us. The huge mistake built by most people is getting mad for undertaking particular behaviors. Your canine is just carrying out regular, all-natural canine habits.
21 Dec 2011
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To define, canine hip dysplasia is a developmental disease. The hip is not formed correctly which in turn causes cartilage damage and looseness in the hip joints. When not treated, it can lead to arthritis and can be very painful. Dogs suffering from hip dysplasia may sign symptoms at the early stage, even before the arthritis sets in. For more Info: *******www.dogshealth****/pages/hip_Dysplasia.html
28 Feb 2012
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6 Nov 2012
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8 Nov 2012
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6 Jul 2013
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******* Salon Toilletage Air Canin Depuis peu le salon de toilettage Air canin, a ouvert ses portes,afin de bichonner vos amis chiens & chats. Nous sommes spécialisés dans le toilettage de votre animal ainsi que notre passion pour lui nous permettra de mettre tout en œuvre pour le toiletter au mieux. Madame Salbeth, la gérante du salon de toilettage, attache beaucoup d’importance au respect de l’animal et est à l’écoute de son propriétaire. Distributed by OneLoad****
7 Feb 2014
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Adorable and irresistible Springer Spaniel, Muggins, shows why dogs don't need to watch The Secret DVD. Dogs already know how to use the law of attraction. They can teach you to use it too.
7 Feb 2007
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Adorable and irresistible Springer Spaniel, Muggins, reveals how you can have self esteem and self confidence while at the same time being as cute as all get out.
7 Feb 2007
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Adorable and irresistible Springer Spaniel, Muggins, shows why dogs really should rule the world. Dogs know what it means to be happy and to have joy.
7 Feb 2007
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