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In February 2009 a group of Danish soldiers accompanied by documentary filmmaker Janus Metz arrived at Armadillo, an army base in the southern Afghan province of Helmand. Metz and cameraman Lars Skree spent six months following the lives of young soldiers situated less than a kilometer away from Taliban positions. The outcome of their work is a gripping and highly authentic war drama that was justly awarded the Grand Prix de la Semaine de la Critique at this year's Cannes film festival. But it also provoked furious debate in Denmark concerning the controversial behavior of certain Danish soldiers during a shootout with Taliban fighters. The filmmakers repeatedly risked their lives shooting this tense, brilliantly edited, and visually sophisticated probe into the psychology of young men in the midst of a senseless war whose victims are primarily local villagers.
12 Apr 2011
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“Som en korsning av Toy Story, Monty Python och SvampBob Fyrkant – roligt både för vuxna och barn!” / The Guardian * Cannes Film Festival Official Sélection* * Vinnare av publikpriset, Fantastic Fest Austin * De kom. De såg. De fick panik. De märkligaste 78 minuterna du någonsin kommer se börjar här… Även plastleksaker har sina bekymmer. När Cowboy, Indian och Häst en dag vaknar och märker att deras husväggar har stulits av tjyvaktiga amfibiemutanter slungas de ut på ett kaotiskt äventyr som tar dem till jordens medelpunkt, över frusen tundra med gigantiska pingvinrobotar, ner i en parallell undervattensvärld och tillbaka igen. Så välkommen hem till Byn, här råder fullständig PANIK! Som en färgsprakande mix mellan Pingu och South Park är Panik i Byn en fullständigt galen stop motion-trip som tog publiken i Cannes med storm. Filmen baseras på den belgiska kult-serien med samma namn, signerad de två animationsundren Stéphane Aubier och Vincent Patar, ett par som vunnit oändligt många priser för sina verk. Deras lekfulla visioner har blivit ett fenomen som letat sig in i hjärtat hos såväl belgare, fransmän, engelsmän, amerikaner, barn och vuxna och finns i både serie- som bokform. ”Fullständigt briljant!” /The Hollywood Reporter “Underbart skruvad! En skatt som väntar på att bli upptäckt.” /SFX ”Hysteriskt rolig!” /MTV ”En explosion av livlig fantasi!” /Screen International ”Toy Story på Absint! Du har aldrig sett något liknande!” /Empire
6 May 2011
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A coming-of-age drama which skillfully combines sexual frankness with a captivating sense of innocence, first-time director Katell Quillévéré's charming Love Like Poison was a surprise, yet deserved, critical hit at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.
18 May 2011
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Selected for the Official Competition at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, A SCREAMING MAN is a meditative feature about paternal pride against the backdrop of a war, from award-winning director Mahamat-Saleh Haroun (ABOUNA; DARATT). Former swimming champion Adam is now a pool attendant at a smart N'Djamena hotel, taking fierce pride in his job. His grown-up son Abdel helps him out, but when the hotel is taken over by new Chinese owners, it is Abdel who gets the pool attendant job, and Adam is demoted to the post of gatekeeper. Hurt and resentful, Adam is left seething with humiliation. With the country in the throes of civil war and rebel forces attacking the government, the authorities are demanding that citizens contribute money or volunteer for the war effort. Adam is constantly harassed by the District Chief to make his contribution, but he is penniless. In haste, he commits a terrible act of betrayal, with devastating consequences.
18 May 2011
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Lady Gaga performed at the Cannes Film Festival for the French talk show Le Grand Journal.
19 May 2011
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More best dressed stars from the Cannes Film Festival
24 May 2011
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Fish Tank is a 2009 British drama film set in Essex and directed by Andrea Arnold, which won the Jury Prize at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival. This video just concentrates on the relationship between 15-year-old Mia (Katie Jarvis) and Connor (Michael Fassbender), the boyfriend of her mother.
4 Jun 2011
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An elderly lady in her 60's Yang Mija (played by Yun Jeong-Hee) works as a carer for a disabled man and she also raises her grandson alone. She has to endure the onset of Alzheimer's disease and also learns that her grandson was one of the attackers of a junior high school girl that committed suicide. Through all of this and to fulfil her lifelong dream of becoming a poet the elderly woman starts to take a poetry class and starts writing… Winner of the Best Screenplay Award at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, Lee Chang-dong’s follow-up to his acclaimed Secret Sunshine is a masterful study of the subtle empowerment—and moral compass—of an older woman that refuses to give up on life.
28 Jul 2011
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The second feature film from Julie Bertucelli, acclaimed director of Since Otar Left, The Tree stars Award-winning actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, newcomer Morgana Davies, and is based on the much-loved Australian novel, Oh Father Who Art in the Tree by Judy Pascoe. Dawn (Gainsbourg) and Peter live together with their children in the Australian countryside. In the middle of their garden stands the kids' favorite playground : a massive Moreton Bay Fig tree, whose branches reach high towards the sky and roots stretch far into the ground. One day, Peter dies of a heart attack, crashing his car into the tree trunk. Dawn is left alone with her grief and four children to raise. All of them naturally go looking for comfort under their protective tree, which becomes even more present in their lives. The young daughter, Simone (Davies), thinking that her late father whispers to her through the leaves, settles in the tree and refuses to climb down from it. But as the tree is growing unusually big - branches infiltrating the house, roots destroying the foundations, the family will need to make an excruciating decision to be able to go on with their lives... The Tree stars actress and musician Charlotte Gainsbourg whose previous credits include Alejandro González Iñárritu’s 21 Grams, Todd Haynes’ I’m Not There, Michel Gondry’s The Science of Sleep and Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist, for which she received the Best Actress Award at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. The Tree will be released in cinemas 5th August 2011
5 Aug 2011
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"Midnight in Paris" er Woody Allens elegante og charmerende kærlighedshyldest til byernes by - Paris. Forfatterspiren, Gil (Owen Wilson), er på bryllupsforberedende rejse i Paris med sin forlovede, Inez (Rachel McAdams), og hele den stokkonservative svigermekanik. Gil har succes med at skrive manuskripter til Hollywoodfilm, men drømmer om at udfolde sine skønlitterære evner med en 400 sider lang roman, som han har svært ved at færdiggøre. På en sen og ensom vandretur i byens stemningsfyldte gader, befinder Gil sig pludselig i 1920'ernes Paris og møder flere af sine store kulturelle forbilleder som Fitzgerald, Picasso, Hemingway og Buñuel. Kim Skotte skrev begejstret i Politiken fra Cannes Film Festival, hvor "Midnight in Paris" var åbningsfilm: "En sprudlende Woody Allen har skrevet en klassisk monolog om kunst og nostalgi, romantik og virkelighed og om fransk kultur kontra amerikansk dollarnæse og sat den rutineret i scene, mens Owen Wilson med uldhår og sød braktud agerer Woodys talerør." Castet består af blandt andre af Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard, Kathy Bates, Adrien Brody og Frankrigs præsidentfrue Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.
11 Aug 2011
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A beautiful movie about the end of the world. Cannes Palme d'Or winning director, Lars von Trier, assembles a glittering Hollywood cast in his beautifully shot apocalyptic disaster movie. As Justine (Kirsten Dunst) arrives for her wedding reception in her sister's mansion home, her big day resurfaces a battle against her own inner demons. Whilst at the same time Earth is threatened by an imminent collision with Planet Melancholia – whose presence becomes increasingly ominous as the film moves towards its truly spectacular finale. Kirsten Dunst won the Best Actress award at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival for her performance, and stars alongside Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kiefer Sutherland, Charlotte Rampling, John Hurt and Alexander Skarsgard.
30 Sep 2011
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BY MIKKEL NOEL LANZKY ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN Danish film director Lars von Trier has been questioned by Danish police on comments he made about Hitler and Nazism that earned him a first-ever ban from the Cannes film festival in May. Police in France are charging von Trier for violating a law that prohibits justification of war crimes. Here is a part of what von Trier said about Hitler at his Cannes press conference. “I think I understand the man. He’s not what you would call a good guy, but I understand much about him, and I sympathize with him a little bit. But come on, I’m not for the Second World War, and I’m not against Jews.” Von Trier later apologized for his statements and many are saying the trial is an overreaction to the comments. Movie editor for The New Yorker, Richard Brody, blogged this: “...if the investigation is as von Trier describes it, shame on France for even considering prosecution, and shame on Denmark for taking such nonsense seriously.” But the so called ‘nonsense’ seems to have gotten to von Trier. He made a statement Wednesday saying he will no longer be making anymore statements. The Danish newspaper Berlingske quotes: “Due to the serious charges I must realize that I do not posses the ability to express myself unequivocally. Therefore I have decided that from today I will abstain from any public statements and interviews.” Von Trier has long been a controversial figure, not everybody is happy about his avowed silence. Business partner and long-time collaborator Peter Aalbæk tells Danish newspaper Politiken: “We are talking about a man who artistically and creatively is at an absolute peak in his life [...] and now he as concluded - tragically, in my opinion - that he will not give any more statements. I think that’s sad, since he is a very exciting person, who is always good for a quote.” Fellow Danish film maker Jørgen Leth thinks the charges against von Trier are “horrible” but urges the parties to calm down. As Jørgen Leth explains to Danish paper Jyllands-Posten: ”[von Trier] has said before that he wouldn’t give press conferences anymore, and it seems like this is an extra stunt on his part to issue the press statement. It’s a fine idea to focus your energy on making films instead of commenting.” The provoking comments are not von Triers first bout with controversy at the Cannes Film Festival. In 1991, he called fellow director Roman Polanski a ‘midget’, and in 1999 he walked the red carpet, fist in the air, to the tune of the Soviet hymn Internationale. Transcript by Newsy.
10 Oct 2011
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*******www.FTV****/videos I LOVE FTV CANNES - FashionTV brings you exclusive from the super sexy London-based Nichole de Carle lingerie show at the Cannes Film Festival 2011 as the models don undergarments and headwear and showcase them on a luxurious yacht. FashionTV brings you the world's most provocative models, designers and photographers with the best of sexy photo shoots, fashion shows and lingerie collections! See more Fashion TV at *******www.FTV****
2 Nov 2011
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*******www.FTV****/videos I LOVE FTV CANNES - The party keeps going all day and all night during the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.
12 Nov 2011
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AUSTRALIAN RELEASE DATE: November 17, 2011 OFFICIAL BLOG: *******weneedtotalkaboutkevin.wordpress****/ OFFICIAL WEBSITE: *******www.hopscotchfilms****.au/films/coming-soon/weneedtotalkaboutkevin-film/ An exquisitely realized adaptation of Lionel Shriver's bestselling novel, We Need To Talk About Kevin, the film was a critics and audience favourite following its competition screenings at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. Tilda Swinton turns in a stunning and breathtakingly fragile performance as Eva, a concerned mother with a troubled, angry son - Kevin. Eva is a haunted middle-aged woman trying to grapple with her own feelings towards her son as he grows up to be a brooding teenager, and his unthinkable actions will shatter her life. What was her role in it? Did she resent her son since birth? What could she have done to help him? This is a fearless film that will provoke and enthral audiences in equal measure, raising questions of guilt, regret and loss. At the heart of the story is an eerie portrait of the idea of nature vs nurture, and a bold look at the alienation of parenthood. Chilling but absolutely captivating, We Need To Talk Kevin is directed by visionary filmmaker Lynne Ramsay (Morvern Callar, Ratcatcher), who constructs a mesmerizing, intimate piece of cinema.
15 Nov 2011
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straight 8 invite you to make a film on one cartridge of super 8, without any editing or post production. if it's gr8, the first time you'll see it is at it's premiere at cannes film fest or one of our other incredible events in 2012.
7 Dec 2011
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