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Mozart Jones Born: Sacramento, California Jones is the mind behind Mozart Jones Entertainment, a 24-year-old LA native. This DJ/producer/rapper (one of the youngest) runs his own radio internet station, works as stage crew and sound manager and owns a film production company. Jones also turns out the beats for some major labels and artists. This Producer from Sacramento, California has so many names and nicknames that some people don't realize they're all the same person. Mozart was named when he was born. He uses Mozart as his name because it represents his initials "MJ" - get it? Also, he sometimes uses the nick Rocky to express his rougher, meaner alter-ego (the other side of his personality). Mozart Jones Childhood and Family Growing up in a single-parent home, never knew his father, or mother, making it difficult for him to make friends, graduate and stay out of trouble. Interested in Producing from a young age, Mozart began performing as early as age 5, later gaining some popularity with a group. He became famous in the hip-hop underground because of his distinctive, cartoonish style! The mission, says Jones, is "to make good music with hot ass beats!" He goes on to say that "in this business, we have old school, hip-hop, R&B, pop, rock and more." Mozart Jones Entertainment is bursting with talent and always seeking to add more to the roster. The stated goal is to climb to the top and stand as a true contender among the major labels. The group is already working with artists through Def Jam and Disney but is always willing to tackle talent from any origin. Jones has also worked with Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records. Jones has experience with J Records, BET, ESPN and more. "I try to make music that will have a universal appeal," according to Mozart Jones. Sounds and styles are always flowing through Jones' head and he shoots for musical diversity at all times. "it's always been my desire to make music for the world." About the Company Mozart Jones Productions Mozart Jones Productions is a On-Demand Media Services is the distribution and marketing company formed by Mozart Jones. Also A leading first rate Music Production which endeavours to promote the finest quality Artists and Instrumental around the Universe! The vision is to develop new abilities in the music industry, to give opportunities to creators, dj and musicians to show their true potentional to the ever eager music crowd. Express the special and exciting experience for the growing culture and uniting humans in every part in the world. To know the one language communicates globally. This is the M U S I C. How Mozart Jones Productions Begin Mozart Jones Productions, have been synonymous with a culture, a New style of music. Beginning in a Bassment, Mozart Jones wanted to make music, Different kinds of music. Then Mozart Jones started his career after the internship at Shady Records and Aftermath! Mozart Productions meant cool, hip stylish and Mozart Jones made the music that went with that. That was the beginning. After the company been though alot of name changing like: BJ Records, Mozart Studio and Now in this future its called Mozart Jones Entertainment!
my name is earl jones i do hip hop,r&b and soul i'm from and represent new,jersey i've been in the music game for years i've open up shows for acts like eric b. and rakim,redman and biz markie i'm am ceo for my own independent label which is called tymeless muzik group with associate of beatz to cook music productions tymeless muzik specialize all genres of music my current project tymeless muzik tha e.p is out now on itunes,amazon,google music and other digital outlet stores