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Capital City Electrical are domestic and commercial NIC EIC approved electrical contractors covering Edinburgh and the Lothians. We do all types of electrical work including: emergency call outs, re-wiring, lighting installations, EICRs, PAT testing, data cabling and home electrical installation upgrades.
From September 2012 to November 2014, GAL Power performed a system upgrade and replacement of wastewater pumping station diesel generators in Canada's capital city, Ottawa. This diesel generator replacement project included 17 diesel fuel storage tanks, 36 fuel systems upgrades, 30 exhaust stack system upgrades, and multiple standby power generator installations. Challenges included large-scale planning and project management, 38 monthly variance inspections at all 38 facilities, final comprehensive inspections, and the fulfillment of Ministry of the Environment requirements. Following #GALPower’s solution, the wastewater pumping station diesel generator system in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa is now efficient and compliant. The project was completed on time and on budget, and full power backup is now continually present at all stations. Client expectations were exceeded, and the final deliverables were acknowledged to be of consistent high quality, making this project a successful diesel generator installation in Canada’s capital. GAL Power upgrades and installs #DieselGenerators across Canada, and provides the expertise to make any event power and climate control project a success. Contact us for more information on system upgrades, preventative maintenance equipment sales and rentals, and fuel system design projects. For More information please visit GAL Power Systems
27 Sep 2017
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Occurred on September 27, 2016 / La Paz, Mexico Info from Licensor: "Los Islotes is famous for its colony of California sea lions. Just one hour from the capital city of La Paz, Mexico, you can swim with these inquisitive, friendly beings. As I carefully approached a group of juveniles and young adults, one started to gently rub itself on a rock in front of me. It then came towards my face almost upright looking at me cutely with those puppy-dog eyes. Luckily the visibility was very nice on this day. I could not believe it when it started to bark at me underwater! I have never captured anything quite like this."
9 Oct 2017
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Occurred on August 21, 2017 / Salem, Oregon, USA Info from Licensor: "Because Salem, Oregon was the first capital city to be in the direct path of the solar eclipse, I decided I had to be there to witness this historic event. In particular, I wanted to be in my favorite place in Salem, the huge 'Eco-Earth Globe' in Riverfront Park. This is literally a larger-than-life globe, about a story high. I love being near the globe because it makes me feel a part of a 'world consciousness,' and I wanted to be there in particular during a time when world consciousness was focused on Salem, Oregon. I wanted to be there at a time when the whole country, and the whole world, was thinking of the state I live in. So, I positioned myself near the huge globe about a half hour before the eclipse was scheduled to begin. I noticed that beside me stood a couple who seemed to be rather excited, and a little nervous. We were all excited about what was going to happen, but the lady in this couple seemed to be particularly energetic and enthusiastic. I knew that because I was only using my iPhone, the quality of video or picture I would be able to get of the eclipse would not be very good. I figured I'd leave the good scientific, high-quality photos to NASA. I thought it would be more fun to get a shot of my own reaction to the eclipse, while standing in front of the Echo-Globe at Riverfront Park. So, a few seconds after this historic event happens and I see the moon slide in front of the sun and block it, I turned to my left and can't believe what I'm seeing: a marriage proposal, a man down on his knee in front of his girlfriend. I feared at first that it might be an invasion of privacy, and so my initial reaction was to not get this moment on camera. But then I just decided that it was too amazing to not film. So I filmed it, along with my reaction to what I was seeing. I was glad to know that this couple was actually happy that I filmed this moment for them. They thanked me profusely."
16 Oct 2017
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Call 888-566-2461 for a no credit loan. Aberdeen or Shelton residents near Olympia, WA looking for great deals on auto financing should try the best first time car loan dealer in Olympia, WA. Titus-Will Chevrolet in the Capital City Area will work with people who have no credit, bad credit and even repossessions. If you want to start to establish your credit, visit HTTPFRESHSTART.TITUSWILLCARS.COM Visit HTTPFRESHSTART.TITUSWILLCARS.COM if you are seeking first time car loan approval.
25 Aug 2008
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Looking for a great mortgage lender in Austin Texas? Look no further than Capital City Lending for all of your mortgage, loan or refinance needs. Give us a call at (512) 782-8349 or visit us online *******www.txmortgagebank**** for some really great financial and mortgage tools.
18 Dec 2010
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Do you need help determining if you are overpaying for the property taxes on your home? If you need help, give Capital City Lending a call at (512) 782-8349. One of their licensed professionals can help you determine if you are over paying and help you fix the problem.
6 Jan 2011
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*******www.kudzu****/m/Capital-City-PlumbingInc.-30559574 "Decatur Plumbing" Capital City Plumbing, Inc. Call (678) 400-7766 Relieve yourself from hassle and stress of fixing your plumbing fixtures. Allow the people from Capital City Plumbing here in Decatur take care of it. Capital City Plumbing, Inc 1012 Echo Valley Ct Loganville, GA 30052 (678) 400-7766 *******www.kudzu****/m/Capital-City-PlumbingInc.-30559574
22 May 2013
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GW vs Cap, 7 on 7
6 Jul 2006
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Professional Carpet Cleaners, Carpet Dry Cleaning Service, Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, Leather Cleaning, Tile & Grout Clean, Upholstery Cleaner, Water Damage Cleaning & Restoration Johnson County IN Hancock County IN Hendricks County IN Hamilton County IN
5 Jun 2008
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The work that we do in Edinburgh
24 Nov 2016
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29 Aug 2017
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Video slideshow and images of selected hostels in Washington .Hostels include HI-Washington, Gallery Inn Hostel, Hilltop hostel, Simpkins hostel Capital City, The Allen Lee Hotel... To book these hostels in Washington online, please visit: *******www.hostelbookers****/hostels/usa/washington/
22 May 2008
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Berlin & Potsdam - *******www.BAZHE**** Sculptures & Art of Germany. Stunning Classical Sculptures & Art in Berlin, the capital city and the nearby town of Potsdam in Germany. B.K. BAZHE is a writer, poet, and artist. He is the author of DAMAGES (creative nonfiction) — Winner in the Writers Digest Awards and IDENTITIES (poetry). He is published and exhibited in Europe and America. More info at: B.K. Bazhe Website: *******www.bazhe**** Books & Art by B.K.Bazhe on Amazon: ***********/bazhe-20 Google Blog by B.K. Bazhe: *******bazhe.blogspot****
9 Nov 2009
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BY JONATHAN KETZ ANCHOR AUSTIN KIM You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy The protests in Yemen -- once regarded as peaceful compared to the riots in Libya---have become more deadly -- as police used more extreme measures to fend off demonstrators seeking to oust president Ali Abdullah Saleh. At least one person is dead and up to 100 others are injured after Yemeni police tried to subdue protests in the capital city of Sanaa. (Video from The Telegraph) We’re following coverage from America Blog, The Toronto Star, The Independent, CNN, and The Christian Science Monitor. Doctors in the capital city say police released tear gas to control the crowds- plus, a much more harmful agent -- nerve gas. Even though Yemen’s Interior Defense Ministry denies the accusations, an America Blog writer says... “If this turns out to be true, book airline tickets to The Hague for serious crimes against humanity. This is disturbing.” Saleh says he will not seek another term but wants to complete 35 years of rule by remaining president until 2013. But a Yemini citizen writes for Toronto Star- if Saleh stays for another two years, he could quote “groom another copy of himself to take power.” “The Egyptians did not let Mubarak stay another eight months. Why should the people of Yemen let Saleh stay for two more years? The majority believe this is a transitional stage leading to...elections that can eventually bring about democracy...” Along with his proposal to step down in 2013, Saleh says he’ll write a new constitution within the year, and when he’s done---transfer power to parliament. The Independent’s Jody McIntyre says- that’s not enough to quell the protests. “...when you have been in power for 32 years, you do not get the privilege of choosing how many more years you can remain in power. His offers to...decentralise power...are too little, too late.” But an analyst on CNN argues- with Saleh gone- terrorist organizations could overwhelm the country. Mohammed Jamjoon: “That could leave a power vacuum there in Yemen, and if that happens, it leaves the West very concerned who would fill it--- in a country where al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has a real stronghold.” According to ynet, at least 30 people have died during weeks of unrest in the Arab nation. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
15 Mar 2011
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