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Cappadocia Travel Guide featuring the best hotels, restaurants, sights, and activities in Cappadocia. For further information you can visit our website: www.allistanbultours****
2 Feb 2013
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All Istanbul Tours is a leading travel agency and tour operator in Turkey with more than seven years of professional travel service. Because of our dedication and commitment to your needs, we are able to offer you better quality of service at lower prices than other operators. We provide hundreds of elaborately pre-designed Turkey tour packages, and we also provide customized travel service that is organized according to your specific needs and requirements.Our tours are professionally guided, intimate, and safe. *******www.allistanbultours****/
11 Jul 2009
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Pek yakında...
2 Dec 2009
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Cappadocia is the name of an area in Central Anatolia best known for its unique moon-like landscape, rock-cut churches and underground cities.
13 May 2007
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Fanatstic place in Turkey
3 Jul 2007
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3 Aug 2010
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26 May 2008
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24 Jan 2010
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Opening segment from "What the Sultan Saw", an Intrepid Berkeley Explorer free video featuring historic and modern highlights of Turkey. To enjoy all of this film, and over 30 more free, non-commercial, streaming travel videos from every continent, and still pictures, please click on the link below, and then on the direct link to my geocities Video Page that follows; or ask a search engine for: Intrepid Berkeley Explorer
7 Mar 2007
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aux environs de Cappadoce
9 Feb 2009
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destructions des maisons de Cappadoce/ Avanos
24 May 2008
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Kapadokya da Asımın yeri
23 Feb 2009
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22 Aug 2009
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*******ourvideosite****/View/V2339 *******www.keytours****/destinations/destination.asp?Nav_ID=D&Dest_ID=22 Key Tours of Turkey can take you to Turkey! Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey travel combines the history and culture of an ancient land with the development and progress of the modern world. Turkey offers both the excitement of its cities and archaeological sites and the natural beauty of its colorful landscape. It has also played extensive roles in the development of human civilization and the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions. Whether you visit for the extensive history, superb food, hand-made crafts, or simply to relax, Turkey will leave you breathless with wonder. Turkey is a fairly large country, and its climate can vary from region to region. Here are some general clothing recommendations according to season while travel. SUMMER: April through October. Casual clothing made of lightweight fabrics and good walking shoes are essential while traveling in Turkey. A shawl, sweater and/or jacket is recommended for cooler evenings. Sunglasses and a sun hat are also recommended. Although shorts are appropriate casual attire for men, woman should avoid wearing them in cities. WINTER: Mid-November through Mid-March. A wardrobe of matching coordinates, made of man-made fibers and/or wool, which allow for minimum and maximum warmth for varying temperatures is suggested. A topcoat with zip-out lining is also advised. It is wise to use the layered approach to clothing allowing for warmer or cooler weather spells. SPRING/FALL: Mid-March through April and then October through Mid-November. Lightweight wool or topcoat are suggested. DINING: Informal attire, except for some selected restaurants in main cities, which may require tie and jacket for men. ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES: Comfortable shoes and a sun hat are a must. MOSQUES AND CHURCHES: Shorts are forbidden. Women are required to wear headscarves when visiting Mosques in the Turkey. CRUISES: Casual daytime attire is suggested. For occasional special gala evenings cocktail dress and tie and jacket are suggested. Arrange your adventure to Turkey with *******www.keytours****/destinations/destination.asp?Nav_ID=D&Dest_ID=22 Key Tours of Turkey.
10 Dec 2010
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29 Mar 2011
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TÜRKİYE TURKEY TURQUIE TURKEI Türkiye'ye hoş geldiniz. Welcome to Turkey. You will see a lot of historical, panaromic, natural and cultural images from Turkiye (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) in this video. Turkey is worth for travelling. In this video, you will watch images from: İstanbul, Istanbul, Istanbol, İslambol, Sultanahmet Camii, Blue Mosque, Boğaziçi, Bogazici, Bosphorus, Kız Kulesi, Kiz Kulesi, Maiden Tower, Boğaz Köprüsü, Bogaz Koprusu, Bosphorus Bridge, Galata Köprüsü, Galata Koprusu, Galata Bridge, Haliç, Golden Horn, İstanbul at the evening, İstanbul Osmanlı İmparatorluğu'nun Başşehri, İstanbul, The Capital City of the Ottoman Empire, İstanbul Türkiye Cumhuriyeti'nin en kalabalık şehri, İstanbul wich is the most crowded city in the Republic of Turkey, Emirgan (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Adana (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Afyonkarahisar (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Adıyaman, Adiyaman, Nemrut Dağı, Nemrut Dagi (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Ankara, Anıtkabir, Anitkabir, Kocatepe Camii (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Ahlat, Van gölü, Van Gölü, Van Lake, Süphan Dağı, Süphan Dagi (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Alaşehir, Alasehir (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Aydın, Aydin, Trailles (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Eskişehir, Eskisehir, Yunus Emre, Sevelim Sevilelim, Odunpazarı, Odunpazari, Tarihi Evler, Historical Houses,Köprübaşı, Koprubasi, Sakarya Nehri, Sakarya River, Porsuk Çayı, Porsuk Cayi, Porsuk River, Mesudiye Köyü, Mahmudiye (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Bolu, Abant Gölü, Abant Golu, Abant Lake (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Çanakkale, Çanakkale Şehitleri Anıtı, Canakkale Sehitleri Aniti, Monument of Çanakkale Martys, Monument of Canakkale Martys, Truva Atı, Truva Ati, Truva Horse (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Diyarbakır, Diyarbakir, Diyarbakır Surları, Diyarbakir Surlari (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Trabzon, Uzungol, Uzungöl, Maçka, Macka, Sümela Manastırı, Sumela Manastiri, Of (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Aksaray, Ihlara Vadisi, Ihlara Valley, Sultanhanı, Sultanhani (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Erzincan, Çağlayan, Caglayan, Girlevik Şelalesi, Girlevik Selalesi, Kemaliye, Eğin (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Hakkari (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Sivas (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Bitlis, Tatvan, Nemrut Gölü (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Ağrı, Agri, Ağrı Dağı, Mount Agri, Doğubeyazıt, Dogubeyazit, İshakpaşa Sarayı, Ishakpasa Sarayi, Ishakpasa Palace (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Kayseri, ErciyeS Dağı, Erciyes Dagi, Şeker Gölü, Seker Golu, Seker Lake (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Konya, Mevlana Türbesi, Mevlana Tomb, Dervişler, Dervisler, DervisheS (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Batman, Hasankeyf (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Şanlıurfa, Sanliurfa, Balıklıgöl (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Çorum, Corum, Hattuşaş, HattusaS (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Van, Van Gölü, Van Golu, Van Lake, Çaldıran, Caldiran (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Tunceli, Munzur Dağı, Munzur Dagi (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Edirne, Selimiye Camii (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Efes,Ephesus (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Elazığ, Elazig, Hazar Gölü (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Malatya (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Nevşehir, Nevsehir, Göreme, Goreme, Peri bacaları, Peri bacalari (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Ordu, Boztepe (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Rize, Ayder Yaylası, Ayder Yaylasi, Karadeniz Yaylaları, Yayla Evleri (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Kusadasi, Kuşadası (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Antalya (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Didim, Didim, Apollon Tapınağı (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Fethiye,Ölüdeniz, oludeniz (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Denizli, Pamukkale, Karahayıt, Cottoncastle (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Kapadokya, Cappadocia (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Amasya, Yeşilırmak, Yesilirmak (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Kırşehir, Kirsehir (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) You watched some of the natural,cultural historical and geographical assets of Turkey. Türk Yemekleri, Some Turkish meals, Şiş Kebap, Shish Kabab Çiniler, Kelebekler, Halı ve Kilimler, Van Kedisi, Türk Çayı, Laleler ve Gül Turkish Tiles, Butterflies, Carpets and Rugs, Van Cat, Turkish Tea, Tulips and ROSE Sailing and Paragliding in TURKEY WELCOME TO TURKEY
11 Dec 2008
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