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The Fuzz delivers every possible variety of road cop action and features criminal and cop characters that have to be seen to be believed. The packaging delivers laughs, great visuals and irresistible excitement. In this clip a get away car weaves in and out of traffic at high speeds.
18 Mar 2010
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The Fuzz delivers every possible variety of road cop action and features criminal and cop characters that have to be seen to be believed. The packaging delivers laughs, great visuals and irresistible excitement. A drunk driver being chased by police stops for some shopping at a petrol station and still manages to out drive the police.
18 Mar 2010
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If you love TV...
20 Mar 2010
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25 Jan 2011
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June 23, 2011 (1:34) A 7-year-old Michigan boy allegedly took his stepdad’s car to go see his biological father.
24 Jun 2011
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UFOs made to look fake? Saucer seems fly very well.
29 Sep 2011
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28 Jan 2012
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Traffik – Codeblack Entertainment – Hidden Empire Films – Lionsgate – Director Deon Taylor – Producers Paula Patton, Deon Taylor & Roxanne Avent – Writer Deon Taylor In the action-packed thriller Traffik, plans for a romantic weekend getaway at a secluded mountain estate turn to terror when Brea (Paula Patton), a hard-charging investigative reporter, and her boyfriend John (Omar Epps) accidentally discover the hidden world of a brutal biker gang. Joined unexpectedly by their friends Darren (Laz Alonso) and Malia (Roselyn Sanchez), the foursome is forced into a deadly fight for their lives against a ring of criminals who will stop at nothing to protect their secretive operation. The film is written and directed by Deon Taylor, and produced by Roxanne Avent, Paula Patton and Taylor. Codeblack Films, a division of Lionsgate, will release the film wide on April 20, 2018. When filmmaker Deon Taylor conceived of Traffik he was confronting his own lack of knowledge about a threat that he had assumed happened elsewhere, but realized could happen anywhere: girls and women lured from the safety of their homes, from anywhere they feel comfortable, into forced sex slavery. “When I started researching human trafficking, I understood it’s a domestic problem, not just an international problem,” says Taylor. “Then, when I realized that 85 to 90 percent of the people who are trafficked in the US are inner city kids, my eyes were opened, and I started to think about how to write a story about this.”
19 Apr 2018
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Check out this amazing footage of a police car chasing a jeep that crashes into a house...
1 Nov 2006
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The final entry for my machinima series, The Sims Is About To Get Ugly. After being lured into a trap by Richard, Amy is led into his house, that contains her abducted daughter. With both of his victims in place, Richard's plan goes into full swing as he seeks revenge. As a crowd of onlookers gather around the event, the tension rises, and as the awareness of what Richard is actually attempting to do, will he be able to make his getaway? Please give this a view as it took literally months of hard work to produce. This was released a year after episode 2, taking much longer than the others due to its length and the difficulty of the final scene - the first sims machinima car chase scene. A making of video for the car chase entitled "The Sims Is About To Get Ugly: The Influences" has also been submitted.
2 Mar 2007
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A bonus supplement to the recently released The Sims Is About To Get Ugly Epsiode 3. The final entry to the series, this installment contained a very different scene to anything I had done before - a climactic car chase. The chase was shot in a typical movie fashion (for The Sims 2 at least) and took over a month to shoot. This movie is therefore a peek of some of the movie influences that I turned to in order to achieve this scene - a shot by shot comparison starting with the influenced movie chase shot compared with the shot that was filmed in The Sims 2. I must also mention that I only intentionally used a few of these movies for reference - the rest were all movie chase shots I found afterwards for this comparison.
25 Feb 2007
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Car chasing amazing Driving skill. police chase
13 Oct 2007
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