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Card flourishes: Cobra Strike Opener 1 Card Fan Catch Running L Cuts Viereck (Square, Self Standing Sculpture) Triple Transfer Really Long Dribble a.k.a. Anaconda Dribble Crossed King Cobra with Packet Switch Catches
16 Feb 2007
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A short video of card flourishes , more will come soon.Check out my youtube channel for more : *******Www.Youtube.Com/User/Kiddexpert
7 Jun 2010
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Hi! This is my XCM video. If you guys want a tutorial i would love to make one.. ENJOY!
4 Jul 2007
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A tutorial for a fake cut
20 Nov 2007
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nothing special at all. i was just playing around with windows movie maker
7 Jul 2009
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cool vid with card flourishes card magic and stuff p.s it says magic freek 101 because that is my you tube name but i think meta cafe owns youtube please comment and rate
21 Apr 2007
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Tutorial - Learn how to perform a few basic card flourishes such as the card spin, the dribble, and the corner spring. I slowed down the flourishes so people can follow along and learn. In lesson four I will be going over the mechanics and the reason why people perform card flourishes. Watch after the credits to see some definitions of flourish from dictionary**** *If you didn't like my card spin please watch this video. ***********/watch?v=xvzUlxWIwCk Enjoyed my video(s)? Even if it was just a bit help out by subscribing (click the subscribe link below). :-) ***********/subscription_center%3Fadd_user%3DForFun808
17 Sep 2007
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Cool way to handle the cards...
15 Aug 2006
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Basic card stunts performed by Debarghya a.k.a Cyberjunkie.
16 Aug 2006
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Done on Jan 28 07
8 Feb 2007
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this about style for giving spectator a card
12 Jul 2008
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Andreas Reza Abdi is world renowned for his unique style and transformation of the craft into a visual art. You can find out more about him at *******
27 May 2011
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Virtuoso vir·tu·o·so [vur-choo-oh-soh] (vûr'choo-o'so, -zo) n. pl. vir·tu·o·sos or vir·tu·o·si (-se) Adjective 1. Having or revealing supreme mastery or skill. Noun 1. A person with masterly ability, technique, or personal style in the arts. The art of playing card flourishing is expression through the manipulation of cards utilizing a deck's ability to split into 52 parts. It is an extension of the flourisher’s personality, where through this expression he finds a sense of freedom. In 2004, four artists in Singapore formed the card flourishing team, Virtuoso, and took the world by storm. They took a break from the public scene in 2006 to reconceptualize their team. The year is 2007, and here Virtuoso pushes the limits of the art again like never before. Welcome to the tip of the iceberg of what's to come. The Virts...are back. Credits Director - Huron Low Director of Photography - Huron Low Writer - Huron Low Editor - Daren Yeow & Huron Low Music - The Prodigy, Michael Nyman, Junkie XL & Lunatic Calm Camera Equipment - Kevin Ho Featuring - VIRTUOSO: Huron Low, Kevin Ho, Elijah Cai, Daren Yeow Thanks to - Chris Kenner, Brian Tudor, TG Murphy, Daryl Easton, Daryl Ho, Ashford Kneitel, Jerry Cestowski, Paul Lepaul All moves performed are played at their actual speeds or slowed down. No cards were harmed during the filming of this video. This video is best enjoyed with headphones on. Enjoy. You may contact Virtuoso at TheVirts[at]gmail****
21 Aug 2007
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Card flourish tutorial!New Generation of playing cards!It is like manipulating cards!
30 Oct 2007
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If you want to perform advanced card tricks, you've gotta learn your fundamentals first. In this episode, Brian teaches four basic card flourishes that you should know before you go pro. All it takes is a little practice to nail these down!
3 May 2012
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pretty simple yea, but when someone asks to see a card trick ill almost always do this one. for some reason it just gives the best reactions ever. i didn't give credits for the actual trick because im not sure who made it up, i learned the trick from the guy that owns my local magic shop. the song is called note to self by the way
1 Jan 2007
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