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Devastated over his breakup with his girlfriend, Carter Webb leaves L.A. to stay with his wacky Grandma in her suburban Detroit home, across the street from the Hardwicke family. As Carter struggles to reconcile his own inner conflicts, he is drawn into the pains and loves of the Hardwicke women -- all of whom, in their way, fall in love with Carter, and all of whom, in their way, help him find his way back.
27 Feb 2007
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the top 10 all star slam dunk contest dunks of all time
2 Jan 2012
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The clip calling-sofia from In the Land of Women (2007) with Adam Brody. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. - Of course I do. You're a cad. - I can't help it. - Hello? - Hey, Sof. Sofia, it's me. Who? Carter. - Who? - Carter Webb. Oh, Carter, baby. Hey, this is just a really bad time. What? Listen, I'm at this thing in SoHo and everybody's wasted. And I'm wasted too. It's New Year's Eve, you know? No. It's not. It's October. Well, it feels like New Year's Eve. Listen, sweetie, I really wanna talk to you, you know? But let me try a little later. Okay? Okay. Yeah, okay. No. I just, you know... I sort of... Hello?
28 Sep 2013
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