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How To Draw Maka by Evan Burse. Learn how to draw Maka Albarn from the anime series Soul Eater. Vote for one of the Top 10 drawings in the Anime/Manga Thor Drawing Contest. Winners will be announced Friday May 27 Subscribe to the vlog channel: ***********/cartoonblockuncut Join me on Facebook: *******tinyurl****/244896b Follow me on Twitter: *******twitter****/CartoonBlock Music by:****/teunzeist
31 May 2011
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How to draw Sonic The Hedgehog. The speedy little hedgehog with attitude. From the classic Sega video games and cartoons, to the modern 3D games and crossovers, the design hasn't changed too much.
14 Jun 2010
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How To Draw Naruto by Evan Burse. I think everybody (...and their momma) asked me to draw this dude. So, I'll give my audience what they want. When drawing Naruto, you have to have a basic understanding of the "human figure". Be sure the check out the Naruto manga & anime. I recommend you do 1 or ALL these options: 1) Take some figure drawing classes to study the human figure. 2) Get some good art books; I like Burne Hogarth's "Dynamic Anatomy". 3) Draw yourself by looking in the mirror. More importantly, just have FUN! Subscribe to the vlog channel: ***********/cartoonblockuncut Join me on Facebook: *******tinyurl****/244896b Follow me on Twitter: *******twitter****/CartoonBlock
14 Nov 2011
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How To Draw Homer Simpson by Evan Burse. Today I'm Gonna Show You How To Draw Homer Simpson. Step-by-Step Guide on How to draw Homer Simpson: Draw a circle then we're going to draw a smaller circl below & then add two lines on the side & one below kind of curved. Next add two lines for the lower part of his head & neck area. Place in the other circle. This will represent his 2nd eye. And now for his nose; it's kind of like a pickle shape it's going off to the side but it doesn't go past the eyes. Now we draw his brow area. Draw in his center line. That'll help you out later on as you're constructing his head. And for his ear, it goes just below the eye line. Draw a simple curved letter "T". His hair on the side is just a letter "M". And for his mouth you want to measure about two & a half sizes of his nose going down. And that will determine how far the mouth is from the nose. Bring his beard around and draw his lower lip. Extend his neck down further. For his collar, just draw a "V". Make sure you draw a curve all the way around his neck and then go ahead & connect all the lines. Clean up the eye right here. After you put the guide line down the center of his eye balls then you're going to put his pupil on that guide line. Erase a little bit more construction lines and clean it up. And it's time to draw those two strands of hair on top of his bald head. Clean up a lot of your sketchiness and construction lines here. Now or his hair on the side of his head. It should be a perfect letter "M". And I think we've about got it. That's Homer! Thanks for watching. And I'll see you next time. ☺ So HURRY! You'd better get drawing! Subscribe to the vlog channel: ***********/cartoonblockuncut Join me on Facebook: *******tinyurl****/244896b Follow me on Twitter: *******twitter****/CartoonBlock
4 Jun 2013
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How To Draw Superhero Chest (Torso) by Evan Burse. A lot of you requested this tutorial, so here it is. After you learn these simple steps, you'll be able to draw the chest for any superhero. I'd love to see you guys attach your drawings (as a video response). Facebook: *******tinyurl****/244896b Twitter: *******twitter****/CartoonBlock Vlog channel: ***********/cartoonblockuncut Cartoon Block P.O. Box 7461 Northridge, CA 91327 Music by: ***********/teunzeist
7 Jan 2015
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