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An Acrylic painting I did a few years back. Made it glow in the dark also, and I carved a frame for it.
26 Mar 2017
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We offer grooming services from styled hair-cuts to hot towel shaves in an environment that is both masculine and sociable.
16 Mar 2017
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As an African restaurant in Eastbay, chopplentii has managed to carve a niche of its own by bringing the tastiest cuisine straight the African continent.
4 Mar 2017
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Experience the outstanding work done by the European and the Middle East exhibition leader, BoothConstructions at the top-notch trade shows. The exhibit house has carved a niche in various sectors like health, defense, and petroleum, wire and cable industry. Sun Pharma at CPHI A bespoke stand was designed and built for the multinational brand of the pharmaceutical industry, Sun Pharma at CPHI. The stand was a precise showcase of the innovation of Sun Pharma. Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI) at Farnborough International Airshow. Booth Constructions passed with flying colors after detailing a corporate chalet for TAI at Farnborough International Airshow. Other than the personalized aspect, supreme hospitality services rendered the welcoming ambiance to the chalet for TAI. Viraj at Wire and Tube Based on the ‘rising bird’ concept, the exhibition stand for Viraj is an exemplary example to showcase the innovation and progress of a brand through an exhibit.
18 Feb 2017
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★ CAD Design | Free CAD Blocks,Drawings,Details Download CAD Drawings | AutoCAD Blocks | AutoCAD Symbols | CAD Drawings | Architecture Details│Landscape Details | See more about AutoCAD, Cad Drawing and Architecture Details from these websites: ★FREE CAD BLOCKS & DRAWINGS Interior design blocks Bundle Mix cad blocks bundle Architectural decorative blocks Furniture 2D CAD collection Cad Blocks Set Autocad Blocks Set Interior Design CAD Collection Architectural Finishes CAD blocks Full Cad blocks collection Mix Cad blocks collection Interior Design CAD Collection Architectural decorative blocks Best Door & Window Design Architectural decorative elements Architectural elements Chinese carved Autocad Blocks Library Interior Design 2D Blocks Landscape Design 2D Blocks Hardware Blocks Bathroom Blocks Lights Engineering Blocks Steel Structure Blocks Decoration Elements Block European Classical elements Blocks Autocad Drawings Ornamental Parts Interior Design Blocks Furniture CAD Set Furniture design elevation Luxurt Door & Window Best Sofa and elevation Lamp and Lights Stair and Details Kitchen Toilet Fitness Equipment 119 Ground Design Ground design bundle System Cabinets Luxury Design Elements Hardware Blocks Transportation Blocks People Blocks Chinese Screen Chinese door Chinese window Chinese Decoration Elements Chinese Architecture Architecture Projects French town Castle Mosque Church Chinese architecture Exhibition Centre Office Building Steel Structure Building Hospital Airport MRT Station Library 1 Campus Desig
12 Jan 2017
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Try to see the water at high pressure can be carved and cut this metal material
12 Dec 2016
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We do wood polish,wood carving,painting for old and new wooden door,window,and furniture. Contact Arun -8093193044 Visit websie
9 Nov 2016
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4:06 Presents; the historical Khajuraho The Temple of Love Ancient India Erotic Sculptures of Madhya Pradesh - Crime documentary. Description: khajuraho temple history is global people curiosity. the UNESCO declared this as the World Heritage Sites which is stands in Madhya Pradesh, India. Most Khajuraho temples were built between 950 and 1050 by the Chandela dynasty and they are also in records of 85 temples by 12th century. Some days ago We "Crime BD24" Investigation Group visited the place to see and explore its history. many people said fast that it has many erotic and sexual paintings which attracts tourists and raise adventuress awkward of visiting the South Asian heritage site in the world. An ancient local legend held that Hindu deity Shiva and other gods enjoyed visiting the dramatic hill and people see their love and happiness their as a symbol of rich display of intricately carved statues. This mandir is famous for their erotic sculpture, sexual themes and kama, artha, dharma moksa Etc. People all over the world visit this sexually erotic temple place during the year. Stay with us. our next investigation is coming soon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Subscribe : Facebook: Twitter: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for being with us. If you find any criminal case and have the real document to you, you can sen us to our E-mail or directly to our FB Fan page. High profile indian public also have a look of pictures and statues, paintings of this temples at Khajuraho. So guys, start explore with us from today.) Best Wishes Crime BD 24
1 Nov 2016
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The name Destiny Solutions LLP is entrenched in the genesis of creation and it symbolizes, quintessence, and glorifies the primal life giving and life sustaining force that permeates the entire universe.Our company has carved an earnest, genuine and humble effort to obtain the capture the core of this primal force.
25 Oct 2016
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Most Celebrated Festivals around the Globe Article highlights: 1. Festivals show a glimpse of the heritage and culture. 2. Rio Carnival in Brazil includes a parade of dance, colorful costumes and samba music. 3. Huge carvings of ice are made during the Snow & Ice festival in China. 4. The Burning Man is a festival of expressing the different forms of art in Nevada. 5. The Day of Dead is a festival to remember deceased beloved ones. 6. Boryeong mud festival of South Korea was conceived to promote cosmetics made from the mud of Boryeong. 7. White Nights festival in St.Petersburg, Russia is an international arts fair that is held every year. 8. Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain is celebrated where men have to run in front of a group of bulls. 9. Holi is a festival of colors celebrated in India. 10. Pingxi Lantern festival is celebrated with the release of lanterns in the sky in the Pingxi district of Taiwan. Read more: #Travel #Luxury #LuxuryTravel
19 Oct 2016
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As a furniture store in Singapore, has managed to carve a niche of its own offering an amazing range of services.
19 Oct 2016
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The Antriksh Group has emerged as a leading realty group. In their 30 years of experience, the group has delivered quality real estate projects and have become an inspiration for many. The Group has carved its reputation by delivering meticulous projects on time. Their mantra to achieve success and make goodwill in the market has been simple; quality and excellence. The Group strives to innovate its projects by keeping in pace with the latest technologies. For Any Query ---
10 Oct 2016
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The cue, which revives the spirit of the age of knights, has been made with the inlay of gold, silver and some sapphire patterns, and with the use of pieces of antlers and leather. This unique billiards cue was made after 1560 workhours. Careful preparation preceded the making procedure, meaning precise designing and accurate choice of the right materials. Its ornament is made of fine gold and silver plates, the thoroughly elaborated and hand-carved 1128 inlays and the 20 sapphire marquetries give the cue a remarkable sight. It has a hand-made wooden box covered inside with leather-work and it is also decorated with inlays. Its silver hinge has a sapphire chasing with a flowery pattern. The chasing is painted with high gloss lacquer coat and it is nicely polished. All these features make this cue unique and highly elegant. Materials used for the work: 9ct yellow gold, 925 silver, sapphire, hungarian akac macassary ebony, ebony, american walnut
5 Oct 2016
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On this episode of Head 2 Head, Motor Trend's Jonny Lieberman pits the 2013 Volvo S60 T6 AWD R-Design against returning contender, the 2013 Audi S4. Before hitting the road, the engine placements of both competing sedans are compared against segment contemporaries such the Cadillac ATS & BMW's 335i. Why? Because while both competitors are AWD, they start life as FWD. As a result, both vehicles have unusual engine placements. A mix of limit testing & canyon carving follows as Jonny provides insight on both cars, examining everything from driving impressions to interior ergonomics. Does Volvo's beefed up S60 have what it takes to dethrone Audi's "sleeper sedan?" Head 2 Head appears every other Wednesday on the Motor Trend channel. Subscribe now to make sure you're in on all the action! Facebook - Twitter - Google+ - Website -
20 Dec 2014
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More of CT's arm workout: CT Fletcher knows a thing or fifty about building monstrous biceps and triceps. Think you can hang? Get ready to command your muscles to grow! Warning: Foul language, extreme intensity, and heavy-ass weights ahead! If you've bravely chosen to ignore the warning above, then prepare yourself for an arms growth formula so sinister that it will command your biceps and triceps to grow. In this arms training video, CT Fletcher, the "Superman from Compton" himself, will show you how to carve your arms with blood and sweat into thick slabs of granite. Fletcher knows what it takes to transform. Rising from the ruthless streets of Compton, he underwent open-heart surgery in 2005, took the following years to recuperate, and has since adopted a no-nonsense, "fuck average" approach to his training. Age is not a factor. He doesn't let a mere number tell him what he can or cannot do. On the contrary, this sidewalk-cracking monster wills iron to bend to him. One thing's for sure: You won't get arms like CT's by pussyfooting around. His gargantuan arms are the direct result of relentless training and enough cursing to make a sailor blush. Armed Warfare is an exercise in both mental and physical fortitude. Pain is a permanent resident in CT's land of iron. He recognizes that this workout is going to hurt, but rather than let that bother him, he makes pain submit and yells, "Fuck you, pain!" READY FOR WAR CT Fletcher's training style involves an eclectic mix of "drill sergeant, preacher, and raving lunatic." From the concrete jungle that is Metroflex Long Beach, he's going to put your biceps and triceps through the wringer with nine excruciating exercises. Find a buddy to work out with because, frankly, you'll need a shoulder to cry on. Every exercise in this workout is designed to make your muscles shriek as you push them beyond failure and rapidly build agony. You'll earn no planned relief from this anguish. CT laughs at the idea of neatly structured workouts and repetition schemes. How many reps? "You do it until you can't fuckin' do no more," CT says. With the exception of a couple specific exercises, you will do every exercise to total failure. And rest? "Fuck being so strict!" shouts CT. Your rest period lasts only as long as it takes your workout partner to finish his set. Are you ready for Armed Warfare? Follow CT's command and "act like it then!" Congratulations for making it this far, brave soul! The Armed Warfare grand finale is a gauntlet that will crush what little spirit remains within you. It involves five pairs of dumbbells that incrementally go up in weight. As you lay down, your partner will start you off with the heaviest dumbbell. Knock out 20 reps of skull-crushers and keep going down the line until you crank out 100 reps total. You can touch the weights to the ground—not to rest the weight, but to make sure they go back far enough. Before you call it quits, reward yourself with an additional 100 reps in the reverse order: from lightest to heaviest. That's 200 total reps and the completion of one soul-crushing, brutal set.
26 Sep 2014
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LIKE/FAV and SUBSCRIBE! Epic Meal Time hitting up the pirate life! We're carving hogs and sippin' grog. Pre-Order Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag: NEW Shirts!!!
16 Apr 2014
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