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Carved Ivory Netsuke Made out from Mammoth Ivory tusk. Mammoth Ivory tusk are absolutely legal worlwide. this netsuke Of Mother & her son feeding Mother Hen & her Chick. Browse our Carved Ivory Netsuke.
15 Jul 2009
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Another amazing Mammoth ivory netsuke of grandfather & his grandson with a bundle of wood. This Mammoth ivory netsuke is hand carved by Master carver to Perfection. This netsuke is signed by the artisT. Browse our netsukeS at: *******www.IvoryAndArt****
19 Jul 2009
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An Amazing piece of Ivory carving TUSK!!! 180 CM (6 FEET) Length of Carving on Huge Mammoth Ivory Tusk from the Extinct woolly Mammoth. Mammoth Ivory Tusk are absolutely Legal worldwide. Browse our Mammoth Ivory collection at: *******www.IvoryAndArt****
1 Nov 2009
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Mammoth ivory carved Tusk of Fukurokuju the Longevity God & Flying Geisha. This Carved Ivory Tusk is legal worldwide because its Made out from the extinct woolly mammoth. browse our mammoth Ivory Tusk at: *******www.IvoryAndart****
23 Jul 2009
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Loaded Editing/Carving Contest due date July 25, 2009
29 Aug 2010
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Incredible carving on mammoth ivory tusk. This Mammoth ivory tusk carved by Master carver - Prince Traveling. We can Notice at the Price face that looking from the window of his cabin. Browse our Collection of Mammoth Ivory: *******www.IvoryAndArt****
26 Jul 2009
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An Amazing piece of carved Ivory netsuke of two children with giant fish Holding big Lotus flower. This Netsuke is Hand carved by Master carver & signed by him. worldwide. Browse our Netsuke Collection at: *******www.IvoryAndArt****
8 Aug 2009
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Amazing Carved ivory Netsuke of Grandfather & his Grandson Fishing together. We can see the fish on the rope, the Jar for the catch & grandpa smoking a pipe. Netsuke carved out of Mammoth Ivory Tusk. Browse our collection at: *******www.IvoryAndArt****
8 Aug 2009
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Outstanding Ivory netsuke Carving of Father & HIS 2 SONS CATCHING fish. Take a good look in the net & you will see the mouth of the fish sprout. The Netsuke is made out from Mammoth Ivory Netsuke. Browse our Netsuke collection - *******www.IvoryAndArt****
20 Aug 2009
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My Chip Carving 124 - Leaf Border Learn the technique to chip carve a beautiful leaf border. www.MyChipCarving**** 866-444-6996
15 Sep 2009
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A beautiful mammoth ivory Carving of the three stars gods(Three Lucky Men). they are all carved out from Mammoth Ivory Tusk therefore they are legal worldwide. Browse our collection of Mammoth ivory Carving: *******www.IvoryAndArt****
27 Sep 2009
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*******www.AmbarTravelBlog**** Amazing wood carving done by the local Thais. Some of these wooden art looks almost 3D and it seems so surreal. I'm still amazed by the beauty and talent!
28 Sep 2009
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Mammoth ivory carved Netsuke of two children picking bananas. This Netsuke carving is made out from the extinct woolly Mammoth Tusk. Hand carved by Master carver & signed by him to perfection. Browse our Netsuke collection *******www.IvoryAndArt****
29 Sep 2009
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A beautiful Cared ivory netsuke of two brothers playing on the see-saw. This netsuke id hand carved by master carver & signed by him. the Netsuke is made out from mammoth ivory. Browse our netsuke collection at *******www.ivoryAndArt****
30 Sep 2009
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Hand carved Mammoth ivory Netsuke of Two Japanese men playing Go & one child resting all the scene is taking place int a Clam. Really an amazing Piece of Art. This signed by the artist. Browse all our etsuke collection at: *******www.IvoryAndArt****
2 Oct 2009
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Legal Hand Carved Ivory netsuke of Japanese aristocrat & his boys that serving him. One boy holding his pipe while the other holds the water trunk. The netsuke carved by Master carver & Signed . Browse our netsuke collection at *******www.IvoryAndArt****
5 Oct 2009
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