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Tanushree Dutta thinks there is no casting couch in the film industry
11 Apr 2009
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::::OPEN ME "you never know where a wolf might crouch, but his natural habitat's the casting couch..." YES!!!! THE CASTING COUCH DOES EXIST! does it happen everyday at every single casting you go to, generally no. and generally it only happens at the initial auditions with people who don't matter. MOST of the time, if they are legit and have a name they don't need to be skeezy to get in your pants (most girls will just do it at that point) POINT IS.... I get asked ALOT about the audition process. and sometimes its not about talent, its who you know, or what you'll do. "when you are born with sex appeal, in a forest called Hollywood, you'll find more wolves at your backdoor, than that little red riding hood" ;) HOWEVER... I am still optimistic that things can be done and goals can be accomplished with some hardwork. put in the time and effort, it may pay off, it may not, but hey! at least you tried... when I'm married with grandbabiies in my 70s, I won't have any regrets no matter where my path takes me. I'll never have a wouldof, shouldof, couldof, or if I did this differently. "reach for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars" so while this video is for entertainment purposes, I hope it answered some questions I get on this topic quite frequently. DISCLAIMER: as with all my videos, all ideas and content are mine. there is never a "script" for my videos, I just sort of improv as I go :) if you like these skits about real life, thumbs up this video to let me know, I LOVE DOING PARODIES ON HOLLYWOOD. its cray out here ENJOY :) YOUR BODY IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! ::::MORE TRISH ON THE WEB!!!!!!! tweet me trishapaytas like me on facebook *******www.facebook****/OfficialTrishaPaytas find me on tumblr! *******www.trishapaytas.tumblr**** instagram: trishapaytas king of the web *******kingofweb****/users/blndsundoll4mj ::::MY ONLINE STORE *******localhooker.bigcartel**** ::::CONTACT ME!!!!!!!! Trisha Paytas P.O. Box 19102 Encino, CA 91416 for business and bookings tpaytashotmail**** ::::CHECK OUT MY OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNELS! ***********/iphonetrisha ***********/thecatholicvlogger ***********/myownrealityshow ox Trish
9 May 2013
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Hott ass blond stating her answers to the required questions.
28 Mar 2008
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This was made for the 2005 San Diego Asian Film Festival/Michelob Light 30sec. film contest. It took first place and $1000 cash prize. Awesome! Hot babes rule! Btw, I thought this video was already uploaded, but I guess it wasn't, so, here it is again. Starring Christine Nguyen and Roman Cortez Written and directed by: Roman Cortez -------------- Watch more movies at *******www.SEVENOHFIVE.COM *******www.myspace****/SEVENOHFIVE
7 Sep 2009
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Not all glamour models have what it takes to be the best, that's why here at the Candy Crib we put them through a rigorous interview process, and really pick at their brains...
13 Jul 2010
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After auditioning for the director naked, he wants to know if she's up for the F*ck scene. By the way, the director is the guy f*cking her. Yeah, just another day on the casting couch.
10 Jun 2009
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Hot new Bold gossip in Bollywood - Shakti Kapoor is one of the boldest guys in Bollywood. Remember roaming in kachcha – or remember the casting couch..... now there'll be no need to explain further. So his boldness is now transferring to his daughter ' Shraddha Kapoor ' whose making her debut with Leena Yadav's Teen Patti.
4 Oct 2011
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What happens when Porn Stars ask each other stupid questions? EVERYTHING!
10 Oct 2017
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"For every starlet who slept her way to stardom, there’s the principled, trained actress like Holly who refuses to lay down on the casting couch…until the right part comes along – then all bets are off."
11 Sep 2008
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Taki is very impressed with the bad boys from Acid Factory and wants casting couch meetings with all of them!
2 Oct 2010
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McKenna hits the casting couch to give you the lowdown on Natalie Portman's 'it' girl status, Josh Holloway's new role and Jared Harris sans shirt.
13 Sep 2011
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McKenna is hitting the casting couch to dish on the latest news surrounding Matt Damon, Megan Fox and the sequel to "Piranha 3D."
13 Sep 2011
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"He Raped Me 21 Times- catch this movie to see the real face of Entertainment world" Movie - Madhubala (31st March,2006) Directed : Shivram Yadav, Produced : Rajoo Kariya,Shivram Yadav,Bala, starring Sameer Dharmadhikari,Nafisa Khan,Gurpreet Singh,Abhay Bhargava,Anil Nagrath,Vishwajeet Pradhan,Milind Gunaji Plot: It is a film, which showcases the lives of everyone who is involved in the entertainment business of Bollywood. But, more than anything else the film focuses on the casting couch. The movie plans to recreate the scandal of director Madhur Bhandarkar and budding actress Preeti Jain on the celluloid. Music Director : Bapi,Tutul For more entertainment and latest updates please Subscribe and stay connected to ALF DIGITAL - Entertainment Re-Defined! ***********/user/TheALFDIGITAL
15 Nov 2013
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They Kidnapped the Wrong Daughter Jack is divorced, ex CIA agent, now living in his disabled father's home (Jeff the Drunk from the Howard Stern Show), in Paris. His daughter Sharon is almost 18 years old, she wants to become an actress and lives with her mother (Rosie) who remarried a rich African American gentleman. Sharon needs her father's signature permission to fly to Hollywood for a Black Casting Couch audition. His father refuses then has a change of heart, warning her about the dangers of the world. He knows the world. Sharon flies to Los Angeles and she gets kidnapped by ISIS (The Islamic State Terrorists). Jack has a particular set of skills so is gonna find them, torture them and pull their fucking brains out. Rated R Starring: Claudia Blum ... Riyanna Milton Crane ... Terrorist Jeff the Drunk ... Jeff Curro Joel Harkham ... Khalid Sandy Kaye ... Rosie Marina Kiryukhina Jessica Long ..Kidnapped Girl Martina Medina ... Katherine John Moamar ... Omar Milos Momcilovic ... Jack Valeria Nedorostova ... Kidnapped Girl 2 Lexie Phaneuf ... Kidnapped Girl 3 Carrie Sullivan ... Kidnapped Girl 4 Kelly Tappan ... Sarah Vitaliy Versace ... Ivan Christopher Williams ... Steven David Williams ... David Jr. Greg Williams ... David Evita Anne Woolsey ... Jenny a Film by Hollywood Director George Anton Studio/Creator: ANTFLIX NOW STREAMING
30 May 2017
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