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unfaitful men should castrated
25 Oct 2007
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THE CASTRATOR - New Web Series COMING SOON About a man who becomes a serial killer while trying to be a teacher. Trouble follows a janitor name Ed, who after being ridiculed by those around him, finally snaps. Ed quits his job and leaves his family to start a new life and killing anyone who stands in his way. From director Roosevelt S Louima (Toxic Betrayal, Shadow Stalker, Silent Killer) and starring Dupree Lewis Jr. Comes the horror thriller, The Castrator. Subscribe or visit *******www.moviescreams**** to sign up for The Castrator alerts and be the first to know when the series officially launches. Written, directed and produced by Roosevelt S Louima. Starring Dupree Lewis Jr. The Castrator is a MovieScreams original series. For more information, please visit us at *******www.moviescreams****.
24 Apr 2009
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I castrate all male hogs big or sm. I did five on this day.
28 Oct 2009
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A bizarre news story. An interpretation. Hilarity.
25 Mar 2007
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Quand vous allez voir cette vidéo, vous première réaction sera "Aie ! Ouille !" et ensuite vous vous poserez cette question "Mais pourquoi il a fait ça ?" :)
21 Jun 2010
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BRWME was in Las Vegas last week and among other freak shows was less than privileged to take in the Cirque Du Soleil production of "Love." You've heard of chemical castration? Now welcome musical castration. Some of you may remember the furor over the first use of Beatles music in a commercial context; "Revolution," selling Nikes...Oh how far we have come!...after plunking down $160 for a ringside seat I was then treating to the spectacle of Beatles mugs, Beatles hats, Beatle buttons, and outside on the Strip, Beatle condoms (celebrating their heady days in Hamburg in the early 60s) For those who are keeping score, the Ringo size rubber seems to be the largest; "Act Naturally: no longer seems a sad song to me; just an expression of Ringo's impressive full length size...Way to go Ringo! Meanwhile the Botoxed smiles of the CDS cost transfixed most and nauseated me....or was it the sordid surroundings? Of course what would John think of all this? All I can say, after communing with him through a very special medium in Vegastown, is that is has a high voice...I could not make out what he said due to the high register, but next time to go to LV I will bring along my pet Jack Russell, who will translate. For the time being, I can only assume that John has been relieved of part of his crown jewels as the new BRWME song illustrates.
14 Jul 2007
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY ALYSSA CARTEE You're watching multisource politics news analysis from Newsy One Virginia State Senator thinks he has the perfect solution for the state’s budget blues: castration. Virginia is one of 20 states with a civil commitment program, keeping sex offenders in custody after they have been released from prison to receive psychiatric treatment. The program used to cost the state about $3 million a year but now costs about $24 million a year. State Senator Emmett Hanger thinks castration would be an effective way to drastically cut those costs. Mary Devoy, founder of Reform Sex Offender Laws of Virginia is taken aback by the idea, saying... “When abuse and mutilation of a human being is presented as an acceptable alternative to responsible treatment and housing for those deemed as sexually violent predators there exists a fault of reason.” Even though the bill would only allow the state to conduct studies on the effectiveness of a castration policy, bloggers at The American Prospect says its risky for the government to make the final decision about an irreversible surgical procedure. “Sure, (the Republican Party) might oppose government efforts to alleviate poverty or guarantee health insurance, but when it comes to the power of life and death--or at least personal autonomy--they trust that the government will make the right choice in every circumstance.” However, while castration is a jarring concept, Cincinnati’s WKRC says Virginia isn’t the first state to consider it for sex offenders. “Eight other states do allow some form of castration for sex offenders. But only Louisiana and Texas allow physical castration. California was the first state to allow sex offenders to be chemically castrated. That was in 1996.” Hanger proposed a similar bill in 2007 which passed through the state legislature but was vetoed by then Governor Tim Kaine. The Daily Press thinks Virginia’s new governor, Bob McDonnell, may be key in passing this bill. “Now it's back. This time, under a conservative governor who I bet is less likely to flinch. Especially since Gov. Bob McDonnell just had to ask for $70 million to cover the civil commitment program for the next two years.” Hanger believes the idea of castration is not at all radical and will get at the root the a sexual predator's drive to assault. Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy
1 Feb 2011
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24 May 2009
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Why you are depressed. *******www.freedomainradio****
24 Apr 2009
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"i think my **** is too big."
5 Oct 2009
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hello Angel........
4 Dec 2010
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or if it was in castrate singing.
16 Jan 2007
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Carter is extremely protective of his car, so we pulled a prank on him. We pulled the church van up really close to his red Mustang, but cushioned a pillow in between the two vehicles to give the illusion of them touching. Carter gets pissed off and threatens to castrate everybody, until he solves the problem. Hilarious video.
7 May 2008
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Where do balls come from? Music: "Gearhead" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech****)
26 Jan 2008
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This is how crippled animals are urged to be slaughter
23 Feb 2010
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The pig industry consists of two different herds, each with its own function. The breeding sows function is to produce as many piglets as possible. The role of the piglets is to produce meat. They are reared to the age of 4-6 months then they are slaughtered. Sows are kept in sow stalls or tether stalls. Sow stalls are metal-barred stalls which are so narrow that the sow cannot even turn around, she can only take a step forwards or backwards. Sows are confined in these stalls throughout their 16½ weeks of pregnancy, for pregnancy after pregnancy. This means that the sows are imprisoned this way most of their lives.
23 Feb 2010
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