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Fly, Fishing, New Zealand, Queenstown Fishing Rentals showcases Heli Fishing scene in NZ, and give a strong message of catch and release. Please check *******www.qtfishingrentals***.nz for more fishing tips and information.
7 Jan 2012
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CertaPro Painters loveable mascot, Bristles plays Football at the Towson University Mascot Mingle. Area mascots were invited to play football with a Pee-Wee Ravens team, and it was funny! Poor Bristles could not run, nor catch-- and barely see what was coming at him. *******www.certapro****/Certapro-mascot-bristles.aspx
12 Jan 2012
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New Brunswick in Canada has a proud culinary tradition. If they are not sucking on a succulent lobster from the Bay of Fundy, they are catching and cooking an atlantic salmon from the Miramichi river. However, not all of the regions finest food comes from the water. If you like to forage for your food, the countryside is akin to a giant natural supermarket. Chefs in New Brunswick often know how to make the most of this, going out into the wild to see what fruits the forest have to offer and adding it to their menu. In this video Chris Aerni from the Rossmount Inn, St Andrews by the Sea takes a journey through the New Brunswick foliage to hunt for some of the finest wild mushrooms you could hope to find, and then he uses his cooking skills to make a delicious meal.
19 Jan 2012
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*******bigmouthlocal****/listing/southeast-signs.html Are you looking for high quality sign service in Georgia? Southeast Signs provides LED signs which are eye catching and display your message. They deal in design, sales, fabrication and installation of all signage products and a recognized leader in sign industry since 1995.
26 Feb 2012
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For more Info visit are online Store : *******goinfo2****/shop Looking for a multi-functional case to put your iPad 2 into? The Shell for iPad 2 , designed to be functional, eye catching, and protective all at the same time. Featuring a slide out/foldable handle, The Shell lets you hold the iPad 2 easily with one hand, which is great for those times you have to walk around and use an app at the same time. When used on a flat surface like a table, the extendable handle can function as a stand for you to watch movies or read hands-free. The Shell also keeps your iPad tablet protected from bumps and scratches while on the move. It also has a child-friendly retractable home button protector to make sure your apps and settings will be safe when you share your iPad with your family. If you own an iPhone, you probably already know that it’s pretty important to put a case around your investment to protect it. tired of carrying your wallet ! and in a bulky case when you head out on the town, the TRTL Minimalist 4 iPhone Case can keep your iPhone safe and your credit and ID cards handy at the same time. All of our eco-functional shells are made in sunny Southern California. We believe being eco-friendly is about buying recycled products, being locally made, and doing more with less. OUR PROCESS Design: Eco-friendliness is the forefront of our entire operation. At the beginning stages, all of our designs are discussed and implemented In a solar powered office. Our solar panels provides us enough power to run the office’s lights, computers, and printers. Occasionally, during a nice sunny day, we can create enough electricity to give back to the grid. Manufacturing : All aspects of our manufacturing process are completed in the U.S. From the molds to the packaging inserts, everything is made in Southern California. We proudly manufacture in the U.S. because it helps support our local economy and it dramatically reduces our products’ carbon footprint. Materials : The plastic used to produce our Ipad & iPhone shells contains up-cycled PET (recycled plastic bottles). Shipping : We ship our products to you using only Cradle-to-Cradle Certified USPS packaging with biodegradable packing peanuts ! These boxes are certified at the Silver Tier. Giving Back: We joined The forces with One Percent for the Planet, donating 1% of our sales to over 2,250 environmental groups all over the world. metacafe Home Url: *******www.metacafe****/watch/8153110/shell_for_ipad_2_iphone_3gs_iphone_4s_cases/
27 Feb 2012
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*******www.charterdestin****/destin-fish/destin-red-snapper/ Destin Red Snapper are bottom fish that are fun to catch and can give you a good fight. They are good eating too, but most fish are! 2011 June 1 -- July 18. As of Jan. 1, 2009 charter boats with a federal fishing license, (which allows the boat to fish beyond the 9 mile state waters), must abide only by federal law so state laws don't matter Captain Mark Walker. Destin Red Snapper Bag limit: 2 per person Size limit: 16″ Youtube Channel: ***********/destincharterboat Destin Red Snapper - Season Opens June 1st 2012 Book Now 850-650-1534
9 Mar 2012
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*******www.fishingguidehub**** The best part of using one of the fishing guides is that you aren’t limited to just inland types of fish. While freshwater fish are excellent to catch and some put up a great fight, you can also choose to go in the deep waters and saltwater fish. Take a variety of trips and have a guide with you on each one. Having a fishing guide is almost like an insurance policy so that you are guaranteed to have a great time and catch as many of the fish you want as possible. The benefit of hiring a pro for the region is that they know the specific type of fish you want to catch, where the best location is to get them and even the best time of the day to head out in a boat. There are lots of tricks to catching a prize winning fish, so you want to have the best tools at your fingertips. The guides here are com are knowledgeable and one of the best ways to have a trip of a lifetime. Sign up for your very own Fantasy Fishing Trip here: *******www.fishingguidehub****/fishing-guides Gather your group together and discuss what plans you want to make. Take out your calendar and schedule a corporate retreat to build a client base or to work on team unity. Get the family together and plan a vacation so you can have memories together that will last a lifetime. FishingGuideHub**** is the place to start when you are planning a fishing trip and want to make it the best possible that it can be with a professional guide to be there every step of the way.
27 Mar 2012
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*******www.ChadMoellerBaseball**** So for catchers, one of our most exciting plays is when we know the guy on first base is going to run. We feel like it’s one on one. Him against us and there’s not a better feeling when we throw him out. We see him walking back maybe even arguing with the umpire, but he got in there somehow. But we stand here all proud, maybe even a little prideful. Look at what I just did. I just threw him out. He’s walking off. He’s upset and we’re kind of digging ourselves. The reality is, it had very little to do with us and had mainly to do with the pitcher, giving us a good time to home plate. By that I mean if a pitcher lifts his leg up real high before delivering a ball, the catcher’s not going to have a lot of time to make a throw. Now if the pitcher’s quick, we got all the time in the world to make a throw. That’s why I always believe it’s kind of on unfair measuring stick when they talk about catches making throws to second base. It’s not really fair when it’s caught stealing is measured against the catcher, because most of it has to do with the pitcher. So how do with do this. How do we make a consistent throw each time to second base. Here’s what we want to do. From our stance with somebody on, our right foot’s staggered just slightly. We don’t want to get turned too far, because we still have to be ready to catch and block a pitch on this side of our body. Because remember, we always want to catch the ball first, be ready to block second and then make a throw third. So were in our stance. We’re ready to go. We’re going to receive the ball. From here we’re going to take, like we’ve already talked about, we make the quick clean exchange. The glove turns towards us. Always wants to turn towards us. This is something that needs to be practiced. Our right foot is going to take a short jab step and we’re going to come up square to second base. Here’s what I’d like to think of. It’s basically a T. We’re basically going to follow a T. So we have our T right here. Our right foot is going to come to the middle as short as we possibly can. The longer this step is, the longer this steps going to be. The longer we’re stepping, it’s more time that’s being wasted before we can put a baseball in the air. So the quicker we can get our right foot up and down, the quicker we can throw a ball, because it’s always about accuracy, then quickness, then velocity. Here we go. So we turn the glove towards us and we’re in position. The quicker we can do it. The quicker we can get the ball in the air, the better chance we have of being successful throwing someone out. There’s a couple other techniques that are used. This one I just talked about, follow the T. We’re basically just taking a short jab step with our right foot, getting our left foot in line. Another popular technique is the jump turn. My problem with the jump turn is we don’t gain any ground towards second base and I want my momentum going towards second base. Here’s what the jump turn looks like. We catch the ball and we just jump and turn. Kind of like the name says. Like I said, my problem is I don’t gain any ground. That’s why I like follow the T. The third technique, is the turn and throw. Not used nearly as much as it used to, outside of pitches that really take us out to the side. When we have a pitch take us all the way out here, here’s what it might look like. We turn, we catch, we come up and we just throw from here. If you’re going to do that, make sure you load up on that back leg and you get your front shoulder closed towards second base. If we get out too far in front, our arm’s left behind. Anytime our arm gets left behind, we get on the side of the ball. The ball sinks and we don’t gain our velocity. I honestly prefer the follow the T. It’s the quickest. It gets momentum and it’s what’s used most often in the major leagues. So from here we may our quick exchange and we’re ready to go. So the next time you’re behind home plate and he’s trying to get a good jump on you, follow the T. Make a strong throw the next time you’re behind the dish. *******www.chadmoellerbaseball****/videos/catching/catcher-throwing-to-second/ Register at the link below: *******www.chadmoellerbaseball****/wp-login.php?action=register
29 Mar 2012
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*******www.ChadMoellerBaseball**** So I'm going to guess you've never spent much time thinking about how to actually take a ball out of your glove. To be honest I didn't think about it a whole lot either, until I realized that it was actually hurting my throws to second base. So I want to talk about with you right know is the exchange. The exchange is how the catcher takes the ball out of his glove. This can add or take away time. This can cause balls to drop on the ground. Every time a ball drops on the ground we have no chance to make a throw to second base. Every time we get a bad grip, which will happen plenty, our chances of throwing a guy out at second base is even slimmer. So we want to give ourselves the best chance to succeed. So we're in our good stance, with a man on base. From here we want to turn the glove towards us after we catch it. The glove turns towards us. We basically say hello to the ball. It turns towards us. We then can take the ball up and out as quick as possible. Problems happen when we make the catch and we turn to the side. Now you can see how I've gotten ahead of my arm. The ball's behind me and my bodyweight's forward. When this happens, I get down on the side. My ball's always going to tail. It's going to sink a lot. The other thing that happens is when I make my exchange here, as you can see my hands going into the glove this way, I don't have anything behind it. I have a better chance at a bobble coming out of there. That's why, when I make this exchange, I want the glove turned towards me. I got something behind it. I can grip this ball. I want to grab a four seam grip if I have any chance. Not saying you will each time. But if we can, we want a four seam grip right across that horseshoe. Understand, you will throw balls to second base with a split, sometimes like a change-up. All I can tell you is aim low. When you aim low you always have a chance. The throws up high, he's always going to be safe. So the next time you're behind the dish, make that clean exchange. Say hello to the ball. I mean it. Say hello to it. Turn that glove right here. It's quick. And give yourself a chance. Throw that guy out from behind the dish. *******www.chadmoellerbaseball****/videos/catching/catcher-throwing-mechanics/ Register at the link below: *******www.chadmoellerbaseball****/wp-login.php?action=register
30 Mar 2012
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Fear immobilizes. But how does immobility relate to fear? A hen helps explain such a complex phenomenon. The experiment, first described in the 17th century, does not require any special technologies. Just catch and keep a hen still for a few moments: the animal, fluttering brightly until then, remains still, as if hypnotized.
The phenomenon was used in time as a magic number, until it was studied scientifically more recently.
This stop reaction can easily be produced in an experimental context, and was known in the past as "animal hypnosis". Now it is referred to as Tonic Immobility.
In natural conditions, it occurs in animals as an extreme defence from predators, when escape is impossible.
The reaction was investigated in time with different perspectives, from early naturalist observations to recent research in psychopharmacology. The documentary describes this phenomenon in a variety of animal species and its correlations in man, and presents the psycho-biological mechanisms that may account for the inability to defend oneself in extreme situations.
Today Tonic Immobility is seen as an important key to understand both reactions to traumatic events, such as natural disasters, accidents, or sexual abuse, and complex psychic phenomena, including dissociative reactions in the victims.
Author: Carlo Alfredo Clerici, Concetta Feo, Laura Veneroni. Director: Marco Carraro. Scientific Advisor: Cesare Albasi, Angelo De' Micheli, Valentina Ferrante, Marco Poli, Emanuela Prato Previde, Giovanni Tagliavini. Translator: Giovanni Tagliavini. Editor: Emiliana Poce. Photography: Marco Carraro. Sound: Simone Abarno, Production: CTU - Università degli Studi di Milano. Italy 2010. 27 min.
For more informations about Tonic Immobility: Clerici CA, Veneroni L. The impossible escape: studies on the tonic immobility in animals from a comparative psychology perspective. Nova Science, Hauppauge 2012.
22 Apr 2012
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Zac Effron and Charlie Tahan discuss playing catch and sailing in "Charlie St. Cloud"
23 Apr 2012
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*******www.airsplat****/Items/ER-UMX-G36CV-BK.htm In this episode of Airsplat On Demand, Jake and Kristen review the Umarex S&T HK G36CV Airsoft AEG Rifle. Watch Jake as he takes the G36CV out on the playing field for an epic run. The Umarex S&T HK G36CV has a velocity of 350 FPS (0.2 g BB) and a range of 160-180 Feet. It features vertical foregrip, side folding retractable stock, functional bolt catch, and integrated front & rear sights. So check out what Jake and Kristen think of the Umarex S&T HK G36CV Airsoft AEG Rifle!!
16 May 2012
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Wappydog review for Nintendo DS. Classic Game Room reviews WAPPYDOG for Nintendo DS from Sega Toys and Activision. Wappydog is an interactive toy mixed with a video game played on the Nintendo DS. Aimed at a younger audience, the E Rated Wappydog responds to commands given on the Nintendo DS (it reads beeps and moves and barks accordingly). Players can enjoy simple games played against Wappydog like Apple Catch and Whack a Mole. Wappydog learns new tricks and songs as you play with him! You can also take Wappydog with you virtually and play with him (or her?) on the Nintendo DS on the go. CGR Wappydog video review features Wappydog gameplay recorded from Nintendo DS and demonstrates the Wappydog toy dog in action
7 Jul 2012
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Barney in Chocoland, chocolate seizure here I come! Say what you will about gaming on the iPod. It has no buttons, no 30 year history in the console market and its made by a computer company which prides itself on friendly designs (yuk!). However, thanks to the relatively low barrier to entry on iTunes, youll find games for the iPod Touch and iPhone that youll never see anywhere else ANYWHERE!! Barney in Chocoland is that kind of game. At first glance it looks like its high as a kite on corn syrup and candy canes with its overly saturated color palette and portly lead character slowly jogging from side to side with his hat on backwards. Diabetics be warned, this game drowns the main character in chunks of choco. They dont ever call it chocolate, perhaps because the price of cacao has robbed them of the pleasure. You guide Barney from one side of the screen to the other catching choco chunks as they rain from the heavens above. Fruit, choco-eliminating bombs and error-removing power ups also fall like hot hail. Barney must deposit the chunks of choco into barrels on the left and right side of the screen for points, but be careful! He can only hold two pieces of choco at once and it takes a split second to drop the chunks into the barrels. It looks deceptively easy at first but once it picks up speed you realize there is an element of strategy to this game. The fruit gives you more points, but if you let any choco hit the ground you get a red X and essentially lose a life. Fans of simple, straight forward arcade games may get a kick of Barney in Chocoland, the gameplay is actually pretty catchy. It gets challenging when there are more pieces of choco in the air than you can catch and suddenly drown in the stuff. While gameplay is fun, Ill admit that I dont care for the visual style or easy listening soundtrack. If Barney was being showered with severed zombie heads and beer bottles it would probably be right up my alley.
5 Aug 2012
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Eye Catching and highly sought after Chevy chevelle in Decent Overall Shape Black Opal Exterior and a bright red leather interior V8 Power with a 4 on the floor transmission Low asking price for original Classic Fully equipped with all options for optimum performance and comfort Nothing has been done mechanically or cosmetically to compromise integrity of originality Always maintained meticulously on schedule with nothing but premium fluids parts and service every time Full financing professional nationwide shipping and extended warranties are all available on approved credit *******classiccartradernet****/classifieds/category/315/Chevrolet/listings/3033/1969-Chevrolet-Chevelle-American-Classic-in-Lyman,-SC.html Listing ID: 3033
7 Nov 2012
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*******pddecal**** Domed Decals proudly made in North America. Order domed decals online at wholesale prices and have them delivered to your door anywhere in USA or Canada. In the Twentieth century domed 3d stickers were primarily produced in the automotive and high end aftermarket auto wheel products. After that later during that millennium domed stickers became a choice in branding goods such as computers, motorboats, and other auto after market products. This occurred due to the utilization of pc's making the doming technique less time eating thereby the cost of doming a label reduced in price, making it readily available for the day to day merchandise production. Domed labels are an awesome and price effective way to brand your motorbike shops, car goods and autos with a custom dealer badge. Label materials come in a range of colors and metallic finishes and can be produced to seem like practically any type of substrate. This provides a wealth of possibility to customise your business logo so that it is eye catching and will produce a priceless note to your clients for potential repeat opportunity and service visits.
15 Nov 2012
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