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The New Unreleased Volvo V70 Caught On Film!
1 Feb 2007
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Raw File: Rise Javascript "Fallen Angel Caught on Film" This is another vid I made using various select Y Tube clips entitled "Rise" and along the lines of some angels fall while others rise. Since it's remixed maybe it won't get deleted if I post it onto Y Tube. This was a ruff cell phone proto cut of actual take but I just like the feeling of this one in its shimmery wavering surrealistic congruence via raw phantasmogoric concourse and magical complex coordinated imageries with unanticipated yet idealistic ergonomic juxtapostions - (the timing and content is really appropriate to the theme). I only made this vid for Mazzy Star. It ties in with my Y Tube channel so here it is. Impressed? This channel has to do with EXPOSING FALLEN ANGELS and TEACHING YOU HOW TO SEE THEM so drop the picket signs. YES - the Gov is not your buddy!!!! maybe try and get past that?, put it in another gear? (duh basically?) It's run by Fallen Angels. You need to go with the tools that you will REALLY need - NEED to protect yourselves from a system run by ANGELS and watch my vids to learn how. And stop researching aliens aliens aliens on the internet run by angels - LAIRS all aliens are TERRESTRIAL ANGELS. Start with COSMIC CONFLICT COUNTDOWN AMAGEDDON which discusses the details regarding our Solar System having been 5th dimension AND INHABITED BY ANGELS when Satan rose to power in it, on an actual Planet called RAHAB, Psalm 89:10..... which was cast out of orbit in the war. Now known as Nibiru. See also my Birds Eye Veiw of the Norway Spiral video and other vids at my Topmostpop You Tube channel and as always with my videos the whole point is to READ the DESCRIPTIONs
23 Aug 2010
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A fake documentary about the making of a piece of crap film and the first time director who believes he is the next Steven Spielberg.
26 Feb 2007
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Nostradamus used a vessel of water- magicians and wizards have used crystal gazing... Seeing into other dimensions with the power of your imagination seldom leaves photographic evidence. This time the camera was rolling. This video will show you one easy way to see who or what is watching you. This spectre was caught moving when it noticed that I could see it with my camera.
31 Oct 2007
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We caught a glimpse of a demon in our elevator when we were filming.
26 Mar 2008
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Dubai UAE - Jan 17 2008, Time: 22:20, Number of witnesses: 7 (seven), Number of objects: 4, Shape of objects: Round, Clear skies, 3/4 moon Orange, round objects coming from 30deg heading 210. Constant speed different altitude. Presumably outside atmosphere since they dissapeared in the sky instead of the horizon. If they were outside the atmosphere the speed could have ranged in between 10 to 20 thousand Km/hr. There was at least one flight coming out of Dubai international airport at the moment of the sighting and there were other planes (airliners) in the area. QUOTE ufoinfo
24 Apr 2008
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space alien
11 Jan 2009
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This is the very same video 8th grade pandas are forced to watch in health class.
30 Aug 2008
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www.GhostsofEarth**** Creepy Ghost Footage Captured by Security Cameras at a NC High School! Real Ghost?
28 Nov 2008
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Checkout the Ardy Arani's OfficialRacingArt**** McDonalds unveiling in Kentucky. Great art of Indycar's Justin Wilson and Ed Carpenter.
30 Aug 2009
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Scary Footage
30 Apr 2010
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Attention all members of the TRUTH movement! Tired of dating sheeple? Come join us at *******www.nsearchdating**** where the "Awake" come to meet. The couple that wakes up together, stays together! Also, get Glenn Canady's ebook with cures to cancer, aids, herpes and more at *******www.project.nsearch**** - Spread the word to ALL you can! peace. This compilation includes many of my favorite NASA UFO encounters/sightings that I have archived over the years. All of these examples (with the exception of the second-to-last one) were captured on film by NASA astronauts or Russian Cosmonauts over the past half-century.
6 Aug 2010
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