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WOW !!!!! this is the craziest drift ever caught on tape think u have a better clip I guess you are wrong!!!!!!!
19 Nov 2006
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This got caught on tape when Blair accidentaly turns on the mic
23 Nov 2006
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PLEASE READ FIRST!... This footage is very very scary and is 100% real as shown on CNN only last month with an exclusive interview with Demonologist Lorraine Warren, who is currently leading the investigation.The babys crib is to the left of the door but isnt shown due to anonymity. The parents had it edited out by zooming in on where the occurances are seen. The legs and part of the crib can still be seen. This is the clip of the incredible footage of a ghost caught on tape by the parents of a 7 month old baby who is still currently being awakened at random by a ghost and annoyed. I recommend turning up the volume for this one and dont worry, even though the footage itself is shocking, there isnt anything that will make you jump up. If you turn up the volume you will hear the scary annoyances that poor baby had to go through. I heard a pig and crying. Not only the baby crying...the crying of a woman. Incredibly spooky. There wasnt anybody near that room for hours and the door opened and closed by itself. Demonologist 'Lorraine Warren',famous for her haunting investigations and many books, insists the footage is real and stated "no foul play" by the childs parents on CNN during the interview and stated that the entity caught on tape was "no trickery due to mishaps or mere shadows". She also mentioned that the entity cannot be passed off as a shadow due to the "contrast and severe cold it emits" as she too and her investigators have been "thumped by it" on 4 different occasions since taking the investigation. The mother told investigators that the baby stopped crying momentarily because he thought it was herself that had come in to check if he was alright.The growl followed and then the sound of the mothers voice crying even though she wasnt crying or near that room.The investagation is still going on and the child is being watched closely, both by the parents,Demonologist Lorraine Warren and unfortunately, by the entity aswell. According to Lorraine Warren, this entity has the ability to copy the voices of people, hence causing much confusion in the house between the parents. The father has been heard using VILE language from inside the childs room and sometimes from under the crib itself, even though he is always at work when it happens. The mother is often heard crying in different rooms around the house by her husband when she isnt crying atall and she, on many occasions, even heard her own voice... crying from both the attic and her babys bedroom. Some of this crying is heard in the footage you will see along with the other disturbances. Much more occurances have been recorded by Lorraine Warren and her team of investagtors but hasnt been shown to the public yet due to the parents wishes of anonymity. Im glad i dont live there! PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE THIS.
26 Dec 2006
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This was my worst birthday EVER and thanks to my immmature brother its caught on tape!!! But it's NOT my fault.
4 Jan 2007
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a cheater caught on tape in blackhawk down going through walls
22 Jan 2007
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Watch something never before caught on tape - the exotic bird of paradise mating ritual. Discovery Channel's 11-part series PLANET EARTH will amaze viewers with never-before-seen animal behaviors, startling views of locations captured by cameras for the first time, and unprecedented high definition production techniques. Award-winning actress and conservationist Sigourney Weaver joins Discovery Channel as narrator. PLANET EARTH airs on consecutive Sundays from March 25 through April 22, 2007 on Discovery Channel and in high definition on Discovery HD Theater.
23 Jan 2007
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Oh boy! Exciting police chases caught on tape!
24 Jan 2007
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Gene Shallit caught on tape in disguise
22 Feb 2007
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I was driving down the street to my apt and I saw this light reflecting on the street pole so I grabbed my camera and it turned out to be a ufo, I stop my car, film it, then drive 1 block to my apartment buildings you'll see ahead in the shot and this ufo was trolling the neighborhood. It saw me with the camera and then went around the neighbors house across the street, in their back yard and I got scared after I parked my car, and it came around I was fiddling with the camera because I was so freaked out, this thing at one point slow up and looked at me from behind a garage, this is not the best quality and I didn't have a lot of memory left and I was really in shock, so I tried to get everything but there was a moment where it actually peeped around the corner of the neighbors house looking at me, all things combined I started to panic so I went inside but this is what I caught on tape. For what it's worth. And no it wasn't a airplane, it was in my neighbors back yard and had lights like a airplane but different you can see them lighting up the street light pole and ground, this thing was small and it was WIERD looking, almost like it was trying to be disguised like a airplane but it looked like a footbal or something with bright colorful lights. Too many colors for a airplane though, I was scared, but at first I thought I was seeing things. Please just watch the
2 Apr 2007
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Just a short moment caught on tape.
9 May 2007
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My Friend And I (im the one filming) Made This Box That When Opened Flings Out A Piece Of Fur Scaring The Person. Well We Modified It With A Remote Door Opener For Cars And We Can Set It Off In The Distance Also. Then We Decided To Place A Walky Talky In It. All Of These Shots Were Taken At Midwestern State University. Scary Pranks Caught On Tape!
2 Oct 2007
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i often give lap dances when i am drunk! not sure why, its just something that i do! this one happened to be caught on tape!
11 Jun 2007
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Businessman has a very painful meltdown. All caught on tape
20 Jun 2007
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candid at traffic light, a drunken man caught on tape while crossing road.
8 Aug 2007
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I think the title to this one just about says it all! A bunch of really wild crashes and really big explosions caught on tape.
3 Jul 2007
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People caught on tape, stealing from tourist pockets...... see it by yourself see what you think... , I can't believe that these guys are brave enough to operate this much in broad daylight....
4 Jul 2007
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