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Today I went to the streets of New York City to find out what other people have to say about niche and micro celebrities. Then I spoke on a panel for CBC radio with Merlin Mann and Theresa M. Senft about micro celebrities. ******* *******www.merlinmann****/ *******terrisenft****/ The program is being edited for a new tech show called Spark, hosted by Nora Young. (I’ll announce it on twitter in a couple weeks when it’s released). ******* *******twitter****/sarahmeyers
13 Apr 2008
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Sheryl Tittlemeier - Canadian Womens Cricket Team member: amazing story Just three years ago Sheryl Tittlemeier was a smooth fielding baseball shortstop looking for a new sporting challenge. Now, she's about to embark on a tour of the Caribbean with Canada's national women's cricket team. The Ottawa-based cricketer learned the game on the grounds of Rideau Hall. Listen to the CBC CBC Radio Ottawa interview:
10 Jun 2008
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ADAMS CBC Interview
29 Aug 2008
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CBC's teaser of Episode 12-Shifting Waters: Written by Denis McGrath Directed by Brett Sullivan With global warming, the Arctic has become navigable, and the race to claim it heats up. As a four-nation conference on the issue unfolds in Toronto, a faraway collision under the polar ice turns a group of Canadian sailors into bargaining chips. Kessler and ICS must find a way to broker a deal that saves the sailors without selling out Canada's future in the Arctic -- even if that means betraying personal bonds to U.S. Agent Carver, and British operative Charlotte Bates.
12 Dec 2008
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Sut Jhally responds to CBC Radio-Canada Ombudsman attack on his film as one sided propaganda Pt2
19 May 2009
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Yu-Na Kim guest appearance on CBC 'Battle of the Blades' sexo
29 Oct 2009
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Watch live streaming hockey games from CBC's Live Bundle package outside of Canada. CBC will region block anyone outside of Canada from watching these live streams. We will explain what you'll need to know so you can watch the best games on your iPhone. Links Needed... Blog: *******watch-us-tv-in-japan.blogspot**** VPN: *******myinstantvpn****
19 Apr 2011
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CBC News visits SafeTech offices to discuss the importance of home security. *******safetechalarms**** *******twitter****/#!/SafeTech_Alarms ********www.facebook****/pages/Safe-Tech-Alarm-Systems/133099856713888
1 Jun 2011
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Availalble September 27/11 at By the time he reached his mid 20s, Glenn Gould had changed the way the world listened to the keyboard works of J.S. Bach. By the time of his fatal stroke in 1982 at the age of 50, this daring and visionary artist had successfully challenged many of the most cherished conventions of classical music. Now, for the first time, the film and television programs Gould made with CBC from 1954 to 1977 are being made available to music fans around the world. GLENN GOULD ON TELEVISION: THE COMPLETE CBC BROADCASTS includes more than 19 hours of TV specials, concert performances, interviews and discussions, all remastered specifically for this DVD release. This remarkable collection makes it possible to enjoy what Gould always considered some of his most significant and original life's work, most of which has not been seen since it was first broadcast. Includes: The Subject is Beethoven, Music in the USSR, Glenn Gould on Bach, Richard Strauss - A Personal View, The Anatomy of a Fugue, Anthology of Variation, Duo: Gould and Menuhin, all four Conversations with Glenn Gould films, The Idea of North, the four Music in Our Time programs, and more. 10 DVD set - Running Time approx 19 hours - Dolby Digital - 4:3 - Colour and B/W - Region 1
27 Aug 2011
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18 Apr 2017
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Pour les 50 ans de Radio-Canada,
21 Oct 2007
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MI-6 Agent Charlotte Bates escorts a Tamil gang member to Toronto for his son’s life-saving surgery. In return, the man will testify, in a British court, against a leading terrorist. The neurosurgeon set to perform the boy’s operation is killed and violence erupts in the city’s Tamil community. Faced with an escalating gang war, Kessler must make an agonizing choice.
5 Apr 2011
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******* Shop -
11 Mar 2010
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Hi hi, See this video in context here: www.TheCanadianExplorer**** search: October 16 2007
12 Feb 2009
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I was watching the National, and this segment went by so quickly, I had to watch it again. Peter Mackay says that going into Pakistan as part of our "regional strategy". He's saying we're fighting wars overseas for hegemony! Most people wouldn't bat an eye at this clip because it goes by so fast. It's subliminaly getting the viewers to accept the war mongering actions of our corrupt government.
14 Apr 2009
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The new world order wants people to riot. Alan Watt goes into this all the time. They need an excuse to bring order out of chaos. blatant piracy of the monetary system; the military and police showing off their fancy new riot gear; lapdog media etc. etc. gotta love the melodramatic "poor nations... that are nearing collapse" - we need to save them? give them money? give them new policies to get focused? Those poor poor nations, help them out, and take them over in a new world order please? a new world order is needed? The extreme emergencies! collapse of states! the starvation of millions! This is predictive programming, they want us to accept that this is real. It is real, in that it's happening, it's not real that salvation lies in even more enslavement, It's been engineered from the beginning. Don't fall for it, the state is a creation for the masses, by the elite power structure. It's an illusion, Society is what we make it. What society are you part of?
3 Apr 2009
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