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This is a clip taken from the special features for the documentary film "What is INDIE?" about the world of indie musicians.
24 May 2007
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check this out on cd baby "f-one: the beginning"
10 Aug 2007
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Molly of Molly and Sonny Boy travels along country roads of Upstate New York visiting husbands family to the tune of "Part of Your World" sung by Amalia Zents a.k.a. Molly of Molly and Sonny Boy Buy their new cd at CD baby *******cdbaby****/cd/mollysonnyboy2
25 Nov 2007
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This is a video/slideshow to Patty's song "I Guess You're Everywhere", available on iTunes and over 50 other music download sites. The recording is from the album "Mystic Dreams" produced by Rhythms of Life Records and internationally distributed by CD Baby. Copyright 2006 Rhythms of Life Records.
8 Dec 2007
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-TRACK- DANGER (GLOBAL WARMING) -ARTIST- BRICK CASEY -LABEL- Awareness Media Group, Inc. AVAIL: Itunes, CD BABY, and more. ************************************************** Recently, the issue of global warming has become one of the latest headline stories. However, this issue has always been one that has deserved our attention for many years prior to today. Since we all have begun to witness more and more extreme weather as well as frequent natural disasters, many of the older people from generations before will tell you that they never experienced the radical changes in the weather that we experience today. As glaciers in Antarctica start melting in a seriously dangerous rate and the temperatures in the ocean rise as a result of the glaciers temperature…more and more people understand that the next few years will not be the same in terms of temperature and the extreme weather. There are also many other side effects to this phenomena. Some of the direct effects that take place due to global warming are: Changes in the our Eco-System; which ultimately change the agricultural turn-over. This will have a tremendous effect on prices of food in your grocery stores. Changes in our methods of fuels consumption; soon fuel consumption will be regulated by the government so as to control the amount of CO2 gases that enter into the atmosphere. This is why now many car manufacturers are shifting their production line towards hybrid-vehicles. Changes in your physical health; as the air and the environment changes, your body is affected by these changes in many ways. People will have adverse reactions to the contaminates in the water and in the air that we breathe. So what we here at Awareness Media Group would like to promote healthier lifestyles that are not only healthy for our selves; but for the planet we live on as well. Sincerely, Brick Casey
22 Jun 2009
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ALZHEIMER FACTS AND FIGURES There are now more than 5 million people in the United States living with Alzheimer’s. Every 72 seconds, someone develops Alzheimer’s. The direct and indirect costs of Alzheimer’s and other dementia’s amount to more than $148 billion annually WHAT IS ALZHEIMER’S ANYWAY? Just like the rest of our bodies, our brains change as we age. Most of us notice some slowed thinking and occasional problems remembering certain things. However, serious memory loss, confusion and other major changes in the way our minds work are not a normal part of aging. They may be a sign that brain cells are failing. SO WHAT CAN WE DO? Currently, there is no cure for Alzheimer's. But drug and non-drug treatments may help with both cognitive and behavioral symptoms. Researchers are looking for new treatments to alter the course of the disease and improve the quality of life for people with dementia. This is where you can help. Please do all that you can to locate an Alzheimer’s research center near you. Volunteer, donate…or just help out in anyway that you can! BRICK CASEY and Awareness Media Group sincerely hope that you along with our efforts will be able to help make progress in the treatment of this medical condition. We thank you in advance for all of your help. Sincerely, BRICK CASEY *********************************************** -TRACK- DO U REMEMBER? (Alzhiemers) -ARTIST- BRICK CASEY -LABEL- Awareness Media Group, Inc. AVAIL: Itunes, CD BABY, and more. ***********************************************
17 Jan 2009
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The WIYOS play a singular style of old-timey American music that they call "vaudevillian ragtime-jugband-blues and hillbilly swing." *******www.thewiyos**** CDs Available at CD Baby**** *******cdbaby****/cd/wiyos3
24 Apr 2008
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Amy Zents of Molly and Sonny Boy, and friend do a skit Amy wrote for teachng her student Voice Acting. The short skit is called, "Gone!" Please purchase Amy's vocal CD and hear free samples at CD Baby: *******cdbaby****/cd/mollysonnyboy2
26 May 2008
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-TRACK- WAR -ARTIST- BRICK CASEY -LABEL- Awareness Media Group, Inc. AVAIL: Itunes, CD BABY, and more. ************************************************** WAR In the United States today, the issue of WAR, (particularly in Iraq), is one of the most controversial issues of our time. Not only do many Americans openly oppose the war and the efforts to bring 'Democracy' to our far eastern allies, but many also oppose the administration that is responsible for the efforts in Iraq. While there are many points to the war in Iraq that government officials can and will argue, (casualties, cost, results, etc...), the most controversial is the actual reason(s) for declaring war in the first place. In the past, the American people have been told the following: We, (US), are at war with Iraq because it is known that they are harboring, helping and/or aiding efforts of known terrorists. We, (US), are helping to reform the Iraqi government. We, (US), are removing insurgents within Iraqi borders that oppose the US involvement in their country's. Whatever the truth to these reason may, one question remains; “Just how long is there a need for US presence in Iraq”? In speaking to the general public, we at Awareness Media have found that although there may be just cause for war in Iraq, most people simply would like the following things to happen: Majority of the people want to bring the US troops home to US soil...and bring an end to this war. Majority of the people wish to end the spending of billions of tax dollars that are used to further the efforts of the war in Iraq. Majority of the people would like new leadership with the efforts in Iraq, as they feel they have been failed in many ways by the existing war administration. In closing, it is important that we as the people who will be greatly affected by the effects of war, speak out about this issue. As war is not just about a matter of fighting an enemy, but bring enemies to resolution without fighting, (if at all humanly possible). And while we do not intend to dissuade or persuade our audiences' opinion about the war, we do look forward to encouraging the masses to bring about an end to violence, whether it be in their direct communities and/or internationally. Sincerely, Brick Casey
20 Mar 2009
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Brooklyn's Motel Motel filmed live at Piano's. The band's new disc is "New Denver" and it is available through iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and a number of the online/subscription services. Motel Motel: *******www.myspace****/motelmotel BrooklynRocks: *******brooklynrocks.blogspot****
13 Aug 2008
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Stefano Fucili nasce a Milano nel 1971 ma vive, dall'età di 6, anni a Fano (PU). Suona la chitarra, canta e compone da quando aveva 13 anni. Dopo varie esperienze in gruppi locali inizia una intensa attività live con i "Lineamenti", band con cui esegue cover (Sting, U2, Rem, Oasis, Clapton, Lenny Kravitz, etc.) e propri brani inediti, esibendosi in vari locali della riviera adriatica. Le sue influenze musicali sono molto varie, ma si possono individuare principalmente nel pop-rock e folk internazionale dagli anni ottanta fino ai giorni nostri e nella musica d'autore italiana di ieri e di oggi. 1998: Vince il Festival di San Marino con il suo brano inedito CHIARA. A settembre la Pressing di Lucio Dalla pubblica il suo primo cd singolo (distibuito BMG-Ricordi) intitolato "CHIARA", contenente tre diverse versioni del brano, una delle quali vede la partecipazione di un importante personaggio della scena Hip Hop italiana Master Freez. Nello stesso anno apre il concerto di Dalla e Carboni tenutosi al Salone della Musica di Torino. 1999: Esce il suo primo cd "BONSAI" che riscuote subito un buon successo nelle play-list di tutte le radio nazionali (tra i primi del Music-Controll) e il video viene passato in alta rotazione da TMC2, MATCH-MUSIC, VIDEO ITALIA. Apre il concerto di Paola Turci a Pescara. Vince una delle serate del Girofestival (Rai 3). 1999: Partecipa a tutte le tappe del tour estivo di Radio Italia Solo Musica Italiana nelle piazze di tutta Italia culminato con la serata finale di Monza dove tra gli altri partecipano anche Lucio Dalla, Laura Pausini, Giorgia, Fiorella Mannoia, Alex Britti. Nel Novembre dello stesso anno è ospite alla trasmissione televisiva "Super" di Italia 1. 2000: Esce il singolo "TI PORTERO'", accompagnato dal video realizzato, in parte anche in Irlanda, dal regista Enrico Secchiamoli. 2001: Scrive per Lucio Dalla la musica e parte del testo della canzone "ANNI LUCE", contenuta nell'album del cantante bolognese "Luna Matàna". Nello stesso disco collabora come corista. Ad ottobre entra nella rosa dei 24 finalisti per le selezioni di "Sanremo Giovani". Partecipa al 4° Meeting Internazionale di Loreto che vede tra gli altri la partecipazione di Angelo Branduardi. 2002: Scrive la musica di una ninnananna dal titolo "Ninna Mamma" (testo di Depsa) per il Coro dell'Antoniano di Bologna, inserita nel CD "Le più belle canzoni dedicate alla Mamma" (CGD). Il brano viene utilizzato come sigla di chiusura dell'omonima trasmissione andata in onda in prima serata su RAI 1. A giugno apre il concerto dei Nomadi nella Piazza Del Popolo di Pesaro. 2003: vince la tappa di Senigallia del Tim Tour 2003, con un il brano inedito “SINGLE”,. Il 2 Agosto, nella piazza di Loreto (AN) apre il concerto di Ron. Partecipa alla serata finale del Tim Tour 2003 in piazza Duomo a Milano con la canzone “SINGLE”. A dicembre viene pubblicato dalla CNI il CD “Tagadà” dell’amico cantautore Stefano Manganelli che contiene due brani scritti insieme dal titolo “La banda del Fico” e “ Verrà quel giorno”. 2004: inizia a lavorare ad un nuovo progetto discografico autoprodotto e contemporaneamente inizia una collaborazione con la Mediafilm (gruppo Madusafilm) per la realizzazione di brani da inserire in colonne sonore di film per il cinema e la televisione. 2005: iniziano mixaggi dei primi brani del suo nuovo album, affiancato da Stefano Melone fonico, tastierista e produttore gia collaboratore di Ivano Fossati, Cristiano De Andrè, Ron, Caludio Baglioni e molti altri. Prosegue la sua attività live sia con la band che in una formazione acustica. A novembre viene pubblicato il DVD del cartone animato “L’incredibile avventura del Principe Schiaccianoci” (MEDIAFILM/Limonta Editore - 20CenturyFOX) con allegata la canzone “Vele” scritta da Stefano Fucili. 2006: viene selezionato tra i finalisti per le Audizioni Live del festival della musica d'autore di "Musicultura". A luglio esce il suo nuovo cd "Peter Pan", da cui viene estratto il primo singolo "Baciami". Il disco, arrangiato da Stefano Fucili, è mixato da Stefano Melone (già collaboratore di artisti quali Ivano Fossati, Baglioni, Cristiano De Andrè, Famule Bersani, Ron) e vede la collaborazione di diversi amici musicisti. Il testo del pezzo che da il titolo all'album, "Peter Pan", è scritto da Stefano insieme al grande cantautore bolognese Lucio Dalla. A novembre il disco viene messo in distribuzione a livello internazionale dalla casa americana "CD BABY" e su tutti i portali di download a pagamento (iTunes, Napster, SonyConnect etc.) A Dicembre esce nelle radio il singolo Lullaby suonato da oltre 80 emittenti del territorio nazionale, a cui fa seguito il video a cartone animato programmato da diverse TV specializzate. 2007: Durante l'inverno presenta il CD con una serie di concerti dal vivo accompagnato dalla sua band. Viene realizzato il video a cartone animato del brano Lullaby dalla regista d'animazione Tiziana Cerri programmato da diverse TV specializzate (All Music, Faseweb, etc.) ed inviato a numerosi concorsi per cortometraggi. A marzo esce in tutte le sale nazionali il film a cartone animato "Il Topolino Marty e la Fabbrica di Perle" (Mediafilm - gruppo MEDUSA) con la canzone dei titoli di coda "Diamante" scritta da Stefano. A maggio esce nelle radio il singolo "SINGLE" ed il relativo video clip.
6 Dec 2008
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A video by gmpllc-********www.getthathere**** (Kent McKinnon) call me 256-642-6808 Jermaine Jackson Playin The Organ,\"Jermaine Jackson Playin The Organ\"(Jermaine Jackson)Playin The Organ (Jermaine Jackson)(Jermaine Jackson)(Jermaine Jackson)(Playin The Organ)(Playin The Organ)(Playin The Organ)(Jermaine Jackson)(Jermaine Jackson)(Jermaine Jackson)(Playing The Organ)(Playing The Organ)(Playing The Organ) (Jermaine Jackson)(Jermaine Jackson)(Jermaine Jackson)(Playen The Organ)(Playen The Organ)(Playen The Organ) My Name Is Jermaine-Jermaine Jackson Music - Yahoo! ShoppingMy Name Is Jermaine was Jermaine Jackson's first Motown album released after his hyperkinetic bass playing on the tight cuts "Look Past My Life" and www.getthathere**** Billboard**** Discography Jermaine Jackson My Name Is Jermaine My Name Is Jermaine was Jermaine Jackson's first Motown album released after his Kenneth Lupper infuses gospel-tinged piano and organ on the sly, www.getthathere****? CD Baby: GAIL JHONSON: Keep The Music PlayingPerformed with Dave Koz, Brian Culbertson, Paul Jackson jr, Bobby Lyle & more. 1st gig’s at age 14 playing organ with numerous local Funk and R&B bands.cdbaby****/cd/jhonson 41k Cached - Similar pagesMySpace**** - Ronnie Foster Group - LAS VEGAS, Nevada Jazz 2(1971) Organ Grant Green/Blue Break Beats (1998) Organ The Jackson's/Triumph (1980) Keyboards Charles Jackson/Gonna Getcha Love (1979) Keyboards Jermaine *******vids.myspace****/index.cfm? fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID= 46830080All Music Guide to Soul: The Definitive Guide to R&B and Soul - Google Books Resultby Vladimir Bogdanov, Chris Woodstra, John Bush.- 2003 MusicIt's not so much that Jermaine Jackson can't sing, but rather the flowery,hyperkinetic bass playing on the tight cuts "Look Past My Life" and****/books?isbn=0879307447.Michael Sutton (All categories) Disco Music****1 post1 authorWhile there he made ends meetby playing the organ at churches in the area.such as Jermaine Jackson,Smokey Robinson,21st Century and Thelma Houston.jazzworldquest ****- Rick ZunigarJermaine Jackson-Let’s Get Serious-Motown Smokey Robinson-Where’s the Smoke-Zunigar is a master guitar craftsman whose playing knows no boundaries www.jazzworldquest****/rick_zunigar.shtml Dusty Groove America Search: Ron Jackson All Categories Jermaine Jackson Feel The Fire.LP Motown,1977.Very Good-This set has Charles playing the organ all the way through-working with small.Dead People Server - People Whose Last Names Start With j - Dead.Jermaine Jackson (singer/songwriter) Alive. Born May 4,1951.Member of the Jackson 5, produced The .Born February 1, 1942. The organ-playing Python. Music News : NPR MusicFour of the five original members of the Jackson 5 (Jackie, Tito, A retired Air Force colonel loves playing the pipe organ so much that he paid $120000
22 Nov 2008
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Moving Box Studios and Tom Knight Productions team up to bring you a music video for his beloved children's song, The Elephant's Lullaby. Tom Knight is a singer, songwriter, and puppeteer from Ithaca, New York, who has been entertaining audiences throughout the country since 1988. He presents about 120 shows a year in schools, libraries, festivals and theaters. His CDs of original songs, including The Library Boogie, Crazy Little Dream, and Don’t Kiss a Codfish, are available at TomKnight****, Amazon****, CD Baby**** and Itunes. This video was produced by Moving Box Studios. The Elephant's Lullaby lyrics In the jungle, late at night All the little elephants are tucked in tight Except that one little elephant won't close her eyes And so we sing the elephant's lullaby All the animals under the stars Listen for the sound wherever they are And by the light of a jungle moon Big Mama Elephant starts to croon She sings go to sleep, little elephant Go to sleep (Chorus) Little elephants need to get their rest To grow up big and strong To make their ears so big and floppy To make their trunks so long All the elephants like to play Hide and seek and tag all day They slide down trees and swim in the creeks And take a long bath every day of the week But at the end of the day It's time to hit the hay (Chorus) So if your elephant has been up late Is tired and hungry don't hesitate Just give 'em some peanuts so they don't cry And then sing the elephant's lullaby It goes Go to sleep, little elephant Go to sleep (Chorus)
15 Dec 2008
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"NOW" - Available now on I-TUNES! The #1 Obama Song of 2008! From the New Debut Album: "FREAKY MON" Now Available on I-TUNES and CD Baby! 2nd's official mysapce page at: This song and music video entitled: "NOW" is to show my sincere support and tribute to our new President elect: Barack Obama. It is also created in great honor, tribute and respect to the United States of America, and the American Dream that all men are created equal. On Nov 4th we all made History, and affirmed Dr. Martin Luther King's dream that a man or woman should not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. And that everyone regardless of their race, gender, color or creed, can be awarded and partake of the same opportunities of all Americans, and enjoy the fruits of success from which it brings. I am truly proud of Barack Obama, and I am also proud to be an African American at this historic event in our American history. I am equally proud of America, because I can see that the old America is slowly changing, and the hate and racism of its bitter past is dying, as all those who were active instruments and participants of hate and brutality among others, and that goes for both Black and White. Side by side both white and black stood together, marched together, bled together, were arrested together, and sadly some even died together to forward this great cause for change in America. And I believe that this is the same change that Barack Obama can bring as President of the United States of America. On January 20, 2009 we as Americans again will make history! As the first African American is sworn in as President of the United States of America! At this defining moment in our history it will show all those after we are all gone, that Americans of our generation ceased a moment and opportunity and did not wait until later or maybe or someday, we did it today, we did it: "NOW" Verse 1: For all your life you been wishing You gave up all of your dreams But if you truly want something Its not as hard as it seems You put things off for tomorrow Like youve got all of this time And then you tend to feel sorrow Your destiny you cant find And all I hear is excuses But tell me what you have done If you know what hard work produces So why you blame everyone Who told you life would be easy But if you have the know how Then everything that you wish for Will all be yours if you do something Chorus: Now No time to wait you got to make moves Now Before its too late you got to plan right Now To reach your dreams you got to spark something Now Now Verse 2: If you want to be successful You have to step out your zone And find a dream to believe in But you cant make it alone You start to fear and you worry But if you dont fail you wont learn You start to rush and you hurry But you must wait for your turn Dont like your life then just change it And be the best you can be And you have the power to rearrange it And reach for greatness like me And no it will not be easy Youve got to make your own vow Because you only got one life to live dont wait for later My son youve gotta do this (Chorus) Bridge: Dont give up hope Cause you can make it And problems will come But you can take it Cause life is too short So just make a vow To do it now Do it now Rap: You been talking for years its time to be a doer, You say you want to be an entrepreneur hunh. You got dreams and goals you fantasize, but if you dont take a risk they wont be realized. Scared money dont make none, and if you wait long then that will be your mistake son. Only the strong survive and life is what you make it, believe in yourself you see the dream take it! Now Its time to set up shop man, brain storm and write a business plan. Now There aint no time for later invest your money perfect your flavor. Now Yeah I knew you could make it, and if you see the dream take it. Cause you got to believe in you so get the knowledge, and then you know what you got to do. (Song Out) You will find your way Just keep the faith and youll find your way Dont care what people say Dont care what people say their just haters You just believe in you You just believe in you And all your dreams will come true And all your dreams will come true Chorus 2 (Out)
23 Jul 2011
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Hip Hop Music Video "TNT" featuring: "Champagne" Album available at Music N Review****, Apple i Tunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Amazon****,Cd Baby**** and many more online servicers
24 Feb 2009
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Basic animation video with music "Love To You" from "Ambiance Before I Go". NOW AVAILABLE At CD baby May 21, 2009. "It's About The Music". For All You Lovers Around The World.
28 May 2009
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