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Fiber Optic Star ceiling LED Light Lighting design on Galaxy Sterrenhemel Plafond Roof Car
18 Mar 2017
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Innovative Uses of LED lights LED lights are one of those big leaps in technology, and in this case a leap that could save the environment from destruction A long service life, energy efficiency and 100% reusability are some of the major benefits of installing LED lights An LED bulb can function for 25,000 hours which is about 20 times longer than traditional bulbs that can function for a mere 1200 hours It can be used for a number of applications from lighting homes to airports, traffic lights and street lights to architectural lighting and for industrial purposes Besides these applications LEDs can be used in many innovative ways, here are a few: Bionic Contact Lens: Used in the gaming industry and to help visually impaired, bionic contact lens have been developed LEDs as its core technology The lens are inserted into the eyes of a person who is visually impaired, bionic lens do not degrade over time and protects the user from cataract or failing vision for the entire duration of their life In the gaming industry, these lenses could provide the gamer, with a virtual display without restricting his movements for a complete virtual gaming experience LED Roof Panels Led panels could be fitted onto the ceilings to light up rooms or to create virtual sceneries on the ceiling LED Wallpapers LED embedded wallpapers are soon replacing traditional wallpapers and wall paints LED wall papers can emit a smooth glow in a wide range of hues and patterns LED Light Strips Led strips are available in a wide range of colors and color changing options And can be used to decorate anything from porch edges, swimming pools and cars to roofs, audio systems, showcases, mirror edges, and stairs Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Benefits of Decorative LED Lights i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/abu-dhabi/led-lighting
14 Mar 2017
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Plastic Company in Viet Nam Rang Dong Plastic Joint-Stock Company ABOUT US: I. HISTORY: -From 1960-1975: established and operated under the name UFEOC (Union of French far East rubber factory), later renamed to UFIPLASTIC. Is one of the first plastic business, modern equipment imported from Japan, Taiwan to PR -From 1975-2005: renamed rang Dong plastic Factory, the company is constantly growing and expanding. The factory/branch in hoc Mon district, Nha Trang, Hanoi, Nghệ An. .. in turn is formed. In 2003 the company received the ISO 9001-2000 certificate. 02/05 -2005-present: rebuilding the headquarters in District 11-HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM, manufacturing activity continued to expand, Dennis. Upgrading the plant Hormones into Plastic Packaging factory in Cu Chi district-HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM. Plastic First Paint II. INTRODUCTION: The main products of the rang Dong plastic Corporation include: -Packaging: the packaging menu membrane layer, complex and multi-layered rolls and bags, plastic labels, label paper, pallet wrap-shrink-film (Stretch Hood). Print from 1-12. -LEATHER: production of PVC, PU leather for the sofa, saddle, pair-handbags-fashion shoes, harness-sports, apparel, fabric, waterproof, fire retardant fabric, ... -THIN FILM: thin PVC, PE, PEVA, EVA used as raincoats, towels, Binder, salt-covered waterproof membrane in construction ... -Religion: Religious BOARD-game of PVC, PP, PE, sheet paste-plastic laminate bulkheads, ceilings. -Products: raincoats, towels, ... Rang Dong Plastic Joint-Stock Company Address: 190 Lac Long Quan Street, Ward 3, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City , Viet Nam Tel: (84-8) 3969 2272 Fax: (84-8) 3969 2843
23 Mar 2017
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tall kid tries to do a flip in his basement with a low ceiling. You can guess what happens
7 Feb 2007
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alex paint ceiling
28 Feb 2007
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i will show you how to hide things (like cards, coin, money) in a ceiled cigarette package
25 May 2007
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Visual display of ceiling leak in my apartment for management to fix
6 Jun 2007
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Installing ceiling tile.
2 Jul 2007
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This kid bashes his head on the ceiling. Watch his pain and agony.
3 Jul 2007
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All ceilings should be cleaned, call 800628-4422 to get the scoop.
27 Aug 2007
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Using Compact Fluorescents in a Ceiling Fan
8 Oct 2007
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go terrorist! jump on the counter and stick the sticker up the ceiling! yeah! listen to the manager!
9 Nov 2007
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From the Drug War Soldiers basement movie set- this video contains footage of what we did to cover the unfinished basements ceiling. We used in various places; cigarette packs taped together, posters of videogames from the 1990's, cd insert art, posterboard, star stickers, framed posters, construction paper, records, non- fade banner paper, christmas lights, black lights, legos, and a partridge in a pear tree. Please visit for the music, and for our videos. Our CD is also available on itunes, ebay, and cdbaby. Thanks for watching and please subscribe if you support pot legalization!
21 Nov 2007
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5 Dec 2007
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Night view of the ceiling fan I created.You can notice at one point when I changed the voltage the lighting effect was different.
28 Dec 2007
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CATS AND KITTENS CAT SPINS ROUND ON CEILING FAN & HITS WALL Cats This is a collection of cats found on the internet. Cat - Wikipedia The Cat (Felis silvestris catus), also known as the Domestic Cat or House Cat to distinguish it from other felines, Cats (musical) - Wikipedia, Practical Cats About Cats - All About cats and kittens - Cat Care - Cat Behavior All about cats: cat health, cat names, cat care, choosing cat food, cat behavior, kitten care, getting a new cat, and all the aspects of living with a cat. cats. Cats, Kittens - Cats, Kittens - Terrific Cats is a website you can find information on cat breeds, cat breeders, cat names and more. Kittens for Sale Cats for Sale Cat Breeders Pets 4 You provides information on all pets including kittens for sale, dogs for sale, dog breeders, kittens for sale, cat breeders, horses, reptiles, ...Cat Fanciers Web Site cat fancy since 1993. on cat breeds, cat shows, cat care, - Cats Cats Cats, small Carnivorous mammals CATS AND KITTENS killing rats and mice. Cats Protection CATS AND KITTENS Cats Protection is the UK¹s 60000 cats each year ...Cats the musical: C.A.T.S. LOLCats - Funny & Cute Cat Pictures Collection! cat pic needs. Cat, Cats, Cat Names, Cat Pictures
12 Feb 2008
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