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Humorous censored Branding & Marketing Viral for Award Winning Agency Beyond Creative Thinking. First in a series of videos to highlight their services and create a memorable impression.
27 Apr 2011
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The Dirty Picture's second trailer which was suppose to be released with the other movie trailers like Mausam , Ra One and the others has now raised objection by the Censor Board.
27 Sep 2011
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Censor Rush Limbaugh Analysis
24 Mar 2012
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Anthony J Hilder is exposed as cointelpro by callers Sherri Kane and Leonard Horowitz on WE ARE CHANGE CONNECTICT with Howard Nema and Vinny Bdatruth on www.NFormdRadio****. Video censored by the NSA and removed by youtube
31 Mar 2012
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The Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has refused to certify the Bollywood debut of the adult film star.
20 Jul 2012
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Toby and Nick show a video of Fox News censoring Ron Paul, the White Houses response to a fake FEMA press conference, and dog licensing laws in NH. In News Rip, Rumsfeld hit with torture lawsuit in France, Blackwater immunity deal, The Mega-Bunker of Baghdad, and a majority of Americans say it's time to bomb Iran. Later, Toby interviews monk protectors, viewer e-mails, and more. Log onto *******www.freemindstv**** for show content, audio podcasts, contact information, and much more.
10 Nov 2007
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Electric Toaster Club Launch (27th March 2008) at the Old Blue Last. Featuring live performances from: Fucking Vegas, Censored and The Vivians. Promotional video produced by Daniel Taylor, StereoDan Productions.
9 Jul 2008
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It's an all new show full of sexy slyness & good times. From unusual robots to Pantieless tennis players. Its all new, its all good, Your watching The McDuff Channel! Gday i'm Scott Lewis, Just to briefly explain, We've pealed away from V-Logging and into a better format of show, more true to Web Casting. With this as a first there is a few minor tech issues, First time using a green screen and wireless mic and I also found some features of Final Cut I never knew existed. But please Rate, Comment and or Subscribe. Enjoy, Later Dayz!, (Intended For High Quality) ***All Topics In Order Mentioned In Video*** The McDuff Channel - *******mcduffchannel**** UK Heart Robot - ******* Virgin Galactic - ******* Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - *******www.drhorrible**** ***Top 3 Sexiest Viral Internet Clips*** Tennis Player vs Panties Match - ******* Censor Bar Art - ******* Wii Fit Girl - ******* UCLA Undies Run - ******* Teachers Sex Aide - ******* Swing Tricks - ******* Most Clips Linked To College Humor**** For Better Quality
17 Jul 2009
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The censored version
22 Sep 2008
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Exposing massive censorship by the ZIONISTS, (jidf - The Jewish Internet Defense Force) they're trying to silence anybody speaking against Israel policies and treatment of Palestinians. this includes among others those denouncing AIPAC Zionist control of Washington , those denouncing 9/11 as what it is a self-inflicted wound or if you're just a Muslim... These fascists shamelessly feature their own channel here *******youtube****/user/thejidf and maintain a "hit list" where your name or your friends might be (btw you're automatically "guilty" by association). *******www.thejidf****/2008/02/problematic-youtube-channels-and-videos.html they have a program of systematically censoring all the social collaborative space (myspace, youtube or wikipedia !!) THESE FASCISTS ALREADY CONTROL ALL WHAT YOU KNOW OR SAY FROM TV OR NEWSPAPERS THEY HAVE THE PRETENTION TO DO THE SAME ON THE INTERNET. DO YOU AGREE? BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY ZIONIST BIG BROTHER MIGHT TRY TO SUSPEND YOU FOR THAT...
6 Nov 2008
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Medical Marijuana bill in NH, we have the story and the interviews. Also, Court orders CA to release 1/3 of their prison population, the Downsizer Dispatch, porn police censor Renaissance era art, Saudi Arabia Judge upholds arranged marriage between an 8-year-old and a 47-year-old, and armed police in the UK respond to a Cowboys and Indians birthday party. *******www.freemindstv****
19 Jul 2011
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Comparison between the censored and uncensored version of Bad Girl's death in No More Heroes. The intro voice was created using a text-to-speech program that came with my Mac.
7 Sep 2009
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Nautanki Queen Rakhi Sawant is Back again with her new drama. This time she has taken panga with none other than the Censor Board it self. It so happens that the members of the Board have done injustice by deleting the word 'kamini' from her song Kamini Tera Bhoot Chad Gaya Re from her latest album Jhagde. She has further protested the Ban and given the board an ultimatum to explain themselves Nahi Toh Bhook Hartal!.
4 Feb 2010
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Is islam hate crime free speech on youtube win or fail zomgitscriss dprjones censor banned religion intolerance fundamentalist muslims
24 Mar 2010
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PETA Urges Ben & Jerry's to use human milk instead of cow's. So let's learn how to make homemade breast milk ice cream! =-Censored Version 4 YouTube-=
14 Jun 2010
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cant deal with the unwarranted censorship and having videos banned for wacky vague reasons, and the censors are inconsistent. some ppl would call this hypocrites. sorry but goodbye
1 Nov 2010
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