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French "master" Jacques-Jean Quéro demonstrates and explains to-ate, or contactless projection using ki (in French). Here is the translation of the first part of the interview: Speaker: So, Jacques-Jean Quero, this vital energy, this coordinated energy you are talking about... How do you draw it from yourself? JJQ: Well... To sum up, as a first contact with me, I'm a Judoka of origin, and I did a lot of Judo, as well as competition, and Ju-jutsu. And here in France, I've been taught technique, but I still were using my muscular power in my technique. And... one day, I've read quite a lot of things, and I went to Japan, in order to find the sources of Judo and of Ju-jutsu. And in Japan, I've found authentic Ju-jutsu schools, where masters taught me how to work differently in Judo, and in Ju-jutsu, because it was Ju-jutsu that I was fond of, original Ju-jutsu. So, I've been taught that one can use the life power of a human being instead of his muscle power (...) I've been taught to coordinate my mind and my body, and to do interior breathing (...) and I imagine that the air goes down to the end of my belly and lightens an energy fireplace, that we call the Seika-Tanden, located 2 or 3 centimeters below the belly button. That's where the ancestral energy fireplace of human beings is located. And we work with the Hara, as Japanese says. And that's here one must place his spirit. By placing my spirit in my belly, and by doing interior breathing exercices, I stimulate all the energy circuits of the body, and I can do a fusion between my mental power, and my vital power, and this coordinated energy, is the mental energy, allied with the vital energy that circulates inside me, that... in a way, melt together, and at the precise moment of fusion, I can transmit it... say, genetically, to my partner, in the form of waves.
21 Dec 2008
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Memories of the lost summer AMV clip from byousoku 5 centimeter made by WhiteWind (otsumagmail****) and WiZarDX_576 (wizardx.576gmail****)
3 Dec 2008
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This animation was made for a yearly art festival in my hometown Maastricht (kunsttour****). Showing all my old stuff wasn't an option. So I started building a set and tried to come up with a story with two characters and a lot of violence : ) Filming took six full days in a period of three weeks. I only had the chance to animate when I had a day off from work. But sculpting, storyboarding and setting up scenes where done every evening. A very talented Dutch musician (dob Audio) gave me the opportunity to use his music. Here's a website with a few tunes by dob Audio ******* Hope you all like it!! No clay was harmed during the production of this animation : ) ------------------------------------------------------------- Here some more details for other filmmakers and people who are interested: The set was build with a soft wooden floor, styrofoam, montage kit, paint and a little fake plant. The frame rate is mostly 12 fps, but some parts where increased up to 24 fps. Exactly 2532 pictures where taken to complete the animation. The UFO part was shot real time with wires. But you probably saw that already (wires are clearly visible). All movements of the little blob character where done with replacements. Meaning that every frame has another ready sculpted replacement character. Almost 100 replacements where sculpted for all the blobs movements in the animation. It's a very quick way to animate : ) The shots where a character comes out of the ground were filmed backwards, because it's easier to slice the character with fishing wire than to rebuild it. The clay I used is found in almost every toy store. It's modelling clay in a few different colors which stays soft. You can mix colors together to get the color you desire. Nails with both ends sharp where used to let the humanoid character stand in any position. The nails are hammered in the soft wooden floor and fit in holes under feet that reach a few centimeters up the legs for stability. The characters armature holds up to 30 individual small metal wires in each body part. It's impossible for a limb to break off even if you try. Metal strips are twisted around the metal wires to prevent bending on unwanted places (bones). Check our armature building tutorial: *******s235.photobucket****/albums/ee260/TwistedAnimator/?mediafilter=images The puppet is made using the buildup technique. Applying layers of cotton wool soaked in liquid rubber directly onto the armature. Acrylic paint is added to the liquid rubber to get the right color. I used a Canon MVX20i DV-cam and Stopmotion Pro Version 4. The blur effects where made with the character/object hanging on a wire and then moved the object/character while the frame was averaged. Magix Video Deluxe was used for editing. I used a picture from the moon of my previous animation (Misplaced) in the background.
9 Jan 2009
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SUBSRIBE TO EXCELLENT WORLD WAR II VIDEOS UPDATED WEEKLY Many consider the Battle of the Atlantic the most important front of the entire war. The very survival of Great Britain relied on oversees trade. U-Boats and surface raiders, very nearly won the battle. By 1943 British and American tactics and technology had turned the tide. By 1945 790 U-boats were sunk by ASW ships, planes and mines. The Kriegsmarines Unterseeboot (submarine) flotilla or better known as the U-boat, was commanded by Befehlshaber der Unterseeboote (Commander of Submarines) Konteradmiral(Rear Admiral 2 star) Karl Dönitz. Dönitz was a seasoned World War I U-boat commander. In World War I he was given command of UC-25, which was sunk in the Atlantic. Dönitz was captured and spent from 1916-18 in a British POW camp. By 1942 U-boat strength reached a point where Dönitz could deploy his strategy of attacking convoys on mass. The Rudel or Wolfsrudel (Wolf pack) tactic would generate havoc amongst convoys in route to Great Britain. Shipping losses crossing the Atlantic became critical from 1940-1943. U-boat tactics were highly effective against convoys. Many U-boat commanders would surface within the convoy at night and torpedo ships. The Royal Navys escort was never large enough. During the early years of the battle, the Allies had a significant advantage over the Kriegsmarine. The 3 rotor naval enigma machine had been broken. Convoys could be easily shifted to different routes and avoid the wolf packs. However, Dönitz became suspicious of espionage with the German intelligence community. U-boats began receiving the new 4 rotor enigma. Bletchley Park lost its ability to read Kriegsmarine message for 10 months. The turning point came in 1943. All the experience and knowledge battling the U-boat, developed into innovative tactics and technology. Eight-centimeter radar could locate a U-boat without the U-boat sensing the waves. Huff/Duff could locate U-boats radio waves and give a general location of the transmitting U-boat. Aircraft with search lights, hunted surfaced U-boats re-charging their batteries. Hedge Hogs could spread lethal charges over a vast area and explode on contact. Finally convoys had aircraft escort from the length of their journey with escort carrier protection. The Allies became so competent at ASW warfare that Hunter/Killer groups hunted the hunters. By 1944 more U-boats were sunk in the Atlantic than merchantmen. Enjoy this excellent episode of Battlefield: The Battle of the Atlantic.
11 Jan 2009
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Dr.Vijay C. Bose from Apollo Speciality Hospital chennai perform Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery procedure for a case of Avascular necrosis.The NCP ( Neck Capsule Preserving) approach is being used. Total hip replacement, hip resurfacing simply shaves and caps a few centimeters of bone within the joint. The bone-conserving approach of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing System.
12 Jan 2009
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Text: Du är en blick, och den är mörk och den är varm, och jag vill dansa med din midja i min arm. Du är doften av viol, du är restskatten från fjol. Du är en helt fantastisk tjej. Du är Beatles och Leila key. Du är glad och elegant, du är laktosintolerant. Du är strösslet på en glass, du är det roliga i hasch. Jag kan diska, laga mat, är i tid och aldrig sen, och jag tycker det är jättekul att lyssna på problem. Du är en doft, du är ett ljud, du är en färg. Denna sången är till dig...Carina Berg! Carina, jag tror vi två passar bra ihop. Häng med mig hem till Götet och gör slut med Kristian Luuk. Carina, du är änden på min fantasi. Du är brödet man vill lägga korven i. Du är skepp och hoj, du är sodastreamad O´boy. Du är allt en man kan få. Du är bättre än Die hard två. Du är Jane och jag är Tarzan, gör slut med han från Hassan. Jag är vacker och unik, min pappa är rik. Jag har tre meter i tak och lakan utav sammet, du kan ta mitt nummer av Kristian efter programmet. Carina Berg, mitt hjärta slår så hårt för dig. Så gör slut med Kristian Luuk - bli ihop med mig! Carina, låt oss vandra natten vidare. Dansa nakna tillsammans i en vattenspridare. Carina jag står chanslös, jag är evigt din. Jag lär dig dansa ganska lätt till lätt plockepinn. Jag ber dig tänka om på 27 centimeter at hotmail****. Jag vet att vi skulle passa bra ihop, så kom igen Carina, gör slut med Kristian Luuk!
16 Jan 2009
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A public service annnouncement on global warming. Brought to you by One Noize Entertainment. Voice over provided by Erwin Gazquez. ---------------------------------------- The Planet Earth, 4.5 billion years old. Home to millions of species, including humans. A paradise filled with life and beauty. Glaciers and mountain snows are rapidly melting 2005 was the hottest year in the history of our planet. Industrialization, deforestation, and pollution have greatly increased atmospheric concentrations of water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, all greenhouse gases that help trap heat near Earth's surface. Global warming could lead to large-scale food and water shortages. Strong hurricanes, droughts, heat waves, wildfires, and other natural disasters may become commonplace in many parts of the world. Sea level could rise between 7 and 23 inches (18 to 59 centimeters) by century's end. What can you do? Save energy around the house Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs, which are cheap and keep the electricity bill down Save gas and money by properly inflating your tires Use water efficiently Switch to public transportation or carpool
24 May 2009
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12.45 to 12.95 centimeters for men. 7.62-12.7 for women. Average...
29 Apr 2009
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Dr.Vijay C. Bose from Apollo Speciality Hospital chennai perform Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery procedure for a case of Avascular necrosis.The NCP ( Neck Capsule Preserving) approach is being used. Total hip replacement, hip resurfacing simply shaves and caps a few centimeters of bone within the joint. The bone-conserving approach of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing System.
8 Apr 2009
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Sorry It's so quiet! Just a tutorial on how to make a simple hemp bracelet. On and the measurements I give are in inches, sorry! In centimeters one string would be 61 cm and the other 173 cm. For tips/tricks, check out my other video:**** For another way of knotting check out this video:**** ... hemp macrame jewelry bracelet beads
7 May 2009
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This video clip from NHK's "Planet Earth" shows the scene at dinner time on the deep ocean floor. The footage, which appears to have been shot by the Japanese submarine Shinkai 6500 in Okinawan waters at a depth of over 1500 meters (5000 feet), shows sea-floor scavengers fighting for their piece of a fish carcass that has drifted down to the bottom. Crabs, eels and giant isopods (Bathynomus giganteus), which look like 30 centimeter (1 foot) long wood lice, join in the feeding frenzy that ...
28 May 2009
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Shot by: *******jonrawlinson**** The music is "Please don't go" by Barcelona. PLEASE BUY THIS SONG ON iTUNES: ******* Barcelona's website: *******www.myspace****/barcelona Follow me on Twitter here: *******twitter****/jonrawlinson This was shot at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Japan. *******www.kaiyouhaku****/en/ Download the desktop wallpaper: ******* Buy the album Absolutes by Barcelona on the iTunes store: ******* The main tank called the 'Kuroshio Sea' holds 7,500-cubic meters (1,981,290 gallons) of water and features the world's second largest acrylic glass panel, measuring 8.2 meters by 22.5 meters with a thickness of 60 centimeters. Whale sharks and manta rays are kept amongst many other fish species in the main tank. WE MUST PROTECT OUR OCEANS! This was shot using a Canon 5DMKII with a 28-135mm lens. You should visit my website: *******jonrawlinson****
24 Jul 2009
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Tên phim: Đẹp từng centimet Đạo diễn và kịch bản: Vũ Ngọc Đãng Diễn viên chính: Tăng Thanh Hà và Lương Mạnh Hải
20 Aug 2009
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Ewelina is 191cm tall. Sylwia and Marta are 196cm tall. 17-year old Ania is 196 centimeters tall. You can watch it whole on *******www.polwizjer****/members/inne/rozmowywtoku/rozmowywtoku108.ram ***********/translate?
2 Sep 2009
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Description Vintage ceramic Japanese bell with attached rope cord. This bell is in fair condition with no cracks or large chips though it does have some marks, scratches and discoloration from handling and age. This lovely little bell is less than 40 years old and was acquired in the historic city of Shizuoka, Japan near the foot of Mt. Fuji. Size: Height: 2.7 inches (7.0 centimeters) Weight: 5.3 ounces (151 grams) item code: R2S5-0005286 ship code: L1650
6 Sep 2009
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This is a high power V4.2, lases the coumarin without lens with air at 75 centimeters, make sparks in CD.
6 Sep 2009
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