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4 Jan 2008
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My second attempt on World record. I had to split this video in two parts. Link to part 1: *******www.metacafe****/watch/979091/bedlam_cube_7_77_seconds_official_guinness_world_record/ I hold the following Guinness World Record: 'Fastest Time to Assemble a Bedlam Cube' I managed to assemble the cube in 7.77 seconds with independent witnesses presented in the video! Previous World record holder was general manager of Bedlam Cube Company-Danny Bambing (UK) with incredible 9.75 seconds. I will be happy if someone challenge me! Check out local paper that wrote about my record: *******
16 Dec 2007
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26 Dec 2007
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10 Jan 2008
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27 Jan 2008
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For more info: *******kabbalah.suite101****/article.cfm/why_relationships_fail Kabbalah tells us that there are 4 possible modes of interaction with the single force in the universe that works in the form of either bestowal or reception.
27 Jan 2008
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PER ANDARE A FARE LA SPESA,SONO COSTRETTO A GIRARE CON IL COLTELLO. L'11-4-2007,DOPO IL BRUTTO INCONTRO SOTTO AL CAVALCAVIA CON LA BANDA DI BALORDI E SPACCIATORI VERSO LE 17,30 DOPO ESSERE RIENTRATO A CASA HO CHIAMATO I CARABINIERI DI ANZIO ED HO PARLATO CON IL VICECOMANDANTE DELLA STAZIONE,MARESCIALLO GIRALDI. GLI HO SPIEGATO TUTTO CHIEDENDOGLI AIUTO PER CIO' CHE MI E'SUCCESSO E PERCHE' FACESSERO QUALCOSA PER LA RISOLUZIONE DEFINITIVA DI QUESTE VESSAZIONI CONTINUE CHE NOI CITTADINI DEL QUARTIERE ZODIACO DI ANZIO SIAMO COSTRETTI A SUBIRE DA ANNI. IL MARESCIALLO MI HA RISPOSTO CHE STIAMO IN UNA DEMOCRAZIA E CONTRO QUEI BRAVI RAGAZZI (STANNOI LI' A SPACCIARE) CHE BIVACCANO CONTINUAMENTE SOTTO AL CAVALCAVIA DI LAVINIO,NN GLI SI PUO FARE NIENTE E QUINDI LI'CI POSSONO STARE ! CHIEDENDO AIUTO ANCHE ALL'ON.A.DI PIETRO,SENZA RICEVERE RISPOSTA. ************************** ******* *******groups.msn****/assnazdiamante/agresscavalc1.msnw *******groups.msn****/ASSNAZDIAMANTE/fsanziodegradoipuntiincuisispaccialiberamente.msnw *******groups.msn****/ASSNAZDIAMANTE/lavendetta.msnw *******groups.msn****/ASSNAZDIAMANTE/lavendettadelvigileedellassessore2.msnw *******groups.msn****/tazebaogiovani/_whatsnew.msnw ******* ***********/watch?v=b643VwfYVR8 ******* *******vids.myspace****/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoID=2022233502 *******vids.myspace****/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=2022237459 *******www.metello****/4833 ***********/video/group?gid=493768 *******groups.msn****/ASSNAZDIAMANTE2/anziocontrollaicomuni.msnw *******groups.msn****/ASSNAZDIAMANTE/mafia.msnw *******groups.msn****/ASSNAZDIAMANTE/distruzioneditazebogiovani.msnw
28 Aug 2009
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In this video feature from the Today Show, you can learn why experts are saying that Fraxel laser skin treatment is "the biggest breakthrough in wrinkle removal in the last 5 to 10 years." See the Fraxel laser in action and learn how the skin care treatment works. To view additional facial skin care videos, visit *******www.fraxel****/fraxel-news.cfm
22 Feb 2008
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23 Feb 2008
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25 Feb 2008
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JOIN: *******www.AWSurveys****/HomeMain.cfm?RefID=kristylee Kristy Lee Cook "Photos"
28 Feb 2008
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In this video, Dr. Alex Farnoosh, a periodontist / dentist in Los Angeles, discusses the negative impact of periodontal diseases on general health and the procedures he performs at his Beverly Hills cosmetic dentistry practice with the host of The Wellness Hour. Visit *******Www.Thetotalsmile.Com/Videos.Cfm to view additional cosmetic dentistry videos.
25 Feb 2008
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In this clip, Dr. Alex Farnoosh, a periodontist / dentist in Beverly Hills, talks about his unique gum bleaching procedure that is unavailable from other cosmetic dentists in Los Angeles, and that is attracting patients from across the country. Visit *******Www.Thetotalsmile.Com/Videos.Cfm to view additional cosmetic dentistry videos.
14 Jan 2009
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Hear what the patients of Dr. Alex Farnoosh, a periodontist / cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, are saying about how their procedures have improved the appearance of their smile and had a dramatic impact in their lives. Visit *******Www.Thetotalsmile.Com/Videos.Cfm to view additional cosmetic dentistry videos.
25 Feb 2008
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Los Angeles cosmetic dentist and periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh discusses his specialized treatment for gummy smile, also called high lip line by some dentists in Los Angeles, which involves subtle repositioning of the upper lip for a more beautiful smile. Visit *******Www.Thetotalsmile.Com/Videos.Cfm to view additional cosmetic dentistry videos.
12 Mar 2008
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Dr. Alex Farnoosh, a periodontist and implant specialist in Beverly Hills, discusses how dental implants in Los Angeles are changing smiles for the better and helping patients to speak clearly and have more menu choices. Visit *******Www.Thetotalsmile.Com/Videos.Cfm to view additional cosmetic dentistry videos.
19 Feb 2009
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